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All through the centuries mankind has asked and cried ' What am I here for?..What is my direction... Have I reached it yet? I don't know what my skills are!.
That was all taken care of when you were born.  You were born when the Planets were in a position to show you WHO you are and WHAT you are capable of.  They will show you your DIRECTION and the wounds you have that you have come to overcome in this lifetime.
You are then supplied with at least ONE Guardian Angel for life who tries to push and prod you into working with the skills you have and also to the direction you have decided on this lifetime.  Later in life when we are moving into special needs other Specialist Angels will come along to help you obtain your goal.   They can only GUIDE you however, it is up to you to be brave enough to follow your heart to develop the skills that you are capable of.
Most people know what Sun sign they are.   That gives you an overall look at who you are.  You could be a firey Fire sign, a practical Earth sign, an emotional Water sign or an intellectual Air sign.
This is just the beginning.   You have decided to be that sign in order to have the ability to follow through your choice of situations in this lifetime.   WE choose what we need to improve in our Soul each lifetime, you can't blame your parents or husband or wife.   They are only there to push you to learn what it is you have chosen to learn

When I first learned Astrology about 40 years ago we only used the 10 Planets.   With the discovery of newer Signs some of the Planets have more spiritual rulers than they did.   Scorpio was ruled by Mars the planet of war (like Aries) but is now considered to be ruled by Pluto the planet of transformation..  Aquarius was ruled by Saturn, the planet of tradition and responsibility, is now ruled by Uranus , the planet of sudden and unusual events (so even if you are an Aquarian and like to shock people, there is still a bit of serious Saturn tucked away in you).  Virgo was ruled  by Mercury, the planet of communication and is now ruled by Chiron (the wounded healer).   As Virgo is the sign of the Doctor they often try to fix others instead of themselves.   Pisces  was ruled by Jupiter but is now ruled by Neptune (all things spiritual and imaginative)  As Jupiter is always connected with BIG:  Pisces have BIG imaginations, and must watch that they don't get carried away with them.

In an Astrology chart there are three main sections in the houses of the chart.  The top four houses indicate a life 'up there' or in public.  The four houses on the Ascendant side of the chart indicate working on your own life to try to understand yourself.   The four houses opposite that indicate the need to work with companions in this lifetime.  When one of these sections of the chart  is filled it is an indication of the need to work on that area in your life.

To understand WHY certain planets and signs are in your chart we need to look at the North and South Nodes of the Moon.  These are the indicators of what it is you have come to improve and overcome this lifetime and what direction you need to take.   There is an excellent book called Astrology for the Soul, by Jan Spiller that spells out where you need to go and what to move away from.   She only talks about the North Node, but the things she says to avoid relate to the South Node.

Your Birth Chart is your report card from your Past lives.  It can have lovely lines (aspects) called Trines in it that show you have learned this well and don't need to learn it again.  There is an aspect called a square that is connected with things you have to learn and are difficult for you.  However, once you master them you may not have to learn it again next time.  There is an aspect called Opposition.  This one gives you the chance to look at both sides and to work out (intellectually) how to improve it.   They often go from your early childhood area and your family area to the top of the chart (your public area).  This shows you that your early training can still affect your judgement out in the world until you look at it and sort it out yourself. And there is another small aspect called a Sextile that shows the different areas in your chart that work well together. You can also have Conjuctions, where two or more Planets are within a few degrees of each other. This helps them all work together and strengthens each one.

Your NUMEROLOGY is also in place when you are born, date, name (given by your parents but often suggested by your guides).   This is also a wonderful guide to who you are and when life will change for you.

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