Thursday, 4 February 2016


Today I had a wonderful surprise.  I was cleaning out one of my boxes of Astrology Information when I came across information about a Meditation evening I had attended 23 years ago.   This information I had been searching for for over 20 years.
It was written on the day my daughter and her children left New South Wales to go and live in Tasmania near her brother and his family.  I knew that my grandson who was 12 was not happy about the move as he was losing all his friends.  So when the Meditation started I entered the Violet flame in the middle of the circle and was told to put my troubles there I naturally put my daughter and grand children in.

We were told to go to a small pool with a small waterfall and let the water  soak into us making us glowing with white light.
Next I found myself sitting beside the pool and across the other side dangling their legs in the pool were two beautiful young 30'ish males with flowing light brown long wavy hair.   One wore a Purple robe and one wore an Emerald Green robe.
The purple robed one spoke to me and said "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE MEANING OF HEAVEN?" Naturally I said "yes".
"HEAVEN IS WAVES OF STILLNESS " (said the Purple Angel/Guide)                                                 "HEAVEN IS CLOUDS OF REALITY"    (said the Emerald Green Angel/Guide)
"I bring you Waves of Stillness"  said the Purple Guide.                                                                                        "I bring you Clouds of Reality" said the Emerald Green Angel/Guide.
The next thing they did was to throw Yellow, Purple and Green water over me.
I saw that my body had turned into Rainbow coloured water.
That Meditation gave me a sense of freedom that has stayed with me.   Their beautiful words seemed to change my thinking.
As I re entered the room through the Violet Flame a 50 ft. Angel appeared.   This Angel had appeared to me recently as I was looking for a name to call the Publishing Company of my books.   He had appeared and held out his hands.   A Rainbow Coloured Bridge grew between his hands and people began walking across the Bridge.  So I called my company Rainbow Bridge Publications.
This wonderful Angel was holding my daughter and grand children in his hands so I was happy and relieved that he would be taking care of them.

Ever since that Meditation whenver someone tells us to go to a pool my two colourful Angels have always been there.   I have noticed in recent years their colours are getting gentler.  One now wears a Violet robe and the other wears a Turquoise one.
The biggest shock I got a couple of weeks ago when we were told to go to a pool.  MY GUIDES HAD GROWN OLDER!!   They were now looking 60'ish with thinning hair and a bit of a 'tummy'.   Perhaps they had been slowly growing older and I had not noticed before.   Still, they were there for me as they had been 23 years ago.