Friday, 5 July 2013


I have been an Astrologer for over forty years and have always included counselling in my readings.
Recently however, I have begun advertising that I am doing Astrological Counselling.  I have had a few clients so far and they have found it extremely helpful to understand what their partner has been trying to tell them for years.
A couple I read for recently were so pleased with their own counselling that they asked me to show them how to work with their twins as they had very different natures.  I have done charts for twins in the past and found that it helped the parents to understand them.   I asked the couple how far apart they were born.  Much to my surprise they said " five minutes". , a boy and a girl who were now only eleven months old.
Well, I did not know if I could find any differences in two charts in five minutes, but I said I would try.   As I always do a Numerology Chart with Astrology I thought that perhaps the Numerological names would help to show the differences.
I did an Astrological Birth Chart for each of them and naturally all the Planets were the same and in the same places.  However, just five minutes had moved a part of a degree difference on the cusps of the houses of the charts.   The cusps are the doorways into each of the twelve sections of the chart.   On the cusp of the 7th house (the house connected with Libra and partnerships/marriage etc.) the small change in the part of a degree had moved Saturn in Libra into the boy's 8th house (the house of occult studies, working for others,etc.) and had left Saturn in Libra in the girl's 7th house.
As Saturn is the Planet connected with our responsibilities and learning about our life's work this was a very important change in their Charts.
The parents had given the boy a name that held most of the numbers he needed to accomplish his work and the girl had a name with fewer numbers but more connected with her desire for responsibility in a partnership or marriage.
The parents confirmed my reading of the boys' character and the girl's.   I was able to help them to understand the needs of both of them and the best  way to talk to them to help them to understand their natures.     
I am always amazed at how helpful and accurate Astrology can be.  Just a small part of a degree was able to help these parents to understand their little children and help them to develop their own paths.
We all come into the world with our own paths to travel and if we can know the right minute we are born we can gain so much more understanding of what to do and where to go.
Fortunately I discovered  about twenty years ago that my faithful crystal pendulum can help me to gain correct time for the many people I have done Astrology charts for over the years.
A palmist told me recently that babies have all the lines on their hand in place five months before they are  born.   So we have our Life's journey Charts and our life in our hands.
We are provided for our journey before we enter.   It is OUR journey, no others.  We should strive to be the best we can  be of who we decided to be this lifetime and not try to copy another's journey.  

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