Sunday, 23 December 2012


Many years ago I was asked to teach Colour Psychology at an Interior Decorating College.      The students were very interested but as I know that Colour has so many other applications I asked the Principal if I could talk to them about the colours of the Chakras and how they were affectected by them.    The results were amazing.   The students were fascinated by this new information and the influence it had in their lives.
However I know from experience that Colour is involved in every part of our lives.  
From the moment we wake up in the morning, if it is a bright sunny (yellow) day we find it easier to get up and feel cheerful and ready to go.   When we wake to a cold (grey) day we often feel like not moving and not so cheerful.

Then, the food we choose for breakfast has Colour.   All the cereal we choose to eat puts a yellow energy into our bodies.   This affects the Solar Plexus Chakra, (the start of our digestive system).  The Solar Plexus is the area that is connected to the things we worry about.   So without realising it we are putting Yellow into our bodies to help us cope with our worries.    Toast, being made of cereal has the same affect and so does the Yellow of an egg.
For many years my mother had cold (Red) tomato on toast for breakfast each day.   She must have needed the energy of the Red to give her physical energy.

This is just the start of our Colour day.   We then choose the clothes we are going to wear.  If we do not have to wear a uniform and can choose what we wear we will be attracted by the Colour the body needs for the day.  If you have not been well and need energy you are usually attracted to Red based colours.
If you have been stressed you often feel the need for Grey or Blue to calm your nerves.  Or if you feel the need to hide your problems and put on a brave front you could choose Black.   
Whatever Colour you wear you are making a statement about your feelings (at the moment).   Colour is seen by the eye as a reflection.   When light hits a coloured object the rays that make up that Colour are reflected out and the eye sends that ray energy to the brain where it is recognised and is seen as a particular energy.    When light hits Black, it is totally absorbed and nothing is sent out to be recognised.   Therefore when you wear Black you are not telling anyone what your feelings are at this time.  Within the protection of Black you can be anyone you wish to be.   

The colours you live in will also be having an affect on you.   Blue, whilst it is a calming, peaceful colour can affect a person who is already feeling 'blue' and make them more depressed.    Orange, being the colour of communication and relationships works well when it is softend down to Apricot or even paler to go in rooms where we need to relate and communicate with each other, such as a living room.   Pinks and Mauves have always been popular in bedrooms as they are connected with love.
Then, when you go to work, if you have to sit all day in an office that is painted Grey you can feel worn out by lunch time.
There are so many ways we are living with Colour, crystals, paintings, flowers, curtains, carpets , furniture etc.

One of the most important things we need to do is to get some sunlight (that contains all the colours) on to our bodies each day.   The Chakras need sunlight to be filled with their Colour.  (In very cold/dark countries where the do not have sunshine for months many people get SAD disease.)    They lose all their energy and they are treated by having to stay for hours in rooms lit with lights that contain all the colours 
It is not necessary to lie in hot sun, just spend a little time early or late in the day to allow your body to ingest this life giving force.
There is so many ways that we are being cared for by the Colours we choose to live with.   Most of them we do not recognise.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Most people only know what they read in the paper about Astrology.   
What you read in the paper only relates to what Constellation a Planet is travelling through at the time and what aspect it makes to the other Planets.    This of course is interesting and a lot of people get some help or guidance from this.   Especially if you feel that the Astrologer is very good.

One of the facts that you never hear is that each sign has three sections called Decans.  This means that each sign has three different ways of expressing itself.   Quite often I hear people say " I am a Taurus" or " I am a Cancerian" but I am not like my friend/sister/mother who is the same sign as me.
Each Astrological sign is 30 degrees of the Zodaiac and  starts around 21st of each month.   The first 10 days of the sign equal 10 degrees.  Each sign has it's own element, Fire, Earth, Air or Water.
The first 10 degrees of the sign of Leo is Leo/Leo.  This has the affect of maximising the Leo traits.   The next 10 dgerees is Leo/Sagittarius (as Sagittarius is the next Fire sign of the Zodiac)   This adds the need to learn and travel to the Leo.   The third 10 degrees is Leo/Aries (Aries being the next Fire sign after Sagittarius)  This adds impatience to the Leo.
The characteristics of each of the following signs slightly alter the basic Leo traits.
If the person was Cancerian, the first 10 degrees would be Cancer/Cancer, the real mumsy Cancer.   The next 10 degrees would be Cancer/Scorpio, adding the need for more control and wanting to get to the bottom of each situation.   The third 10 degrees would be Cancer/Pisces.  This adds a more 'dreamy' 'arty' aspect to the Cancerian, not so 'mumsy' as the Cancer/Cancer.
This happens with all the signs and is just one of the different issues in Astrology.

Another most important issue is the placement of the North and South Nodes of the Moon in a chart.
These are not planets.  They are places where the Moon cuts across the Sun's path.    They represent the reason you have taken this trip back to the Earth School, what you have come to learn and what you have come to overcome this time.
The position of the North Node in your Birth Chart indicates what you wish to change in your life in order to progress.   The position of the South Node indicates habits and attitudes you have built up over many lifetimes.   These are the easy things to do as you are so used to these behaviour patterns.  Without realising it most people spend a lot of time in their lives trying to overcome past life habits.  There is a very good book called Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller that explains this very well.  

Your Ascendant or Rising sign is very important.  Quite often people relate to this rather than your real Sun Sign.   Your Ascendant sign is the one that is coming over the horizon when you are born.  It is your outward personality and quite often carries the look of that sign.   Your Ascendant is rather like a protective cloak around you until you are 40 years old.   By then it has become a part of you.  Usually people do not like others to see past this protective exterior.   You will find that this outer 'layer' is a protection for the work that is going on inside ( rather like a butterfly growing from a grub to a butterfly)   A quiet/emotional Pisces could have an Aries Ascendant that would give her/him the strength to do things that they did not think they were capable of.   A Capricorn Ascendant could give a Gemini a sense of practicality to help them in the world.

Another important part of your chart and personality is the sign that sits at the top of your chart on the 10th house.  This is the Mid Heaven aspect.   Whatever is sitting there is how people see you at work or in public.    I have dealt with many shy ladies who had Leo or Aries Mid Heaven positions and they were constantly surprised that people saw them as leaders and 'forced' them to take positions of authority.

All of thes things are important in your life as they make you the unique person you are with the unique job you have come to do in this world.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Recently the word Acceptance has been brought to my attention over and over again.
Having studied and taught Astrology over the past 40 years has helped me to accept the ideas, views and personalities of others.   I know that it does not matter what I think or what my values are the other person has their own thoughts and values that are just as important to them as mine are to me.   Having looked at hundreds of Astrology Charts and taught many students I have found that No one has exactly the same birth chart as anyone else.  We all come into the world with our own mission and our own personality.  So, how do we think we have the right to say that our way is the only way to go.

This is also connected with my interest in Relationships as most problems in relationships are brought about by the fact that each person has to find a way to be their own person whilst connecting with another.   If each person thinks that what they think and what they expect from the other is the only way to go relationships cannot last long.  But if we can find a way to still have our own beliefs and accept the fact that the other person does also we should be able to live in harmony.

This can be true of all relationships, parent and child, lovers, friends etc. Our society is programmed by movies, TV, magazines etc.  The main topic in magazines is 'who is breaking up with who' or 'who cheated on the other'.  On TV as soon as a couple get together or 'fall in love' you can be sure that within the next few weeks they are fighting or 'breaking up'.  This is usually caused by the fact that one of the couple does something that the other does not feel is right.  Quite often it is just talking to someone of the opposite sex or saying something that does not suit the other.  If they truly 'loved' someone they would accept that the person really 'loved' them and was not intending to do anything that would offend them.

Being 'in love' seems to imply that each person worship the other and has no interest in anyone else in the world except them.  They can not be friends with another or even look at another person.  This creates so many heart-aches that now seems to be the accepted way to live.

At the moment there is a town in Australia and one in China where they are trying to create a 'Peace City'.  A representative from each of the different religions in the town have joined together in a group in order to accept the views and ideals of all the other groups.

Obama said on telly that he wanted to get together with the opposition party and work on America's problems together!!  Fancy two opposite political groups getting together.  Our leaders also have recently joined forces to fight child abuse.
If these leaders in the world are starting to pick up the idea of accepting and working with not against, then we are starting to work along with the new Aquarian Age we are now in.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


One day recently I realised that all of the information I was receiving and feeling passionate about was about Relationships..  I see Astrology as a major factor in the way we relate to others so I was astounded to receive on my computer an article from a well known American Astrologer writing about Astrology and Relationships.  His words and ideas were very much like the words and ideas I had just written about on my Blog.

When something needs to be brought to the attention of people it seems that the idea is sent out by the Universe and picked up by various people who suddenly get the urge to talk about it.  Many inventions have been created at the same time around the world.  often causing arguments as to who thought of it first.   This does not matter as it must have been the right time for that invention to be made available to the public.

Day after day I have been receiving articles about this important year 2012.  I have read so many articles about how important it is to change our old values and accept others for their values.
Relationships with all the people you have lived with during your life need to be seen in a different way if humanity is to grow and be able to handle the new energies entering the Planet now.
We need to understand that every person is unique.  We all came back here to School Earth in order to learn and grow to our full potential.   Every person has brought with them a map of their personality and direction for this life in the form of their Astrology Birth Chart.   So it is important for all of us to recognise the needs of others just as we recognise our own need.
Each life has a plan.  Each person is part of a soul group and has come here to play their role with this group.  Your partner this life could have been your mother or child in another existence.  You both have things to learn from the other so acceptance of their personality and behaviour is required.  A soul group is about 12 people who swap roles each lifetime to learn whatever is needed for their growth.  This group cannot finish their comings and goings to the Earth until all of the group has evolved.  This is why we often feel so stressed when someone close to us, partner, mother, father, child or friend does not seem to be trying to evolve.  This of course is our way of thinking.  The person we are upset with is probably growing in their own way and must go through certain situations before they decide to change.
Because Planets move all the time through the constellations they influence all of us in different ways.         We may suddenly have a need to do something entirely different to anything we have done before.           This will shock those around us unless they understand that this is a perfectly normal situation and that they too have probably changed some of their ideas and expect others to accept them.
The lack of understanding about others close to us can also be applied to others in other religions, countries or colour of their skin.
One day has been coming for a long time.  This year 2012 has been predicted for thousands of years in many countries as a year when there are to be great changes.
Changes start with each person.  If every person in the world (particularly those who run countries) changed their attitudes from war to peace the world could finally be the beautiful place it was intended to be. 

Friday, 19 October 2012



Just think of the times in your life when you were crushed, devastated, felt bad,or useless.    What was the cause?  Relationships.  Of all the happenings that can occur in your life relationships are the things that can affect us the most.   The happiest times in our lives can also be attribted to our relationships.
A relationship does not have to be a romantic one.   Think of the relationship you had with your mother, your father, your brothers and sisters.  What about when you had to leave the family and go off into the world of schooling, and then have to go on to the next level of schooling to work out your future?
This was the start of your attitude in any relationship you have had in your life.
Were you made to feel important?, clever? good looking? or were you made to feel stupid, dull,silly or weak? 
We often relate to our friends and lovers as we did to our family or our growing up 'School experiences   The major influence in our personalities is contained in our Astrology Birth Chart.  Your basic personality, way of loving and speaking is shown there.  Attitudes and beliefs from past lives also show up in this chart.  Your partner, friend, child or parent has their own personality from birth                                                   Do you know why a baby needs love and cuddles?  Because love makes you feel safe.
This is why orphan babies who were loved and cuddled survived and the ones who were left alone in their cots became sick and often died.

What we are looking for in any relationship is to be loved and feel safe. This is why people who are 'in love' or think they are 'in love' declare that they will always be there and that they will always be the same and love you in the same way.
This of course is very unlikely and almost impossible.   From the moment we are born we are under the influence of various Planets that are moving and as they move our needs and wants move also.  The object of our affection also is influenced by changes in life as their Planets move.   Our progressed Astrological chart when we are grown up is very different to the chart we have when we are born.
There is an old saying 'the only thing constant is change'.   How many times do you hear people say 'if I knew then what I know now things would have been different"
We can only deal with life with the stage of development we are at and what influences have been presented to us.   Much of the 'romantic' information young people gain from TV, movies and songs sounds good but is often unrealistic when we try to live like that in this world.  We are trained to think that in order to be happy we must be the only one in our partner's life.   They must think about us and never look at another as we are so important to them.   We are given the idea in so many songs that no other influence will come into our partner's lifes, that they will love and worship us to the exclusion of others.   And that we have a right to be annoyed if they show any interest in another person or another interest      

Each time a Planet moves into another constellation it can bring a new energy or interest into our lives.  Each constellation (Star sign)is very different to the previous one.   This is all part of our development and what makes us so special.          
There are the few lucky ones who found the special person who was made for them or who came back to be with them in this lifetime who can manage to go along with all the changes in their partners.  However even these wonderful situations contain lessons to be learned by both parties (and their families) or they would not have had to come back here to learn or teach.

Relationships need to be experienced in a different way now that we are entering the Aquarian Age.   There is a need to understand the needs of others and to realise that each person has many different abilities and needs and that they are learning and growing just as you are.                                                      The Bible said it all...
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


I have been an Astrologer for over 40 years. I studied with a man who taught us the Spiritual Aspects of Astrology and the importance of understanding what made you 'tick' and the purpose of your time here in this lifetime.                                                                                                                                               

 During my many years of working with people and helping them to understand themselves through Astrology I have had couples come to me to help them to understand their differences.                          

Understanding and accepting others is a key factor in moving into the Aquarian Age                                  All confrontations, personal, religious and countries are all based in the idea that I am right, you are wrong, My way is best, or the only way, your way is wrong. When this happens in a personal situation it is extremely helpful to have an Astrological Birth chart made for each person and be able to show each one why they have certain attitudes that are different to the other. Once each person can see that the other person has planetry patterns that make them think a certain way it is easier to understand their behaviour.

The word relationships seems to be more important than ever now as we are going into a new time of helping and undersanding each other. This is different to the old Piscean way of sacrifice and following whatever has been taught to them.                                                                                                              

I am available for Relationship Counselling for lovers, parents and children, friends etc. I will create a Birth chart for each person and spend time with you both showing you the reasons that you find it difficult to communicate and also suggest ways in which you can work together and accept the others needs. You can come and have a consultation with me at my home in Mayfield West (Newcastle) or I can do charts for you and do a reading for you on a USB stick.   You can contact me on my e mail address or by phone (02)40238406.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


The first part of their anatomy that babies get pleasure from is their mouth. Every new object is experienced there. They may also gain a sense of comfort and security from doing this. From the moment we are born every time we show distress something is put in our mouth to quiet and comfort us. We are trained very early not to accept distress and not to distress others with our emotional needs. When we show early signs of distress we have either a bottle or a breast put in our mouths, then a dummy....anything to keep us from distressing others with our noise. After that it is food then sweets, somethimes the thumb, and as we grow it is a 'nice' cup of tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs etc. Whenever we need comfort we put something in our mouths to stop us from expressing what we feel. This often covers up our real feelings and stops us saying just what it is that upsets us in order to be more acceptable to others. Joining with others, eating lots of food or drinking lots of alcohol or even standing around with friends having a smoke can give a feeling of acceptance and comfort.                                                                                                                        However if the emotional stress is too strong we need more and more of this comfort in order to control it or keep it from showing up. This then creates an addiction to the chosen comfort that is very hard to break unless the problem that created the need in the first place is found, addressed and overcome. This habit we have of putting things in our mouth to cover up our feelings and needs is often the cause of problems in our relationships.                                                                                                              . Having a cigarette puts a 'smoke screen' over your emotions, drinking too much alcohol allows you to drift away from problems or to become violent, rather than discussing the problem.                                           Look at what you are putting in your mouth and why you need excess of this comfort. Many needs come from the first five years of a child's life when they are 'programmed' to accept the opinions of others who told them they were 'good', or 'bad' or 'stupid' etc. It is important to recognise the good qualities that you have and recognise that accepting the negative qualities you have been 'brainwashed' with through life are not necessarily true. Your real friends will be able to tell you the good thing they see in you.                       Unless the need for the comfort is addressed it will be very hard to overcome. A very good hypnotherapist can often help you to see where the problem started, this can help you to address it.   Astrology is also a very good tool to show you your past life attitudes and the tools you have this lifetime to grow and evolve.

Recognising a need and addressing it is so important. Remember that this is a habit that started when you were a baby and only had feelings to work with, not communication. As adults we need to recognise our feelings and be confident in commumicating our needs to others.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


The Psychology of Colour is involved with our human response to different colours. Some we like, some we dislike. At different times in our lives we are attracted to different colours which relate to our emotional and physical needs at the time. Interest in Colour Psychology began in 1947 when Dr. Max Lucher devised a psychological test which used the four 'psychological primaries'. Clients were asked to choose the colours in order of preference. From these choices Dr. Luscher was able to find the client's psychological response and needs. Many other tests have been devised since then and it is amazing how accurately Colour can point to our emotional and physical needs. Think for a moment of THE colour which attracts you at this time. Not necessarily a colour you wear, but one which attracts your attention each time you see it. Like Yellow daffodills or a red car, or a blue sky or the green of the forest. The colour you love at the moment could be a shade (with black added) or a tint (with white added). Or a variation of the original 'hue' (pure colour}with the addition of another colour eg Red with a small amount of Yellow is Scarlet, or with a small amount of Brown is Russet. Variations in colours relate to variations in your emotional needs. So it is difficult to 'say' what colours you like. It important to see it or draw it. As each of us picks up colour vibrations from the cones in our eyes, each of us will see colours slightly differently. Take note of the satisfaction or upliftment you feel when you gaze upon this colour. We often 'love' one colour for months or years and suddenly replace it with another. Once you study the Psychology of Colour you can tap into your own and others needs. This in turn can allow you to understand your own needs and that of your family, friends and partners. Each colour has many different qualities. RED energy/passion/ can 'switch' you on. BLUE calm/peaceful, can 'switch' you off. YELLOW intellectual/joy. GREEN nature/healing PURPLE power/authority PINK love/soothing TURQUOISE communication from the heart. ORANGE relationships/social. What COLOUR do YOU need at the moment?

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Recently we had a wonderful Palmist give us a talk at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church. She had a wealth of knowledge and everyone learned something about themselves. I have studied Palmistry on my own for several years so it was good to hear the way she put all these interesting facts together. However I was thrilled to hear her say that the lines on a baby's hands were formed five months before the baby was born! That information confirmed my Astrological belief that our life, personality and direction were all in place before we are born. So many people blame their parents, their circumstances etc for the problems in their life, but do not recognise that we came back to this School on earth to correct things about ourselves by experiencing situations. In order to accept others and other situations we allow ourselves to go through things that are not pleasent for us. There is no way that we can evolve if we hang on to ideas and attitudes that make us feel superior to others. We choose to come back to the life we are to live. We choose the parents that will push us one way or the other in order to grow. If we have to learn tolerance and kindness we can have parents that are tolerant and kind, or parents that are not. depending on the lessons we have to learn. All of our life experiences teach us something. We usually do not learn much from all the NICE things. We learn most from the harsh or difficult things. If we grow and develop and learn tolerance and understanding from the difficult things in life we are evolving. I always feel that they must have a magnificent computer on the other side. When I look at a person's Astrological or Numerological chart I can see al the opportunities we have through life when Planets move from their original position in a chart to the next Sign. This gives us the opportunity to work with a new element in our lives in order to grow. The same thing happens in a Numerological chart. We move into the numbers of different cycles and peaks through life in order to have the opportunity to work with a different vibration. These Planetry moves and Numerological moves often work together in order for us to grow to our highest potential. We are all blessed with at least one Guardian Angel called our Doorkeeper. This guardian know what we are here for and directs us (or pushes us) into the situations that will teach us what we need to learn. During our lifetime we are often joined by other Guides who can help us learn particular lessons. So we do come here to the Earth Plane in order to learn and grow and evolve and if we watch for the signs that these Guiding Angels offer us we can grow to the fullest potential of this life.

Friday, 10 August 2012


These three qualities can help you to live a happier, more peaceful life. Gratitude and patience people understand. But detachment seems to most people to be selfish. Our society trains us to think that we must be 'involved' with all the people and situations we are connected to. We are bombarded by television and radio with all the horrors of the world. Our Chakras and our Auras are constantly taking in a huge amount of stress. The body does not know that it is not our stress and will create defences (sickness) to protect us from it. Violent movies can also give us stress symptoms and headaches etc. Taking this violence into the Aura has the same affect on the body as taking in bad food that can make you sick. All the major changes in the Planets and energy fields surrounding the earth now in this beginning of the Aquarian Age are aimed at helping us to evolve and to let go of the training we have had over the centuries. Naturally we feel sorrow watching dreadful things happening all over the world, but we need to learn to detach ourselves from situations that we can do nothing about. If you want to do something about the terrible things you witness send some money to a poor country or get involved with a humanitarian group such as World Vision, Red Cross etc. As spiritual beings we can send love and healing to those in dire situations but we need to realise that EVERYTHING is working together to move the planet forward into new energies. We need to practice this detachment on our families, lovers and friends. We are all individual beings with a built in personality and hundreds of incidents in our lives that have shaped us into the person we are now. Loving with detatchments means that you love the person as they are and learn to 'detach' your own conditioned way of thinking and behaving. This is where gratitude and patience need to be learned. Gratitude for all those people in our lives who love and help us. Gratitude for the wonderful country we live in and all the help we recieve. Personally I feel that the MOST important thing one can be grateful for is when you realise that you are a Spiritual being learning lessons in a physical body. The fact that we are provided with a doorkeeper to help us find our direction for this life and that many other wonderful spirit guides come along to help us on our journey is really something to be grateful for. Patience seems to be the hardest lesson to learn. Spiritually oriented people especially find this hard as they KNOW that there is so much more to learn and so much more work to develop themselves into the best person they can be. We want to be that NOW. However we continue to learn each day of our lives and so should be grateful for each thing that we do learn.

Friday, 27 July 2012


I keep hearing about LOVE from my Spiritual friends,and from my dis-enchanted friends (who had been madly in love).
Just what is this thing called LOVE? Why does it give some of my friends and family contentment and happiness and some of my friends and family such stress and disappointment?
Relating it to the Chakras, there is the Red/physical/all about me Chakra. The Orange, relationship, what can I do for you? How can I make YOU happy? Chakra. Opposite to the Red is the Green the peace and healing Chakra and opposite the Orange is the Blue, the devotion, communication and self expression Chakra.
When we FALL in love, we are seeing in the other person abilities and talents that we have within us but think that the other person has them.
We are really falling in love with parts of ouself that we have not been able to access. When a soft, insecure female sees strength and confidence in a male she will 'fall in love' with these abilities. He in turn may see softness and empathy in her that he needs. If she learns and develops her abilities because of her close relationship with him she could find that, because of the confidence she has developed she no longer needs it from him. This naturally causes conflict and she feels that she does not 'love' him any more.  In this type of relationship she is using the Red/physical Chakra and the Orange/need to merge Chakra.
My Spiritual friends who use the word 'love' hand out hugs and healing to as many people as they can. Their 'love' is going OUT to people instead of 'love' that is satisfying our insecurities. This is using the Green/Heart Chakra. They are also using their Blue/self-expression Chakra. Being happy as they are and knowing that they are being cared for by Angelic beings.
The English language has only one word for LOVE. Most other languages have several words indicating the different ways we can use this wonderful ability. 
It seems that LOVE that focusses on personal needs has more chance of causing distress and that LOVE that focusses on going out to others in a loving/caring and healing manner without the need for reward can help one to feel LOVE.

Friday, 20 July 2012


The Etheric Body is wrapped around us and is often seen as a white glow. It's job is to hold us together and connect us to our physical body. It is also connected to our Spirit or Soul. When drugs are used to force the Etheric Body away from us for an operation we cannot feel pain. We can only feel pain when it is wrapped around us. Many people report that after and accident they have walked on broken legs and have not felt any pain until later in the day. This is because of the wonderful skill the Etheric Body has to 'move away' when the body is in danger or might be killed. I was reminded of this skill when I was watching a DVD on the year 1012 and the many disasters leading up to it.  While watching a tsuami rushing up on to the land and over people one of my friends remarked  "well, they were probably all out of their bodies when the wave hit"!! WOW!! I knew about this ability that the body had but had forgotten. This was a wonderful thing to realise that God had given us this ability to separate from our physical self if we KNEW we were in danger of our lives. This means that in many of the terrible disasters we have been witnessing the people involved probably did not feel any pain. The same thing happens in a fire. When the smoke tells the body of danger the Etheric Body can leave so that the person does not feel pain. When young people think it is great to get 'falling down drunk' they do not realise that to do this their Etheric Body, which usually protects them, moves away. This leaves them in a position that attracts alcoholics on the lower level of the Astral. These souls who have died from their obsession with alcohol and who still crave it can 'latch on' to an unprotected body and encourage it to drink even more. When you see an alcholic walking down the street talking to himself, he is talking to these entities that have attatched themselves to him. The same thing happens when people abuse their bodies with drugs and pass out. Souls on the lower Astral who still crave drugs will be able to attatch themselves to that person, making it harder than ever to get over the habit.
Usually the Etheric Body dissolves three days after death. This is why in some cultures the body is not buried for at least three days. In some cultures the body is not even touched for three days.
If the soul has some urgent desire to stay here, as in people who have been murdered or people who do not want to leave their posessions the Etheric Body, which is exactly the same shape as the physical body will stay here. We call this a ghost. Sometimes when a person dies quickly they do not know that they are dead and the Etheric Body is in 'limbo', thinking that it still live here on earth.   It is a kindly gesture to show these lost souls to 'the light' as  this is where they should go.
Because the Etheric  Body is an outline of the physical body, if we have a limb cut off we feel that it is still there for as long as it takes that part of the Etheric Body to disintergrate.
At this time when we are witnessing disasters all over the world it can be a comfort to know that when God needs to take large groups of people he has provided us with an ability to be taken to the other side without pain.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


My mother did not spend time on useless 'chit chatter'.  She had many sayings that usually fitted the current situation.  The family motto that my sister and I share with her is
THERE MUST BE A WAY!!   This was applied to all difficult situations in our lives.
The one I always feel like saying to the defeatists I constantly meet is
Her own motto that suited he so well was,
Because of my many interests she would often quote the Chinese saying,
Another daunting one was
She kept a plaque of the Serenity Prayer on the mantelpiece and tried always to live up to it.  Everyone who knew her would attest to this.
The little plaque was broken when I moved after she died but I have glued it together and it now sits on my work desk.

Friday, 6 July 2012


We arrive in the world with a blueprint for our journey through this life in the form of our Natal Birth Astrology Chart. Then from the moment we are born Planets move and the days and years of our life create different numbers that can affect our lives. Many of my Astrological clients are surprised to learn this as they thought that what they brought into the world in the form of their date of birth would represent them throughout their lives. The constellation that the Sun was traveling through at the time of our birth gives us our Sun Sign. The Sun takes 30 years to travel through each constellation. How far it has traveled through that sign before it enters the next sign will indicate when your Birth sign begins to be influenced by the next sign. So if you were a Taurean and the degree of your Birth sign was ten degrees into Taurus you would be 20 years old when it started travelling through Gemini for the next 30 years. This will affect your personality so you could find yourself being more ‘chatty’ and outgoing than you were before. This would mean that 30 years later your Sun sign would enter Cancer and at 50 years old you would think you had become more ‘motherly’ as the Cancerian nurturing qualities began to affect you. All the other influences in your life will change as the Planets representing other aspects of you move on. The Moon is the fastest of all our influences and only stays in one sign for two to three years. No wonder our emotions and emotional attitudes change so fast. Mercury (the way we think and talk) is the most changeable as it retreats every now and then for a few months. When this happens it is called Retrograde. It is a time for looking inward and thinking things over.  Every time Mercury goes Retrograde it affects all forms of communication, letters do not arrive, phone calls get mixed up, people miss appointments, teaching (getting the message across) is difficult. Mercury is no further than 30 degrees from your Natal Sun sign. So whatever your sign Mercury will be in the same one or one either side of it. When your Mercury begins moving through the next constellation to the one it was in when you are born you will often change some of your ways of thinking. We put all this down to things that happen in our lives, and indeed they are connected with our experiences. When we are born we always have at least one guiding Angel assigned to us for life, our Doorkeeper. It is his/her job to steer us though life and push us to experience what we are here for. The planetary changes give us the opportunity to change, little by little. During our lives we have other Guides to help us to learn special things. They can show us the things we have come back for, to help us to evolve.  Throughout our lives the Planets and the Numbers move in order to give us the opportunity to learn.  It is up to us to take advantage of their help by watching for the signs and situations they present to us.

Friday, 29 June 2012

The 12th Planet

Many years ago I read a wonderful book by Erich Von Daniken called the 12th Planet. The book was about the planet we know as Nibiru. This planet has made many trips around the Sun. It’s orbit is about 2000 years. It was here about 2000 years ago and when it left it created such a pull of the earth’s water that the earth was flooded. Astrologers have been watching its path as it is now almost back again. It could be connected with the great disasters of floods, earthquakes etc that are hammering the planet at this time. 
Von Daniken suggests that this planet was created for the specific purpose of being a catalyst for the evolvement of humanity. This planet’s revolutions through the solar system brings energies of awakening to the people of earth and of the other planets that are in close enough proximity to the orbit of Nubiru.Von Daniken writes that beings from Nibiru came close to earth in a huge space ship. From there they descended to the area of the four rivers in Egypt. Their initial interest was the gold of this earth that was a precious commodity on their planet.    He writes that when the space people wanted a break from digging in the planet for gold they would go back to their large ship that was named ‘heaven’. After working for a long time gathering gold the beings from Nibiru decided to ‘create’ workers. They impregnated the evolving women at that time with their sperm and created a race of workers to collect their gold. They then spread out to different areas of the world and created workers whose skin would be suitable for the different climates they worked in. After a long while the workers began to revolt and the beings from Nibiru decided to leave this planet and wash away all of their ‘mistakes’. One of the space men was not happy with this and he told one of his workers (as in the Bible) to build an ark to save him and his family.Apparently the arc was more like a submarine as it had to survive being tossed around in flood waters.  Near where they gathered gold was an area where they found pitch, which was used to cover and insulate the 'boat'. As in the bible the boat landed on high ground and some of the space people came back and helped those who survived to grow and evolve.This was a time when there was a great leap forward in the evolvement of mankind.
The reason I am reminded of this story is because of the great interest of the planet Venus that has just had a path across the Sun.   In Astrology each sign has a ruling planet except Taurus and Libra who share Venus as their ruling planet.My students can tell you that for years I have said that there will eventually be a planet coming forward that will be the ruler of one of them. Now that mankind is moving towards the end of the Mayan calendar this year in 2012 the sign Libra relates to what we are supposed to learn.   To accept others views and beliefs, to look at both sides of the question and to bring love and harmony into life.
In Colour therapy there are a new set of Chakras that are being seen and used.  These Chakras are connected with the second layer of the Aura, the Orange layer.   This is also to do with the relationship area of the body, ruled by Libra.
In Numerology we are now in the 2000’s. Two is the number of nurturing, intuition and support.   Many children now coming into the planet do not have one or nine in their numerology. One is for the self and nine is idealistic. There are so many signs now that we are moving into a NEW time.
I do believe that when Nibiru is able to be seen again it will bring a new energy to the planet. And you never know (we might get whisked up to HEAVEN)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Welcome to the New Rainbow Bridge blog

Just before the end of 2011 I was lucky enough to obtain a lovely little one bedroom unit in Mayfield West (near Newcastle). I had been living with my daughter Kim since late 2009 because I found that I had a problem with my heart that stopped me living in my two storey home. In September 2010 I broke the top of my left leg. A couple of months ago I was rushed to hospital and had my Gall bladder removed. Things usually come in threes, so I hope these unexpected things in my life have run their course and now I can go ahead happily and healthily.

I am almost 83 and am not doing all the courses I did for many years. However, I like to keep my hand in and am holding an Astrology Workshop at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church on Saturday 16th June (phone me on 40238406 if you are interested.). I am also doing the platform at the Entrance Spiritualist Group on Sunday 24th June (phone 43900461) at 2pm, and at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church on Sunday 22nd July at 3pm.

I am still available to do my Life Path Astrology Charts in Colour. They come in a folder containing the Birth Chart and a current chart of where the Planets are now. I Also a Planetary progression chart showing how the Planets have moved and will move during your lifetime and two pages of Numerology. In your Numerology peaks and cycles chart that shows the major changes in 7 and 9 year cycles I marry it up with the major planetary changes in your life. This is extremely helpful to see the energies you have been using and the ones that have yet to manifest.

I can see you at my home for a consultation included with the chart or I can put it on a disk and send it to you. This takes about one and a half to two hours. In order to do your chart I  need your Birth date, Place of Birth and time of birth. I also need your Name now and full Birth name for Numerology. You can contact me on or (02)40238406.
One of the things I can do is to find out the time of birth for most of my clients who do not know their birth time. I have been using my crystal pendulum work out the correct time for over 20 years as it is essential for the Ascendant and houses in the chart and for a proper reading. 

I have many other interests and many other skills. I do a complete Chakra Balance with my crystal pendulum. My clients tell me that they feel totally balanced after that. Of course you will have to come to me for that (I can’t do this on email) 

I studied Handwriting at the Phillip St. School in Sydney many years ago and have taught classes on this subject as well as writing a book called Handwriting for Healers that incorporates the meaning of handwriting with the Chakra system. I am happy to give you an explanation of your Handwriting if you are interested.

I am always happy to do talks at different groups on the subjects that I have taught over the years: Astrology, Numerology, Graphology, Colour Psychology, Colour Therapy and so on.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Welcome to Rainbow Bridge.
I am looking forward to communicating with like minded souls.
My interests are varied and metaphysical in nature.
I would like to share with you my thoughts on things like Astrology, colour, healing, and the progress of the world.

This new Rainbow Bridge blog is currently being created. We've finally got our Buy Now buttons on the blog, so check out Shirley's books selection.
Please stop by again soon.