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Most people who are involved in a spiritual life know that our Aura contains the colours of the Rainbow, going from Red up to Violet.
These colours are involved with different aspects of our life and knowing what each colour represents and what part of our life it influences is important for us to understand our needs.
The first section of our Aura is seen as a glow around the body (about a foot out).  It is connected to the Root Chakra.
RED is the colour connected to our Root Chakra.(our Physical Chakra)   This colour, when we look at it, switches on in the brain our 'fight and flight' instinct.   It affects our Adrenal glands that pump out the energy needed for whatever challenge faces us.   Therefore when we have to give a talk in public, run a race or do anything that needs strength we often decide to wear Red clothing.
The Red Chakra is connected with our 'roots', how we relate to our family, nationality, religion, idea of beauty (yes, even how we look to others).   We need strength for that, to feel that we are acceptable in all these areas.  If we do not feel that we are OK in the eyes of others, the Root Chakra cannot give out the energy needed and we often gain weight, have leg problems or lower bowel problems.  
People who do not feel accepted will often hide in grey or black.  Wearing Red, or surrounding yourself with Red (flowers, red food, Red essential oils, such as Rosemary,  crystals etc.) can help to get this Chakra working well.
As this is the base chakra, that sets off in motion the next 6 wheels of the Chakra system, it is hard to feel bright and happy if this one is not working properly.

The next section of the Aura is the Health Aura.  This consists of the next two Chakras, the Orange Chakra (called the Sacral) and the Yellow Chakra (called the Solar Plexus)  This section of our Aura can be measured by holding your arms out from the body.   That distance all around the body can be felt like a cocoon and can be soothed and healed with healing oils applied.
The colour Orange is the colour of relationships and confidence.  The Sacral Chakra is affected by situations in our lives when we have problems in relationships with others and lose our confidence in these relationships.  This can then affect the part of the body that the Sacral is connected to.  Many women have problems in their pelvic area because of this.   Wearing Orange, eating Orange food, Orange flowers in the house, Orange essential oil and orange crystals can all help.
The Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra area contains digestive organs, such as the Liver, the stomach, the Gall Bladder, the Pancreas and the beginnings of the bowel.   Yellow is the colour of joy and happiness and is connected with the will.   When we feel that others are rejecting our needs (or our own will) we often lose the joy and happiness of being able to express our own ideas.   This can lead to problems in the organs that are in the Solar Plexus area.     Wearing Yellow, eating yellow foods, yellow crystals and yellow (Lemon) essential oil can help.
NOTE.   Essential oils must be put on the body in a carrier oil as they are very strong.   The only two oils that can be put on the body without a carrier oil are Sandalwood and Lavender.

The third section of the Aura is much larger than most people know.   In my workshops we measure this third Spiritual Aura and it is often over 12 or 15 feet from the body.   This is the part of the Aura where we can 'feel' our connections to others.   At that distance we can decide if we feel comfortable or uncomfortable with other people.   (no wonder we feel cramped in a lift or crowded train).
This Spiritual Aura contains the Green Heart Chakra, the Blue Throat Chakra, the Indigo Third Eye Chakra and the Violet Crown Chakra.
All these Chakras from the Heart to the Crown enable us to work with our higher selves with love and intuition.
The Green Heart Chakra is connected to our need to love and be loved. It can be affected by rejection of the love we want to give to others.   Or, on a negative note, trying to push your own ideas on to others in the 'name' of love.
This area contains the Heart and Lungs and both can be affected by lack of love in the life and lack of acceptance .Wearing Green clothing, going out into nature, using Green essential oil, or green food (salads) can help.
The Blue Throat Chakra at the base of the Throat is connected to our need to express ourselves in our own way, talking, dancing, painting etc.   When we are stopped from expressing our OWN ideas we often have problems in the throat, shoulders, mouth, jaw etc.
Wearing Blue, eating blue/purple foods, Blue things in the home, vases, cushions etc. and Blue crystals and Essential oils (Sandalwood is very good.  Also Sandalwood rubbed on the top bone at the back of the neck will protect the 'Door to the Aura' which is situated there)  If the door is too open it will take in too much information and can confuse your own direction.  This often causes headaches and pain in the back of the neck at the top of the spine.
The Indigo Third Eye Chakra is placed between the eyes on the forehead.  This is the area of intuition.  When we are stopped or laughed at for expressing our own intuition we can often get headaches or eye and ear problems. Wearing Purple, Purple food, purple crystals or essential oils (such as Lavender)   Can all help.
The last Violet, Crown Chakra is at the top of the head and is called the Thousand petal Lotus.   This is our direct link to our Spiritual friends who wish to give us messages to have a wonderful life.  If we have friends and family who support us in our beliefs we are lucky.  Many people cannot express the wonderful messages they receive directly because they do not have the support of others.
Wearing Violet, using Ylang Ylang essential oil and meditation can help.  Messages can always be written in a book and will be valuable later in life.
Each of our Chakras need attention and if one of them is blocked because of emotional problems it will affect the next Chakra in the body.

Accepting our own ideas and giving them out in love and confidence can help to keep these Chakras working well.

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