Saturday, 14 December 2013


The Planet Venus indicates your feminine nature, your sexual nature, and how you wish to be appreciated as a woman.
In recent years Asteroids (small Planets) connected to Venus have been able to show in an Astrology Chart the way you work with your Venus energy.
Between Saturn and Jupiter there is a ring of small Asteroids that are thought to be the remains of a large planet.   The Asteroids that have been investigated and named are Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene and Vesta.
These represent the varied ways that the Venus energy (in women and men) is used.

The sign and placement in an Astrological Chart indicate gifts, abilities and problems of that feminine energy.

CERES ( also known as Demeter by the Greeks) is the Mother nature type of female.  Her most important role in life is connected to her family.   She can be the supportive mother, or the possessive mother depending on other aspects in her chart.   I find that when I see Ceres in an Astrological Chart that person has a need to be and 'Earth Mother'.   She often can mother anyone who is in need, whether they are in her own family or not.
The legend of Ceres is that she was walking with her daughter Persephone one day when Pluto (the God of the underworld) saw Persephone and decided he wanted her.   He snatched Persephone and took her underground.   Ceres was heartbroken and walked the earth in morning.    This caused all nature to wither up and there was no food for anyone.   The Gods spoke to Pluto and insisted that he let Persephone go.  Pluto did, but before she left he persuaded her to eat a pomegranete (the seeds indicate marriage)    So the Gods made a deal with Ceres that Persephone could come home for six months and she went down to Pluto for the other six months.  This was the beginnings of Summer and Winter.
NOTE   When Ceres is placed in the home section of the Chart, a child can decide to leave or be taken away or leave with another for a period of time.    I have personally experience this.

JUNO is the expression of the faithful wife.   Her marriage and relationships are the most important thing in her life.  If she has good aspects in her chart she often has a long happy marriage.   If the aspects are not so good she often attracts the type of man who runs after other women.   Juno energy will often put up with this type of treatment because she needs relationships.
Juno in Roman times was the patroness of mothers and children.  She is connected with faithfulness.
In Greek times she was called Hera.  (she can often be seen on television shows as the horrible witch)
This was brought about because Zeus was her brother, but as sex was his hobby, he noticed Hera one day and decided to have her.  ( He turned himself into a dove and created a rain storm)  When the wet dove fluttered into Hera's arms he tuned back into himself and ravished her.   As they were both Gods they had to get married.   Zeus was afraid that if he had children they would murder him as he and his brother had murdered his father Saturn.  So he put Hera in a chastity belt and then went on his merry way seducing all that he fancied. She reacted by killing all his lovers and their children, so became the terrible wife.
Because of this they could not have children normally so they had to create them.
Hera created the silversmith for the Gods ( a sensitive male) and Zeus created Pallas out of his forehead, complete with shield and spear!  (a strong self sufficient female)   I see this as the beginning of the Aquarian Age male and female.

PALLAS ATHENE is the expression of the independent, intellectual, strong female.  She needs to run her own life and can be a boyish type of female.
Pallas was created through the head and brain of Zeus so she is usually more interested in study or masculine interests.   She usually loves to be a leader and is protective of those she sees as needing her strength.  She does not see marriage as her only goal in life but strives towards developing her own interests.   This often makes her a pioneer in women's needs.
Depending on the placement in the chart she can be seen as very successful or very selfish.

VESTA is the expression of the woman who is whole in herself.  She can be with others and love others but does not give herself to others as do the Juno type women.
Vesta is connected with the healing temples in Rome.  She entered at six years and was there till she was 30.
during that time she made a vow to be celibate.   This often affects her attitude in life and can be the reason some women decide to be nuns.
The Vesta female is one who tries to help others and provide for them the comforts in life.  This can lead to many different types of lifestyles.   The Vestal Virgins kept the oil lamps burning in the temples, they provided food and beds and even sacred sex if required.   This can lead to working as a nurse or health food sales person, massage or any other healing practice.   Even could be a reason to be a prostitute.
Virgin, in those days only meant young girl, not the way we use the term today.
When the Greeks ran the temples food, bedding and sex were seen as normal comforting actions.   When the Romans took over they found that children of the Vestal Virgins were worshiped and decided to stop the practice.   They made a rule that any Vestal Virgin having sex with travelers would be whipped and put to death (walled up alive).   This can often be seen in Astrological charts as a strong drive to be with a certain partner even if they are unsuitable.   (the result of not being able to be with them in the past)
I often find that people with this placement are very scared of being locked in anywhere.

These Asteroid placements are very helpful to understand emotional issues.  They are mainly looked at in women's charts but the Asteroid energy affects men as well.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Most people who are involved in a spiritual life know that our Aura contains the colours of the Rainbow, going from Red up to Violet.
These colours are involved with different aspects of our life and knowing what each colour represents and what part of our life it influences is important for us to understand our needs.
The first section of our Aura is seen as a glow around the body (about a foot out).  It is connected to the Root Chakra.
RED is the colour connected to our Root Chakra.(our Physical Chakra)   This colour, when we look at it, switches on in the brain our 'fight and flight' instinct.   It affects our Adrenal glands that pump out the energy needed for whatever challenge faces us.   Therefore when we have to give a talk in public, run a race or do anything that needs strength we often decide to wear Red clothing.
The Red Chakra is connected with our 'roots', how we relate to our family, nationality, religion, idea of beauty (yes, even how we look to others).   We need strength for that, to feel that we are acceptable in all these areas.  If we do not feel that we are OK in the eyes of others, the Root Chakra cannot give out the energy needed and we often gain weight, have leg problems or lower bowel problems.  
People who do not feel accepted will often hide in grey or black.  Wearing Red, or surrounding yourself with Red (flowers, red food, Red essential oils, such as Rosemary,  crystals etc.) can help to get this Chakra working well.
As this is the base chakra, that sets off in motion the next 6 wheels of the Chakra system, it is hard to feel bright and happy if this one is not working properly.

The next section of the Aura is the Health Aura.  This consists of the next two Chakras, the Orange Chakra (called the Sacral) and the Yellow Chakra (called the Solar Plexus)  This section of our Aura can be measured by holding your arms out from the body.   That distance all around the body can be felt like a cocoon and can be soothed and healed with healing oils applied.
The colour Orange is the colour of relationships and confidence.  The Sacral Chakra is affected by situations in our lives when we have problems in relationships with others and lose our confidence in these relationships.  This can then affect the part of the body that the Sacral is connected to.  Many women have problems in their pelvic area because of this.   Wearing Orange, eating Orange food, Orange flowers in the house, Orange essential oil and orange crystals can all help.
The Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra area contains digestive organs, such as the Liver, the stomach, the Gall Bladder, the Pancreas and the beginnings of the bowel.   Yellow is the colour of joy and happiness and is connected with the will.   When we feel that others are rejecting our needs (or our own will) we often lose the joy and happiness of being able to express our own ideas.   This can lead to problems in the organs that are in the Solar Plexus area.     Wearing Yellow, eating yellow foods, yellow crystals and yellow (Lemon) essential oil can help.
NOTE.   Essential oils must be put on the body in a carrier oil as they are very strong.   The only two oils that can be put on the body without a carrier oil are Sandalwood and Lavender.

The third section of the Aura is much larger than most people know.   In my workshops we measure this third Spiritual Aura and it is often over 12 or 15 feet from the body.   This is the part of the Aura where we can 'feel' our connections to others.   At that distance we can decide if we feel comfortable or uncomfortable with other people.   (no wonder we feel cramped in a lift or crowded train).
This Spiritual Aura contains the Green Heart Chakra, the Blue Throat Chakra, the Indigo Third Eye Chakra and the Violet Crown Chakra.
All these Chakras from the Heart to the Crown enable us to work with our higher selves with love and intuition.
The Green Heart Chakra is connected to our need to love and be loved. It can be affected by rejection of the love we want to give to others.   Or, on a negative note, trying to push your own ideas on to others in the 'name' of love.
This area contains the Heart and Lungs and both can be affected by lack of love in the life and lack of acceptance .Wearing Green clothing, going out into nature, using Green essential oil, or green food (salads) can help.
The Blue Throat Chakra at the base of the Throat is connected to our need to express ourselves in our own way, talking, dancing, painting etc.   When we are stopped from expressing our OWN ideas we often have problems in the throat, shoulders, mouth, jaw etc.
Wearing Blue, eating blue/purple foods, Blue things in the home, vases, cushions etc. and Blue crystals and Essential oils (Sandalwood is very good.  Also Sandalwood rubbed on the top bone at the back of the neck will protect the 'Door to the Aura' which is situated there)  If the door is too open it will take in too much information and can confuse your own direction.  This often causes headaches and pain in the back of the neck at the top of the spine.
The Indigo Third Eye Chakra is placed between the eyes on the forehead.  This is the area of intuition.  When we are stopped or laughed at for expressing our own intuition we can often get headaches or eye and ear problems. Wearing Purple, Purple food, purple crystals or essential oils (such as Lavender)   Can all help.
The last Violet, Crown Chakra is at the top of the head and is called the Thousand petal Lotus.   This is our direct link to our Spiritual friends who wish to give us messages to have a wonderful life.  If we have friends and family who support us in our beliefs we are lucky.  Many people cannot express the wonderful messages they receive directly because they do not have the support of others.
Wearing Violet, using Ylang Ylang essential oil and meditation can help.  Messages can always be written in a book and will be valuable later in life.
Each of our Chakras need attention and if one of them is blocked because of emotional problems it will affect the next Chakra in the body.

Accepting our own ideas and giving them out in love and confidence can help to keep these Chakras working well.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


God, or Spirit or The Universe,  whatever name you call the Creator and Transformer for your life uses many ways to move us along on the path to our evolution.
Recently, one of the women who had attended my Colour (yes that is how we spell Colour in Australia) Therapy course pointed out to me that The New Chakra Colours that I had been telling people about for the last 10 years were the Fashion colours this year.   Now whenever I see new garments or jewelry I am thrilled to observe, Red/Orange, Gold, Lime Green, Turquoise, Red/Purple,and Pink/Purple.
For many years I have been showing students how to 'douse' the body with a crystal pendulum over the seven Chakras.    Other clairvoyants have pointed out to me new colours that were in between the Chakra colours that we have been working with for many years.   These Chakras can be 'doused' at a higher level than the usual seven.   I have been able to 'douse' some of these Chakras on people who are working with the New energies and are relating to others with acceptance and tolerance.
Between the Red and Orange Chakra  a Red/Orange Chakra is now appearing.  Between the Orange and the Yellow Chakra there is a Gold Chakra, between the Yellow and Green Chakra there is a Lime Green Chakra, between the Green and the Blue there is a Turquoise Chakra (the first one to show, relating to speaking through the Throat with the emotion of the Heart)  The next is between the Blue Throat and the Indigo (blue/purple) of the Third Eye.  It is a beautiful Purple, and the last is between the Third Eye and the Crown  and is a Pink/Purple.   All these Chakras belong to the second layer around the Aura - the Orange/Relationship layer.     Each one of the New Chakra colours is involved with tolerance and acceptance.   This is different to the first layer of the Aura, that contains the seven Chakras that we are used to.  The first layer is connected to the Root Chakra (Red)   All the original Chakras are about what is expected of us in this lifetime.   The New Chakras are about acceptance of ourselves and others.

The Planet Pluto (the Planet of Transformation) has not only been involved with sending us vibrations to transform in the way that is connected to the sign of the Constellation it is travelling through.  It  has also influenced us in our choice of colours and attitudes.  
When Pluto started travelling through Cancer (the sign of home, families, country and patriotism) the country entered a depression (brown) and then War (Brown)   We had to endure, and work hard.   All the things that had been there in the time Pluto was travelling through Gemini were gone.   Pluto had traveled through Gemini from the Edwardian Era, ( when people wore fancy and colourful clothes that covered most of the body) to the 'Flapper' stage when people were learning how to 'speak up' (Gemini is the sign of communication)  By the end of that era, just before Pluto went into Cancer people wore clothes that were tight and short.  Their hair was now short and flat and they were more interested in good times than home and country.   Women learned that they could speak up and make decisions ( this would be necessary when their menfolk went off to earn money or go to war in the next Pluto time)
When the war ended and people started to want their 'good life' back again Pluto started travelling though Leo ( the sign of Kings and Queens and the good life and luxury)   This was a time when people started throwing out the Brown furniture of the Pluto/Cancer time and began buying the new and exciting mechanical things that were now coming into their life so that they could have more leisure time.  The two colours that were being used in all the refrigerators, toasters, jugs, washing machines were now Green and Gold.
Green is the colour that is connected with 'the good life and money'  Gold (usually it was light Gold) is connected with 'old' money, or feeling that you have a 'right' to possessions and can throw away anything that does not fit into your standards.    Clothing once again became bright and colourful, with lots of very large patterns.

The Planet Neptune has been travelling through the Constellation of Pisces since 2011.  Neptune and Pisces both relate to Spiritualism, Colour, Art, Music and Healing.   This has brought forward more interest in Healing and the newer colours.    They also represent illusion.   That seems to be very evident in America at this time.

Friday, 11 October 2013


All through the centuries mankind has asked and cried ' What am I here for?..What is my direction... Have I reached it yet? I don't know what my skills are!.
That was all taken care of when you were born.  You were born when the Planets were in a position to show you WHO you are and WHAT you are capable of.  They will show you your DIRECTION and the wounds you have that you have come to overcome in this lifetime.
You are then supplied with at least ONE Guardian Angel for life who tries to push and prod you into working with the skills you have and also to the direction you have decided on this lifetime.  Later in life when we are moving into special needs other Specialist Angels will come along to help you obtain your goal.   They can only GUIDE you however, it is up to you to be brave enough to follow your heart to develop the skills that you are capable of.
Most people know what Sun sign they are.   That gives you an overall look at who you are.  You could be a firey Fire sign, a practical Earth sign, an emotional Water sign or an intellectual Air sign.
This is just the beginning.   You have decided to be that sign in order to have the ability to follow through your choice of situations in this lifetime.   WE choose what we need to improve in our Soul each lifetime, you can't blame your parents or husband or wife.   They are only there to push you to learn what it is you have chosen to learn

When I first learned Astrology about 40 years ago we only used the 10 Planets.   With the discovery of newer Signs some of the Planets have more spiritual rulers than they did.   Scorpio was ruled by Mars the planet of war (like Aries) but is now considered to be ruled by Pluto the planet of transformation..  Aquarius was ruled by Saturn, the planet of tradition and responsibility, is now ruled by Uranus , the planet of sudden and unusual events (so even if you are an Aquarian and like to shock people, there is still a bit of serious Saturn tucked away in you).  Virgo was ruled  by Mercury, the planet of communication and is now ruled by Chiron (the wounded healer).   As Virgo is the sign of the Doctor they often try to fix others instead of themselves.   Pisces  was ruled by Jupiter but is now ruled by Neptune (all things spiritual and imaginative)  As Jupiter is always connected with BIG:  Pisces have BIG imaginations, and must watch that they don't get carried away with them.

In an Astrology chart there are three main sections in the houses of the chart.  The top four houses indicate a life 'up there' or in public.  The four houses on the Ascendant side of the chart indicate working on your own life to try to understand yourself.   The four houses opposite that indicate the need to work with companions in this lifetime.  When one of these sections of the chart  is filled it is an indication of the need to work on that area in your life.

To understand WHY certain planets and signs are in your chart we need to look at the North and South Nodes of the Moon.  These are the indicators of what it is you have come to improve and overcome this lifetime and what direction you need to take.   There is an excellent book called Astrology for the Soul, by Jan Spiller that spells out where you need to go and what to move away from.   She only talks about the North Node, but the things she says to avoid relate to the South Node.

Your Birth Chart is your report card from your Past lives.  It can have lovely lines (aspects) called Trines in it that show you have learned this well and don't need to learn it again.  There is an aspect called a square that is connected with things you have to learn and are difficult for you.  However, once you master them you may not have to learn it again next time.  There is an aspect called Opposition.  This one gives you the chance to look at both sides and to work out (intellectually) how to improve it.   They often go from your early childhood area and your family area to the top of the chart (your public area).  This shows you that your early training can still affect your judgement out in the world until you look at it and sort it out yourself. And there is another small aspect called a Sextile that shows the different areas in your chart that work well together. You can also have Conjuctions, where two or more Planets are within a few degrees of each other. This helps them all work together and strengthens each one.

Your NUMEROLOGY is also in place when you are born, date, name (given by your parents but often suggested by your guides).   This is also a wonderful guide to who you are and when life will change for you.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Most people know what Astrological Sign they are.    I have had people say to me "don't believe in all that stuff'...but I guess all Aries think that way.
Your Sun sign is such a small percentage of the influence Astrology had on us, yet many people think that is all there is.   The term is Sun sign, not Star sign as it indicates what constellation the Sun was travelling through at your date of birth.  
It depends on how far the Sun has traveled thought the Constellation to know just how the Astrological sign will express itself.   Each sign has three components of ten degrees, as the Sun travels 30 degrees through each sign.    The first 10 degrees (the first 10 days of the sign) create a double expression.   Say, Cancer.  The first 10 degrees would be a Cancer/Cancer person.   One who is a very 'mumsy' person.   The next 10 degrees relate to the next Water sign which is Scorpio.  So if the Sun in your chart was between 10 degrees and 20 degrees you would have an influence of Scorpion in the Cancer nature.  This would make for a more powerful caring nature and more secretive than the Cancer/Cancer person.   The next 10 degrees between 20 degrees and 30 degrees is influenced by the next Water sign, Pisces.   As Pisces is an intuitive/psychic sign this makes the Cancer/Pisces person more interested in who they can help or heal and not quite as family oriented as the Cancer/Cancer person.
This works with every sign.   So this is one of the reasons that people say, I am the same sign as my sister or friend, but we are so different.
That is just the beginning.  There are 1l Planets influencing us in different ways and they are placed in different 'houses' (sections) of your Astrology chart.  They have 'aspects' to each other, some easy and some hard.

Mercury, (the way we communicate and what we communicate about) is quite often in the same sign as the Sun, because it is never further away than 30 degrees from the Sun.    So if your Mercury is in the same sign as your Sun you will talk and think the way people expect your sign to do.   But Mercury could also be in either side of the Sun.    If a person is a Leo, their Mercury could be in Leo, allowing them to talk in the strong manner of Leo.   If however their Mercury was in either side of Leo, Cancer or Virgo then the Lion would talk more about the family or caring if in Cancer, and if in Virgo, they could be very work oriented or interested in healing and more 'fussy' than the Leo/Leo.
Mercury can also be Retrograde at birth.   Mercury is the Planet that stops and goes backward more often than all the other Planets, (that is known as Retrograde)   If Mercury is Retrograde at birth, it is an indication that the person will have trouble communicating their thoughts until the Planet starts moving again (that is known as Direct),   If you believe in Reincarnation, it is suggested that the person had their communication cut off in a past life either by hanging, or having their head chopped off etc.   This can bring with them into this world that if they say what they think something terrible will happen to them
  Over the years I have had clients say that they actually thought that someone would chop their head off if they said what they really think.   When Mercury goes Direct in a person's life they often find that they can now express themselves without fear.
This is something that most people don't know (and I have met Astrologers that don't know) that from the minute you are born the Planets move through the Constellations and create different aspects in your life.  So if you have a Birth chart your will find as you grow older (or move to a different area in the world) that the Planets are in a different section of your chart and they have changed signs.   This is to allow you to grow with the new energies that are always being sent down to us.

Venus in a woman's chart indicates the way she wants to be seen as a woman.  Mars in a man's chart indicates how he wishes to be seen as a man.  (this can cause problems in relationships when your partner finds out that is not who you really are)
Jupiter indicates where you want to grow.   Saturn is the area in which you take most responsibility.

Another most important part of a chart is the North and South Nodes of the Moon.   They are the indicators of what you have come to change this lifetime.   The North node indicates what you want to learn and the South Node indicates your old patterns and needs.   It is a lifetime job to learn what we have come to learn and it is helpful to know just which energies we need to work on to grow.

This is just a few things about the many different aspects of Astrology.  I have been working with it for over 40 years and it still gives me great pleasure and satisfaction..   I have seen it help people over the years to understand themselves and their loved ones and understand their direction in life.

Friday, 5 July 2013


I have been an Astrologer for over forty years and have always included counselling in my readings.
Recently however, I have begun advertising that I am doing Astrological Counselling.  I have had a few clients so far and they have found it extremely helpful to understand what their partner has been trying to tell them for years.
A couple I read for recently were so pleased with their own counselling that they asked me to show them how to work with their twins as they had very different natures.  I have done charts for twins in the past and found that it helped the parents to understand them.   I asked the couple how far apart they were born.  Much to my surprise they said " five minutes". , a boy and a girl who were now only eleven months old.
Well, I did not know if I could find any differences in two charts in five minutes, but I said I would try.   As I always do a Numerology Chart with Astrology I thought that perhaps the Numerological names would help to show the differences.
I did an Astrological Birth Chart for each of them and naturally all the Planets were the same and in the same places.  However, just five minutes had moved a part of a degree difference on the cusps of the houses of the charts.   The cusps are the doorways into each of the twelve sections of the chart.   On the cusp of the 7th house (the house connected with Libra and partnerships/marriage etc.) the small change in the part of a degree had moved Saturn in Libra into the boy's 8th house (the house of occult studies, working for others,etc.) and had left Saturn in Libra in the girl's 7th house.
As Saturn is the Planet connected with our responsibilities and learning about our life's work this was a very important change in their Charts.
The parents had given the boy a name that held most of the numbers he needed to accomplish his work and the girl had a name with fewer numbers but more connected with her desire for responsibility in a partnership or marriage.
The parents confirmed my reading of the boys' character and the girl's.   I was able to help them to understand the needs of both of them and the best  way to talk to them to help them to understand their natures.     
I am always amazed at how helpful and accurate Astrology can be.  Just a small part of a degree was able to help these parents to understand their little children and help them to develop their own paths.
We all come into the world with our own paths to travel and if we can know the right minute we are born we can gain so much more understanding of what to do and where to go.
Fortunately I discovered  about twenty years ago that my faithful crystal pendulum can help me to gain correct time for the many people I have done Astrology charts for over the years.
A palmist told me recently that babies have all the lines on their hand in place five months before they are  born.   So we have our Life's journey Charts and our life in our hands.
We are provided for our journey before we enter.   It is OUR journey, no others.  We should strive to be the best we can  be of who we decided to be this lifetime and not try to copy another's journey.  

Saturday, 15 June 2013


How wonderful it would be if we could all see the colours surrounding each one of us.  Some of my lucky friends can.  It would be helpful to see what colour our family and friends are sending out as it would help to understand them more.
One of the ways we can see the colours that people are sending out to us as expressions of their emotions and attitudes is to look at what colour they constantly wear or what colour they love.   This is a connection to the chakra that they are most involved with.   Wearing the colour helps to 'refill' the chakra that is being used just like refilling a bottle.
If a person constantly wears Red, they are expressing the needs of the Root Chakra.  It is a physical, leadership colour.  They are saying that they need to be in charge and the Red colour is filling up the Root Chakra as the colour is being used.
Wearing Orange constantly is rare.  This is a colour of relationships and people are often uncomfortable in expressing this need.   But if you do know someone who wears this colour all the time you will find that they love to be with people.  The stronger the orange the stronger the need for social interaction.
Not too many people wear Yellow all the time.  People usually wear it occasionally, when they feel happy and wanting to communicate  with others.  Yellow expresses the need to communicate and there is a need to have friends or family who will want to be involved in this communication.
Green.  As Green is a combination of Blue and Yellow it depends on the type of Green a person loves and wears.   (This also shows the type of skin colour they have.  Yellow based skin can wear, and like a Yellow/Green (lime green) and Blue based skin would love and wear Blue/Green (turquoise)                           Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra and as Yellow is a communicator, Yellow Green is indicating a more  communicating or intellectual approach to love.    Blue is the colour of  self expression and the need to help others so Blue/Greens are more connected with expressing the emotions of the heart and understanding the emotional needs of others.
Blue is the colour of Self expression and the need to help others.  So, when a person continually wears Blue you can be sure that they will want to support and help others.   This is the colour of the Throat Chakra so if a person spends all of their time supporting others their Throat Chakra does not get its own fulfillment by expressing their own needs.  This leads to the Throat Chakra area (Throat, neck, and shoulders) becoming tight and tense.
Indigo (third eye chakra) is not often worn.  The few people that do wear it are usually withdrawn and looking within.  They are usually psychic.   Purple is more often worn as a colour close to this.  Purple is often thought of as a psychic colour, but it is more a colour of power and control.  A wonderful colour to wear when you need to be in charge and feel confident in yourself.
Violet, Crown Chakra.  is the 'watered down' version of Purple.  It is more intuitive and psychic as it is full of white light.  People who wear Violet often are usually intuitive, artistic and kind.   As this Chakra gives out a lot it needs a lot of Violet to fill it .  So amythest crystals also help to fill it up.

Because it is often hard to display our emotions in the form of colour or it is not suitable for our lifestyle, such as a busy office, people will wear Black.   This will 'cover up' the colours of the body and allow the person to present themselves in the way that is expected of them in their situation.  Wearing Black can often stop other peoples Chakras draining yours.   Wearing White will allow others Chakras to drain your own unless you protect your Aura.   I use a  Pyramid of White light and that is very efficient.  Other people have their own way of protection their Auras.
When you wear White all of your Chakras are exposed and you are showing yourself as an open person. This is good if you keep your Aura protected and will allow you to express the person you wish to be.

Our Auras change constantly, depending on our current emotional attitudes so an Aura that is mostly Blue can have flashes of Red in it if the person is suddenly angry.  So they may wish to wear a Red scarf with their Blue outfit.
Green in Auras that have a 'murky' appearance can indicate that the person is jealous or is feeling that they work had and do not get appreciated for their hard work.   They can then tend to wear a Green that has a 'brownish' tinge in it.
The type of Red in the Aura can indicate  the condition of the blood.    Wearing bright/strong Red a lot means that the person is usually in good health.   There will also be bright Red in the Aura.
Dark Red (Marone or Plumb) worn constantly can indicate a problem with the blood, probably thicker than it should be.  That colour will be in the Aura and it is a good idea to get the blood checked if dark or 'murky' Red is constantly worn.

We are working with all our Chakras all the time so flashes of other colours are usually seen in the Aura.      From time to time people will change their favorite colour when their needs change

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Years ago a friend of mine started producing a new type of newspaper.   He recorded only GOOD news and HAPPY events.   He had to give up after a  few months.  Nobody bought it!!
I hear over and over again from my friends that they have just about given up watching tele. because of all the violent shows on it.   Even pleasant shows seem to have to include at least one murder in them.  
When we turn to shows about the simple task of cooking the joy of what is prepared is overshadowed by the stress involved in 'battling' with the other contestants in order to win.   The more stress that the contestants face the better the show is watched.
EVERYTHING it seems has to be turned into stress or a 'battle'.  Listening to the beautiful voices on The Voice has to be viewed by seeing the singers struggling to get a place in the contest and having to see their stress as their dreams are shattered by someone judging what they do.    If they finally DO get into the contest they have to 'battle' with their team mates and face up to more stress if they do not win.
WHY do people so enjoy watching other people in stressful situations?   Either in shows where someone is murdered or shows where they have to endured stress and often humiliation in order to succeed.
At lunch recently I was talking to friends who were discussing an old show called The Darling Buds of May. It was quite a favorite in its day.  I can remember waiting for it to come on every week with my mother.   We never missed it.   In that show David Jason owned a country property, had a beautiful 'large' companion (they did not bother to get married until well into the show)   They had several beautiful children, they over ate and had a lovely, happy life.   They still managed to have adventures to keep us interested, but did not have any murders or really distressing situations.   He managed to keep life going well (possibly a little shady)  but always pronounce everything to be 'perfic'!!    He and his partner and children were kind and tolerant of each other and the other members of their community.   It was such a pleasure to watch people working together and not judging or stressing their family or friends.   When the show finished you could happily go off to bed and sleep well.   I wonder how many people realize that the murders and stress that they have been watching before retiring is the reason that they find it hard to get a restful sleep.
Whenever 'the news' comes on the tele. it is %99 violence or interviewing people in stress.   Occasionally we are given a bit of relief by something funny or pleasant.
When I was a child (pre TV) we only had our own problems to deal with.   True, we had the depression and  our loved ones going off to war but they were our own problems to deal with.   Now the whole world is thrust into our living rooms and our poor little bodies and chakras have to deal with the stress of the whole world.   Our bodies/sub conscience do not know that these are not necessarily our problems and the mind and body has to deal with all this information flowing into it in it's own way.   As each person handles stress differently the body can react with headaches, stomach aches or some other reaction.    It is important to recognize that we need to feed our mind as well and our bodies with good food in order to cope with this world that seems to revel in stress and violence.

Saturday, 30 March 2013


I am not a Catholic, or a Church of England or a Baptist.  I was told I was a Prespiterian, but I could not write that down as I could never figure out how to spell it.   My religious training was one visit to a Sunday School meeting.   I saw my friends going to Sunday School and thought I might like to try it.  I asked my mum and she said "go ahead, if you like it you can go, if not don't go".   So I tried it and was not impressed and that was the end of my religious training.  
Growing up I did not like all the rules and dogma I saw at Churches, but when a friend of mine finally got me to a Spiritualist Church and I saw their principles, specially Personal Responsibility I felt I had come home.   This was helped by the fact that Marcia, who had been on the platform that night healed my stiff neck and in the next six weeks healed a rash on my legs that had been there for 20 years.   The doctors said it was incurable.   I thought " there really must be something in this Spiritual stuff" and I still think that twenty years later.
Easter now seems to be all about holidays and chocolate eggs.   But really Jesus is the reason for the season.   I have been writing lots of articles about the New Era we are living in now since the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012.   What has been reported about Jesus was that he was trying to get over the same message as we are getting again now  Love and acceptance.   Because he was the person who was at the beginning of the Piscean Age (the age of Sacrifice)  Jesus brought this message to us through sacrifice.   Now, we are entering into the Aquarian Age (the age of acceptance) this message is being brought to us by many beautiful people and many situations.  
It is time now to follow Jesus's message of Love and acceptance in a new way.  Not by sacrificing our own personality for ideas that have been handed down from the Piscean Age but to use the knowledge and progress that mankind has made over the years to look at life in a different way, appreciating the wonderful body that we have been given and the wonderful country we live in.  We need to stop criticising and judging and start to really look at others.   Just because other people and other countries have different ideas to us does not mean that they are wrong.    Acceptance brings tolerance and those two things could stop many disagreements and heartaches and wars.
I would like to add to this something about my Mum.   She was a kind lady, who thought that kindness was the very best characteristic anyone could have.   She never raised her voice and always supported me and my sister and brothers to do the things that we loved to do.  She was rather concerned about my interest in Spiritualism but accepted that this was who I was.   I think that she was carrying out the teachings of Jesus although she never went to Church but was loved by all who knew her.

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hundreds of years ago the Chinese knew that the Moon had North and South Nodes.   They called them the Dragon's Head and the Dragon's Tail.   Here in the West we have only started using this information in recent years.
The Nodes are created  by the Moon cutting across the path of the Sun.   Going upward is the North Node and going downward is the South Node.
Since learning about the Nodes I have found that I never start working on an Astrological Birth Chart without spending time examining the affect that the North and South Node have in the life of the person whose chart I am doing.
The South Node indicates things that the client wants to change in this lifetime.  Attitudes and behavior patterns from past lives that they want to overcome or improve.  Once a client has mastered these changes they can begin to use again strengths that had not been used to their full advantage in past lives.
The North Node indicates the attitudes and behavior that the client is working towards.   This is always exactly the opposite of past life patterns so it is usually hard to do.
If planets are close to the North Node,(in the same sign) such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus this indicates that the person is getting very close to developing the qualities they want this lifetime as they have these qualities already in their life.
If planets are close to the South Node, (in the same sign) it us usually harder for a person to overcome past life attitudes as they still have similar behavior patterns.
Once the North and South Nodes have been examined it is time to look at the person's Chart to find planets and signs in the different houses that can help the client to be the best person they can be in this lifetime.   That is always the aim of each lifetime, to improve on past lives and to develop the characteristics of love, tolerance and acceptance towards others.    This can usually be done by experiencing many situations and gaining knowledge and understanding from your experiences.   Most things in life are learned the hard way. But when we look back on these hard experiences we find that they have taught us things that we needed to know.
During our lives the Planets move through different constellations giving us the opportunity to work with the new energies that are beaming down on us.   In our Astrological charts there are always planets and signs that can show us the way to our best development and as these planets move into different signs we can use this energy to develop ourselves to the best person we can be this lifetime.  
These  developments are happening to everyone whether they understand or are interested in Astrology.  When we look back through our lives we can see how patterns and situations have changed and developed for us.  
It is not what happens to us in life, it is how we handle the situation that gives us joy or sadness.     

Monday, 4 March 2013


I will be on the platform of the Newcastle Spiritualist Church, cnr. Swan and Queen Sts. off Darby             on Sunday 15th February 2014 at 3 pm.  Topic Healing. plus readings.

I am holding a Workshop on Auras, Chakras and Crystals on Saturday 28th February at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church, from 10am to 5pm.  Cost $60.00.
Workshop will cover, Measuring your Aura, How to enlarge your Aura, Chakra Colours for Healing,       The NEW Chakras.   Balancing the Aura with Crystal Pendulum (bring your own if you have one).       Balancing the Aura with Kinesiology.  Mending and polishing the Aura with Aura Soma.

If you wish to attend please put your name and phone number on the list at the Spiritualist Church or contact Shirley on (02) 40238406 to let me know if you are coming so that I can have sufficient notes for each person.


I intend to hold a 12 week Colour Course next year 2015 commencing in March.  This course will cover all aspects of Colour, Colour Psychology, Interior Decorating Colours, Clothing Colours, Chakra Colours, Healing with Colours and Crystals and lights. Chakra Balancing with Colour and Crystals.
Limited placements.   If you wish to come please contact Shirley so that I can hold a place for you.
Cost $25. per week.   Probably Monday, 10.30 to 12. 30.

I am available for a short 12 week Astrology Course if enough people contact me about it.

I am also available for Astrology Charts.  I will need your name, full birth name, date of Birth, time of Birth      (if not known I can 'douse' it for you) and place of Birth, also where you live now in order to make you a progressed Chart showing where your Planets are now.
I can send your Chart  to you or you can visit me at Mayfield West (near Newcastle) to have the Chart interpreted.  It takes from one hour to one and a half hours usually. (sometimes longer)   This can be put on a  Cassette tape or a USB stick for you.  Or you can tape it yourself on your mobile or tablet.
The chart Astrology/Numerology costs $100.00       If posted $110.00
You can contact me by phone (02)40238406   or

Saturday, 23 February 2013



Falling in love is a time when we are totally involved with another.  A time when we wish to be with them at all times.  A time when we only see their wonderful traits and do not wish to see anything that will 'burst the bubble'.  This is a time when you are worshipped and you worship the other.


This has been the reason for the 'engagement' time.   A time between falling in love and getting to see other characteristics in our partner.  This is also a time when we should be looking at whether we want to spend the next 40 or 50 years with this person, thinking about where you will live, do you want children, will you both work, how will our families get along etc.  So many girls now days spend this time planning a huge (expensive) wedding and  The Dress!!     This is all part of the fairytale...the day when they will be the centre of attention...the day when not only their future husband will look at them with adoration, but they will be admired by all those guests at the wedding.

Marriage was once necessary for women as they were not allowed to earn their own living and had to depend on a man to take care of them and their children.Without the modern conveniences we have now men needed a woman in their home to take care of them and the family.
The roles were clear cut.  Women did not spend months or years planning the most expensive wedding they could think of, or the dress that would allow them to be the most beautiful woman in the world.  They spent the time before marriage learning the skills that they would need to keep their marriage going well for the next 40 or 50 years.    Each person knew their 'role' and although this did not necessarily make them happy they worked at their own jobs.
Now it is so easy to let go and finish a marriage when the fantasy has settled into everyday situations.  This has created so many stressed women, men and children.  So many unhappy people who have found themselves in a life with someone that the do not really know.   Someone who does not understand their deepest values.
Naturally, there are happy marriages with people who are lucky enough to find a partner with the same values as themselves.  This is the main thing that must be addressed.  What are your values?  Does your partner understand them?  Do you understand your partner's values?

Marriage needs to have a firm foundation if it is to succeed.  The reasons for marriage are not so importnt now as men and women can earn their own money and have their own car and homes.  It is still good for children to have a secure environment with male and female energies to guide them.

Now that we are entering the Aquarian age of acceptance, and moving out of the Piscean age of sacrifice we need to look at our old traditions and see if we feel that they are right for the place we are in.

We are creating new traditions with the situations and world attitudes we are living in now.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Recently, during my meditation three Blue Angels appeared.   They were holding a largebook titled VALUES.   It was a very large book.   The Angel in the middle held the book while the other two Angels supported the outspread pages.
As my main interest at the moment is about relationship it occured to me how important each person's values were in their relationship to each other.    The book was showing me a page for each person with a list of the things that they valued.  There was a photo of each person beside their values.
I asked the other members of my meditation group if they were willing to fill in a page of their values in order to put in a book so that others might be able to look at it and compare their own values.
In the list was, name, astrological sign, age, married, un married, nationality, religion.    Also, what value do you place, your family, marriage, sex, your job or career, your home, your friends, spirituality, your sport, your hobby, your entertainment, your politics?
What a list.  Just one of those subjects can disrupt a relationship.  Look at all the areas in your life where you can have disagreements or differences of opinions.
Many of our values are in place by the time we are five years old.    Until children are five they are only obtaining their values by their emotions, not their mental capacities.   Strong family values of nationality, religion and home soak into a young child.   These values can cause problems for them at a later stage in their lives as an ingrained attitude without them realising that they have the ability to look at thing differently now.
As we  grow we develop our own ideas and attitudes through our basic nature (astrological sign) and inhereted family characteristics as well as the many different friends we meet and the many different situations we find ourselves in.   We may become dedicated to a particular sport or form or entertainment such as rock music or opera.   We may agree or disagree with our family's politics.  We may have rowdy friends or intellectual friends.   
During our growing up time we form ideas about what we feel is attractive in the opposite sex.   We often head for that type of person without realising that all the other values are part of us and part of them.
Part of our western idea of 'falling in love' is actually 'falling in love' with something the other person has that we would like to have, such as popularity, confidence, softness or hardness.     In the initial 'honeymoon' stage of a relationship while we are being adored and can do no wrong many values in the other person are overlooked.     However, once the 'romance' has settled down a little different values raise their ugly head and need to be addressed.   It takes real love to work through the problems that different values present.
Spiritual values of love, acceptance and the knowledge that we are all here on the Earth School learning about how we can develop the best of ourselves can often help couples to look at their differences in a kinder way.   Realising that none of us are perfect and we are all learning.
If we are lucky enough to meet someone who has similar values and is tolerant of different values we should be extremely grateful and do our best to help others to appreciate their own values too.

Friday, 18 January 2013


The most important message that a Spiritualist Church wants to give to people is that there IS a life after death.
I have been involved with Spiritualist Churches for thirty years and have heard over and over again proof that people who have passed over are still watching their loved ones and are in a much happier state than when they were here on earth.  I have heard mediums connecting with those who have passed over and giving information that could not be falsified to people attending churches or meetings.
If we hear this information time after time why should we be frightend of dying?   We often hear from those who were very ill when they passed over that they are fine and happy and well now.   So if we fear dying we have had proof that an ill body is healed when we get 'home'.
I had only been going to a Spiritual Church in Enmore/Sydney for a short while when I had an experience that gave me proof of being watched by our spiritual family.    I was studying Astrology and my teacher said that I must be like my fathers side of the family because of a certain placement in my chart.   I said "no, I am more like my mother's side of the family".  I did not think of it again, but a few weeks later a medium who was giving out messages from the platform of the Church said to me.  "Shirl, there is an old fashioned man here beside me, he has a bushy mustache and is dressed in an 1800's style.   He is VERY angry with you and tells me that he will not leave until you realise that you are like your father's side of the family.     Because I had forgotten about the incident in my Astrology class I did not understand what she was talking about.  It was on my way home in the car that I realised that one of my ancestors had been watching me and was not happy with my attitude.   
That was one of the first things that convinced me of life after death and I have had thirty years of hearing proof to members of the meetings I have attended.    I have also read many books that explain different aspects of the other side.
Michael Newton has written two books that I think are a wonderful help to understand what happens.
His first book Journey of the Soul explains that when we arrive in Heaven we go through a process of looking at our life and deciding what we need to learn next.   He says that we all have our own Soul Group of about 12 to 20 people with whom we spend lives.   Some of the group incarnate and some stay behind to watch and help.   These people are the ones we are most connected to each lifetime.  We swap roles so that each of us can learn to be a man or woman, mother or father, child or teacher etc.  Usually your really close people this lifetime are part of your soul group, mother, father, brothers and sisters,lover, special friends that you feel close to.   Apparently there is an 'outer' group of people who pop into our lives to help us or to set us off on different journeys.   Our soul group however needs to experience all experiences and feelings so that they can all be totally evolved.  Until each member of our group is totally evolved the group cannot move on.  This is why we often fees so stressed if one of our very close people is not working to their full potential and we want to help them but often cannot.    The other thing that he says in the book is that only part of our soul's energy comes to earth each time we incarnate.   The rest stays there so that part of all of our soul group is there at all times.   This means that when we die we will be able to join members of our true soul group even if they are still here on earth.   He says also that sometimes souls that are about to incarnate decide not to take too much energy with them.  Such souls, he says, often find the earth plane much harder to cope with than they expected and often turn to drink or drugs to cope. 
This is just one of the books I have read concerning our journey to the other side.  He has a following book called Destiny of Souls that is more involved with deciding what we are to do and who we are to do it with next time we decide to come back to School on Earth.
A very old book that gave more answers was A Soul's Journey by Peter Richelieu.   I read that many years ago and found it had other ideas to learn about.
We know that we are Spirit encased in a physical body ( I call it the vehicle) to travel through our current life in order to learn what WE chose to learn this time.   When we have learned it then it is time to go.  Time to have a vacation from this School until we decide to try again.

Sunday, 13 January 2013


I am now more than half way through writing my new book on Relationships.   Each time I read through it to edit it I get more information.
People seem to always connect the word Relatlionship with love or partner or sex.     But by the time we get to fall in love, have a partner and are involved with sex we have been having Relationships with people ever since we were born.   All these Relationships have had an affect on how we are experiencing our current Relationships with partners, friends, children, parents, bosses, teachers, students etc.
When someone says to you "I know how you feel"...they dont!   They may think they know how you feel but they can only understand you and your needs through their own life character, Sun sign and experiences.
Your reactions in your current Relationships start as a baby.   Were you very much loved?  Were your needs neglected?.    Each Astrological sign has its own way of relating to others so an Air sign parent who expresses themselves by talking and analysing situations may not understand the needs of a Water sign baby who needs more cuddles than conversation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I Recently I wrote an article in my Blog about The Mouth.   It seems to be a human reaction to stop any signs of distress in another by putting something in their mouth.     When a baby shows distress something is usually put into their mouth, a breast, a dummy, a bottle and later on a sweet.   This can start off a relationship with putting something into the mouth when later in life things (such as Relationships) become distressing.
This does not have to be a Relationship with a lover or partner, it can be with the boss whom you feel is putting too much pressure on you.   You can then turn to the Relationship with your friend the cigarette who does not ask questions, who immediately soothes you  and gives you something to put in your mouth.
How many times do we know of or see in the movies someone who has just had their heart broken dash off to a bar and put lots of alchol into their mouths.
During your life you have had to deal with your parents, brothers and sisters, school mates, teachers, bosses etc.   You have learned from all of these situations how to handle them in your own way.   Certain attitudes and even certain words can have an affect on you that they do not have on others.   These are the parts of your nature that have to deal with the nature of others who have all had their own people to deal with and their own experiences through life.
When we start a romantic relationship with another we are wanting someone in our life who can fill in the parts of us that we would love to have.   We can see strength in another that we wish for, we can see softness in another that we wish for.   This is wonderful and we often gain the strengths from the other that we need.
Quite often when we gain these strengths the partner does not seem so wonderful and romance often fades away
The end of the Mayan calendar brought the world to the end of an ERA.   We now have to look at our conditioned way of thinking and the expectations your family, country, nationality, religion etc. have put upon you and work on yourself in order to let go of all these conditions and exectations and be true to yourself to appreciate the wonderful person that you are so that you can appreciate the wonderful qualities of your partners, friends and family.