Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hundreds of years ago the Chinese knew that the Moon had North and South Nodes.   They called them the Dragon's Head and the Dragon's Tail.   Here in the West we have only started using this information in recent years.
The Nodes are created  by the Moon cutting across the path of the Sun.   Going upward is the North Node and going downward is the South Node.
Since learning about the Nodes I have found that I never start working on an Astrological Birth Chart without spending time examining the affect that the North and South Node have in the life of the person whose chart I am doing.
The South Node indicates things that the client wants to change in this lifetime.  Attitudes and behavior patterns from past lives that they want to overcome or improve.  Once a client has mastered these changes they can begin to use again strengths that had not been used to their full advantage in past lives.
The North Node indicates the attitudes and behavior that the client is working towards.   This is always exactly the opposite of past life patterns so it is usually hard to do.
If planets are close to the North Node,(in the same sign) such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus this indicates that the person is getting very close to developing the qualities they want this lifetime as they have these qualities already in their life.
If planets are close to the South Node, (in the same sign) it us usually harder for a person to overcome past life attitudes as they still have similar behavior patterns.
Once the North and South Nodes have been examined it is time to look at the person's Chart to find planets and signs in the different houses that can help the client to be the best person they can be in this lifetime.   That is always the aim of each lifetime, to improve on past lives and to develop the characteristics of love, tolerance and acceptance towards others.    This can usually be done by experiencing many situations and gaining knowledge and understanding from your experiences.   Most things in life are learned the hard way. But when we look back on these hard experiences we find that they have taught us things that we needed to know.
During our lives the Planets move through different constellations giving us the opportunity to work with the new energies that are beaming down on us.   In our Astrological charts there are always planets and signs that can show us the way to our best development and as these planets move into different signs we can use this energy to develop ourselves to the best person we can be this lifetime.  
These  developments are happening to everyone whether they understand or are interested in Astrology.  When we look back through our lives we can see how patterns and situations have changed and developed for us.  
It is not what happens to us in life, it is how we handle the situation that gives us joy or sadness.     

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