Sunday, 23 December 2012


Many years ago I was asked to teach Colour Psychology at an Interior Decorating College.      The students were very interested but as I know that Colour has so many other applications I asked the Principal if I could talk to them about the colours of the Chakras and how they were affectected by them.    The results were amazing.   The students were fascinated by this new information and the influence it had in their lives.
However I know from experience that Colour is involved in every part of our lives.  
From the moment we wake up in the morning, if it is a bright sunny (yellow) day we find it easier to get up and feel cheerful and ready to go.   When we wake to a cold (grey) day we often feel like not moving and not so cheerful.

Then, the food we choose for breakfast has Colour.   All the cereal we choose to eat puts a yellow energy into our bodies.   This affects the Solar Plexus Chakra, (the start of our digestive system).  The Solar Plexus is the area that is connected to the things we worry about.   So without realising it we are putting Yellow into our bodies to help us cope with our worries.    Toast, being made of cereal has the same affect and so does the Yellow of an egg.
For many years my mother had cold (Red) tomato on toast for breakfast each day.   She must have needed the energy of the Red to give her physical energy.

This is just the start of our Colour day.   We then choose the clothes we are going to wear.  If we do not have to wear a uniform and can choose what we wear we will be attracted by the Colour the body needs for the day.  If you have not been well and need energy you are usually attracted to Red based colours.
If you have been stressed you often feel the need for Grey or Blue to calm your nerves.  Or if you feel the need to hide your problems and put on a brave front you could choose Black.   
Whatever Colour you wear you are making a statement about your feelings (at the moment).   Colour is seen by the eye as a reflection.   When light hits a coloured object the rays that make up that Colour are reflected out and the eye sends that ray energy to the brain where it is recognised and is seen as a particular energy.    When light hits Black, it is totally absorbed and nothing is sent out to be recognised.   Therefore when you wear Black you are not telling anyone what your feelings are at this time.  Within the protection of Black you can be anyone you wish to be.   

The colours you live in will also be having an affect on you.   Blue, whilst it is a calming, peaceful colour can affect a person who is already feeling 'blue' and make them more depressed.    Orange, being the colour of communication and relationships works well when it is softend down to Apricot or even paler to go in rooms where we need to relate and communicate with each other, such as a living room.   Pinks and Mauves have always been popular in bedrooms as they are connected with love.
Then, when you go to work, if you have to sit all day in an office that is painted Grey you can feel worn out by lunch time.
There are so many ways we are living with Colour, crystals, paintings, flowers, curtains, carpets , furniture etc.

One of the most important things we need to do is to get some sunlight (that contains all the colours) on to our bodies each day.   The Chakras need sunlight to be filled with their Colour.  (In very cold/dark countries where the do not have sunshine for months many people get SAD disease.)    They lose all their energy and they are treated by having to stay for hours in rooms lit with lights that contain all the colours 
It is not necessary to lie in hot sun, just spend a little time early or late in the day to allow your body to ingest this life giving force.
There is so many ways that we are being cared for by the Colours we choose to live with.   Most of them we do not recognise.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Most people only know what they read in the paper about Astrology.   
What you read in the paper only relates to what Constellation a Planet is travelling through at the time and what aspect it makes to the other Planets.    This of course is interesting and a lot of people get some help or guidance from this.   Especially if you feel that the Astrologer is very good.

One of the facts that you never hear is that each sign has three sections called Decans.  This means that each sign has three different ways of expressing itself.   Quite often I hear people say " I am a Taurus" or " I am a Cancerian" but I am not like my friend/sister/mother who is the same sign as me.
Each Astrological sign is 30 degrees of the Zodaiac and  starts around 21st of each month.   The first 10 days of the sign equal 10 degrees.  Each sign has it's own element, Fire, Earth, Air or Water.
The first 10 degrees of the sign of Leo is Leo/Leo.  This has the affect of maximising the Leo traits.   The next 10 dgerees is Leo/Sagittarius (as Sagittarius is the next Fire sign of the Zodiac)   This adds the need to learn and travel to the Leo.   The third 10 degrees is Leo/Aries (Aries being the next Fire sign after Sagittarius)  This adds impatience to the Leo.
The characteristics of each of the following signs slightly alter the basic Leo traits.
If the person was Cancerian, the first 10 degrees would be Cancer/Cancer, the real mumsy Cancer.   The next 10 degrees would be Cancer/Scorpio, adding the need for more control and wanting to get to the bottom of each situation.   The third 10 degrees would be Cancer/Pisces.  This adds a more 'dreamy' 'arty' aspect to the Cancerian, not so 'mumsy' as the Cancer/Cancer.
This happens with all the signs and is just one of the different issues in Astrology.

Another most important issue is the placement of the North and South Nodes of the Moon in a chart.
These are not planets.  They are places where the Moon cuts across the Sun's path.    They represent the reason you have taken this trip back to the Earth School, what you have come to learn and what you have come to overcome this time.
The position of the North Node in your Birth Chart indicates what you wish to change in your life in order to progress.   The position of the South Node indicates habits and attitudes you have built up over many lifetimes.   These are the easy things to do as you are so used to these behaviour patterns.  Without realising it most people spend a lot of time in their lives trying to overcome past life habits.  There is a very good book called Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller that explains this very well.  

Your Ascendant or Rising sign is very important.  Quite often people relate to this rather than your real Sun Sign.   Your Ascendant sign is the one that is coming over the horizon when you are born.  It is your outward personality and quite often carries the look of that sign.   Your Ascendant is rather like a protective cloak around you until you are 40 years old.   By then it has become a part of you.  Usually people do not like others to see past this protective exterior.   You will find that this outer 'layer' is a protection for the work that is going on inside ( rather like a butterfly growing from a grub to a butterfly)   A quiet/emotional Pisces could have an Aries Ascendant that would give her/him the strength to do things that they did not think they were capable of.   A Capricorn Ascendant could give a Gemini a sense of practicality to help them in the world.

Another important part of your chart and personality is the sign that sits at the top of your chart on the 10th house.  This is the Mid Heaven aspect.   Whatever is sitting there is how people see you at work or in public.    I have dealt with many shy ladies who had Leo or Aries Mid Heaven positions and they were constantly surprised that people saw them as leaders and 'forced' them to take positions of authority.

All of thes things are important in your life as they make you the unique person you are with the unique job you have come to do in this world.