Friday, 5 December 2014


How hard it is to 'let go' of the built up attitudes we have formed in our lifetimes.   Until we are five years old we are surrounded by situations, nationality, attitudes, important issues to family members.   This is called the Moon time in a child's life.   It is a time when children have not yet learned to express themselves in words and only learn about who they are expected to be and family values through their emotions.   This is the time that sets off attitudes for life, as they are kept in deep feelings that create our patterns of behavior. We often do not understand our deep seated opinions as they were not formed in a time when we could  discuss them.

We all come into the world with our MAP. our Astrology chart, that shows us why we are here and what we have come to learn this time.    Early training will help or hinder our path, depending on what we have to learn.   We may have had parents who gave us the training to fit in with our Astrology direction and this will make life easier for us.   We may have had parents whose attitudes did not fit in with the direction we were headed for this lifetime.  That can make it harder.    But there will always be a reason for it.

During our lifetime we have special times when the Planets and Numbers give you the opportunity to let go of old attitudes and comfort zones to become the person you incarnated to be.    When we reach the age of 29, or sometime 30 the Planet Saturn will have had it's first journey through space and returned to the spot it was in your Birth Chart.   This is known as Saturn Return.   Saturn is a Planet that teaches us responsibility and it's return signals to our soul that it is time to let go of things we do not need anymore and become a responsible adult.   It is usually a difficult time as we often do not want to let go of old habits and attitudes and take on more responsibility.
When we are 38 or 39 Pluto (the Planet of transformation)....yes, it is a Planet, don't let them tell you otherwise.  It is a most powerful Planet and has a tremendous affect on the world when it is in power.
So...when we are 38 or 39 the Planet Pluto makes a square aspect to it's position on your Birth chart.
As Pluto is there to transform you it is often quite uncomfortable and you often have problems with others who have not had this situation in their lives.  This will happen three times, (usually in one year).   Pluto wants you to start to accept the Spiritual side of your nature and to 'let go' of the material things in life driving you.   He does not ask you to give up your material things but to start to appreciate that they do not give you the inner comfort you need.
A little after this we get another 'push' to let go and accept when the Planet Uranus makes an opposition aspect to where it was in your Birth chart.   This happens when you are 42 (as the Planet Uranus takes 84 years to circuit the earth.)   Uranus comes in quickly and often makes you start to think in a new way.  This will happen three times (usually in one year) until you decide that you must express your own thoughts even though you know that it will upset some people.
Uranus is the Planet governing Aquarius, and as we are entering the Age of Aquarius Uranus will try to push us to let go of our old Piscean ways of sacrifice and judgement.  It is now a time of acceptance and tolerance to other ideas and other people.   The more we try to bring LIGHT into the world and live in love and acceptance, the more the DARK side will try to keep us sacrificial and judgemental.   This is happening all over the world now as nations fight nations and religions fight other religions.
It is important to all Spiritual people to let go of old judgements and accept the fact that we are all different and we all have things that are important to us.   To each person their ideas are important and need to be accepted as their own even if we do not share their opinions.
When we reach 50 or 51 the Planet Chiron (pronounced Kiron) finishes it's journey through Uranus (learning about acceptance) and Neptune (learning about our Spiritual nature) and returns to Saturn (taking responsibility for our actions).   Chiron represents a wound we carry from past lives and one we have come to heal this lifetime through different situations we have been involved with.                                                  

 Chiron can feel very painful if we persist in our old negative habits.   But if we take in the lessons that Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus have taught us life will become more peaceful and we will be able to use this knowledge to be of comfort and benefit to others.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Our Souls have their home in Heaven, along with the other 20 or so others that are part of our Soul Group.   This group of Souls are those we work with lifetime after lifetime in order to develop ourselves to the highest standard we can achieve.  We can be a mother this time, and learn the lessons of a mother, a soldier another time, a rich person, a poor person, male or female,depending on whatever lessons our Soul needs to develop

In order to learn these lessons we create, with the help of our Guiding Spirits a suitable vehicle for our Soul to live in here in the Earth School.  The Soul will stay in this body for the length of time it has decided it needs to learn things, such as caring for others, taking responsibility, having fun, being a parent, etc.

When a body is being created for the Soul to use as its vehicle here on Earth the Soul visits the body several times during its growth. It does not usually inhabit the body until the last month of growth or when the body is travelling down the birth canal.   Some Souls choose to inhabit the body after the birth.    Then the Soul has the job of learning to live in this vehicle and be comfortable in it.   Occasionally a Soul will feel that they are not happy with this arrangement as they do not feel that they can align with the body.  So they will leave.

Not all of our Soul group incarnates with us each time.  Some stay behind and keep an eye on us and try to help if they can.  Choosing what we need to learn and who will work with us this lifetime has to be worked our before we leave.  If we were not a caring parent in past lives one of our Soul group will take on the role of being a difficult mother or father in order that we may learn how this feels.

There is also an 'outer' group of other souls that we have spent time with in different lives who will make short appearances in our lives in order to help us or push us in a new direction.     Shakespeare (who was a very advanced Soul) said, "All the World is a stage, the men and women merely players.  They all have their exits and their entrances.  One man in his time plays many parts.   It is rather like that.  This World is the stage where we come to play our parts with other members of our Soul group who have their own particular lesson to learn   We decide before we come here what role we will play.
Often we hear of little children trying to 'mother' their mother as it seems so natural to them.  But this lifetime they are here to learn to accept guidance rather than giving it.   Some people have the most amazing talents and abilities that it is impossible to understand where these skills came from.    They would be part of the Soul's knowledge gained from many other lifetimes.
We create a body (our vehicle) to transport us through life, and it will wear out eventually (while the soul does not) so it is important to look after it well.

As our Soul uses our physical body to learn lessons in the dense atmosphere of Earth it can 'pop' out any time it needs to.  IF YOUR SOULS SENSES THAT YOUR PHYSICAL BODY IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED IT CAN POP OUT BEFORE THAT HAPPENS.  YOU CAN ONLY FEEL PAIN WHEN YOUR SOUL INHABITS YOUR PHYSICAL BODY.
When you have a car accident and you 'nearly' get killed you can walk around with a broken arm, leg or anything else (and feel no pain) until your Soul decides to re enter your body.  (THEN you will feel pain)
I HAVE FOUND THIS TO BE A SOURCE OF COMFORT TO THOSE WHO LOST SOMEONE IN A CAR ACCIDENT OR FIRE (The Soul moves out when it knows that the body will be destroyed or injured)    If the Soul decides that it wants to stay when  the body is being attacked then the body will feel pain.  The Soul may not have finished all that it had to learn and will try to stay in the body, even though it is in pain.
When the Soul feels that it has finished its lessons here on Earth it can remove itself and return to its Heavenly Home.   As the vehicle it has created starts to break down in old age it can decide to leave it.
Because we only send a part of our Spiritual energy here to Earth when we start a new 'experience' of growth, as do all of the other Souls who work with us in Heaven or on Earth there is always a 'part' of each member of the Soul group we belong to waiting for us when we return.

I find this a comfort as some of my closest Soul group companions are still here on the Earth plane, but when I return, part of them will be there waiting for me.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Before we come back to this Earth School we work out what Sun sign we are going to be, what time we will get here so that we have the right Ascendant to face the world and help us to do all the things we have decided to do this lifetime.  We choose the parents and the country that will give us the opportunity to do the things we have come to learn.   Many people wonder at the parents but  we need to realise that WE chose them in order to learn and develop.  We choose the right day, at the right time of the year and from the moment we arrive the Planets start to move, giving us the opportunity to experience and learn our lessons.
The ONLY thing that has not been set in concrete is our NAME.  This is something that parents and relatives talk about before a child is born.    This is the only thing that WE can do to add to a child's experience of life.
Each letter in a name has a number, and these numbers can be added up and reduced to a single digit.
The first and middle name (and sometimes in different cultures there are more) we can give but the Sir name is something that is already there, and it has tradition attached to it.
In many fairy stories the good fairy comes in at the end of the birth celebrations and gives a name that is suitable for the new child, and one that will help them in life.
It is rather like that when you are trying to decide on a baby's name.   You can have wanted a special name but when you saw your baby suddenly another, more suitable name popped into your head.    I know I had Martin chosen for my last boy but (as he was 11lb,2oz and blonde) it did not fit my concept of a suave slim brunette.    He is still a big man (not fat) and Kevin suits him well.
Many times when I have been at fetes doing readings or having someone talking to me about their Astrology and Numerology, they have changed the name they were given.   Some were still comfortable with that but I noticed when people were approaching 40 (4 being the number of creating your foundations) they told me that they had, or were going back to their original name as they found that they liked it.
There are other advantages in using your full name instead of shortening it.   One of my friends Anthony got me to do an Astrology/Numerology chart for him.   The numbers of your date of birth create a graph so you can see what numbers you need to work on.    When I added his name as Tony the chart was not complete, but when I added Anthony we had the missing numbers to complete his chart.  a/1, and h/8.   These two numbers completed his graph (all the spaces were filled in)   As a sports person the shortened version of Tony was suitable,   He has found a new attitude from people he meets now that he is Anthony (a number 7)  That is the number of the 'guru' person.    His Tony name was ll//2.   This gave him a combination of 11- the person who wants to give others information  and 2 a very caring father
Elizabeth Taylor forbade anyone to call her anything but her full name Elizabeth (which is a wonderful name with so many different letters and so many numbers)  I don't know if she knew the Numerology meaning of Lizz, or Lizzy or Beth.   But she recognized  the power of her full name and felt more comfortable with it. It is a number 7 (the Guru number). It is the name of Queens, and women in authority.

Whenever you tell people your name, either your birth name or the one you are using now they will gain an impression of the type of person you are. (have a look at what you are showing them by using a different name).   I have had to point this out to many people who are going into business, that the name they are showing is not the right vibration for the type of business they are presenting.   If your family or friends call you by pet names or shortened names it is a good idea to have a look at how they see you.  They may be expecting you to behave in a manner that does not suit you.  

It is easy to work out your name.    Just write out 1 to 9 on a sheet of paper.   Under that write out the alphabet.   A goes under 1, B goes under 2, C goes under 3, D goes under 4, E goes under 5,                     F goes under 6 G goes under 7 and H goes under 8.  i goes under 9.     Then you start the next line.
J goes under 1, K goes under 2, L goes under 3 M goes under 4 N goes under 3,  0 goes under 6, P goes under 7, Q goes under 8 and R goes under 9.    In the third line.   S goes under 1, T goes under 2, U goes under 3, V goes under 4 W goes under 5, X goes under 6  Y goes under 7 Z goes under 8.

So now we have a,j and s under 1, b,k and t under 2, c, l and u under 3, d,m and v under 4, e, n and w, under 5  ,f,o, and x under 6, g, p and y under 7, h, q and z under 8 and i and r under 9.
If you make yourself up a little chart like this you can work out your name, your partners name, your children's names etc.
When you write down all the numbers connected to your name you can add them to a single digit EG-25 =2+5 = 7.  You can sometimes have a name that adds to 11, 22 or 33.  These are master numbers and are harder to work with in this physical world.   They are written 11/2, 22/4 and 33/6.    Many women find it hard to use the 11 as it is about telling people about new ideas, they prefer to use the 2, that is the mother number.   22 is practical help for humanity.  Many people prefer to only work on practical help for themselves instead of giving their help to humanity.  33 is the highest of the healing numbers we use at this time.  Many people prefer to only work on their own healing.   How you use your numbers is up to you.

Numerology has a very close connection to Astrology.  Many of the words used to describe numbers are also used in describing Astrological signs.    They do not run through in order as I have seen suggested in a book from a person who should know better.
No.1 Strong, wanting to be a leader, dashing into things. A sporty sign for men and women (like Aries)
No 2. The carer/nurturer, often is used by other people as they find it hard to say no.(like Pisces)
No.3 Communicator, traveller, happy soul, don't like to be pinned down.  Need to learn (like Sagittarius)
No.4 Hard worker, dependable, thorough, kind, like stability and planing for the future (like Taurus)
No 5 Fun, change, communicator, likes to be able to go in all directions physically and mentally (like Gemini)
No 6 Counsellor, interior decorator, likes a happy home and family.  Wants to keep things nice.(like Libra)
No 7 Teacher, thinker, creative, alone. sexy. (like Scorpio)

I hope you enjoy working out your name.   There are lots of books on Numerology. You will probably find some different ideas to mine.   I studied with David A Phillips so I use his methods.
My e mail address is   if you get stuck!.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


We have just had a fun day at the Spiritual Church in Newcastle discovering all the things that the body sends out as messages to those who can see them.

The forehead can indicate taking in all the facts or dashing into situations.   The eyes can express emotions, the nose can indicate intelligence, need to be nurtured or poking your nose into other people's business.   The mouth shows softness or hardness or vulnerability, the chin can show aggression or timidity.

The shape of the hand can show a person's abilities and attitudes.   A person could be a water sign ( an emotional sign) and have a hand that shows a Fire personality.   This would create a person who could be soft and caring but able to be in charge of situations as well.    If a person was an air sign (the sign of talking and adapting) and they had an Earth shaped hand they would adapt their talking to practical matters instead of the need to talk about everything.
The lines on the hands can show the interest the person puts into their lives, their emotional needs and emotional set backs.   They can also show how a person uses their mind and if their desired destination in life has arrived or is on its way.

Handwriting is the end result of the way we think.   In many countries applicants for important jobs have to enter their particulars  in writing so that the employer can tell if they are suitable for the particular job.
Handwriting can show it you like people, or are introverted.   Whether you want to do your own thing or need support in your life.    It can indicate whether you like to investigate small details or dash into things without planning.    If you were applying for a job where you would have to be on your own all day and work on small details the handwriting expert would look at how far apart your words were placed and how small your writing was.    If however they were looking for a publicity agent they would look for a person with large forward slanting writing with I dots flying off to the right.
Handwriting can indicate headaches or sore feet or bowel problems etc.    So it is a tool that can look into many areas of a person's abilities.

I have found that there are NEW Chakras working in the body now.    They combine the colours of the established seven chakras that we know about.   This creates 13 chakras in all.    These new chakras can be seen when holding a pendulum over the body up higher than usual.   They are not active in everybody as they are to do with accepting the new Aquarian Age attitudes of tolerance and accepting other people's needs.
I have found that these chakras can be found in a band around the head.    Each one of these chakras sends out a message of the needs of the body.   The activity of the pendulum near these chakras can indicate an interest or dis interest in the qualities of each chakra.

We also worked on other areas to see what the body can tell us.
It was a good day that involved happy and interested women.
The more we  learn about what the body shows the more understanding and tolerant we can be.               This is the message of the new layer of the Aura ( the Orange layer) that is connected to the Sacral Chakra, the chakra of relationships.    It is now time to look beyond all the shoulds that have ruled our lives and look at the needs of the others.

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Anytime the word stress is mentioned on TV the comment is always "Well, everybody gets stressed"
No they don't.   My grandmother had double the amount of stress because my grandfather refused to get stressed about anything!.
I see stress as a situation that you feel you cannot do anything about, or cannot handle.   Things that you CAN do something about are not nearly as stressful.
My son used to always say to me "Mum when you worry nothing happens, but when you are concerned about it things seem to sort themselves out"   Concerned is a word that carries the feeling of working out what to do in the situation.   Worry of course does not do anything but give you a headache and, depending on which Chakra you are sending out your worries through, you will probably develop an ailment of some sort in that area.
When you worry about things connected with using your will power or having someone putting their will power on you, then you will be sending out negative energies through your Solar Plexus area.   This will affect your stomach, digestive system, liver, and all the organs in that area.   Any time you get a rash from 'stress' your will power will be involved.
When you worry about your relationships you will be sending out negative energies through your Sacral Chakra and will develop problems in your sexual organs, tummy troubles, period pains, and can even end up with a hysterectomy if you stress enough.
I am no stranger to stress, 24 years in a difficult marriage, four children, no money, no family nearby, no car, no phone etc.   Over the years I have had stress over the children's problems and of course financial worries.
One of the things that helped me when I was working for a very demanding boss ( who would expect me to be able to do things I had never heard of) was to keep a book and pen by my bedside.   Usually I would wake up about four in the morning with the solution in my head.   I would write it down and go happily back to sleep.   I did not know then that I have this great group of guides giving me guidance, but I was very grateful for the information.
Another trick I learned was to visualize myself outside my body and look at myself as a stranger.  I would say "what can I do to help this nice lady?"  The answer would come as I had detached myself from the problem.
Because I worked all week at David Jones in the furniture department I taught myself to live in 'sections'    While I was at home I was mother to my husband and four children.   When I left for work each day I closed the door and became the sales person.   When I left for the day and went home I closed the door on the sales lady and became mother again.   My husband was in the Masonic Lodge in a high position so we had to go to many balls of an evening.   Again, I closed the door on the home and mingled with my husbands friends for the night.
I had learned to live in the moment.   There was nothing I could do about problems at work or sorting out the children's problems when I was not there.   When I returned to those places I worked at fixing any problems that had arisen.     We are taught that worrying about things that we cannot solve indicates that we are a  caring person.   All it does is interfere with the current situation that you are involved with.
BUT...the most important thing I have found to counteract stress is my Spiritual life.   I am involved with lovely people who are kind and supportive.   I know I am surrounded by guides and Angels who are taking care of me.    I know that even if something happens that seems bad there is a reason for it and I will learn something from it.   As well as the fact that there are always good events connected to it either for myself or for my family and friends.
We need to always realize that WE choose this life, these parents and these lessons.   I strongly believe that each life is to help us grow by giving us several lessons to learn.   Once we see life as learning lessons it is so much easier.
I have written a book called Signposts (to Destiny) that is a record of signs I have seen throughout my life that have led me to move in a new direction.   If we recognise that we have guides that move us into different situations and show us new ideas we need to be brave enough to 'have a go'.   I have found that by watching for these signs I have been led into new areas of life that I would not have thought of myself.
If we allow ourselves to be guided into our own life path and do not try to force life to be or do what we think we want or should do then there is no stress only satisfaction of following our life path.
My love of Astrology and Numerology is another wonderful support as I see the Planets moving and giving me so many opportunities to grow as the person I came here to be.   Astrology is all about realizing that WE are all individuals and have our own path to follow.   We cannot be like others or walk their path.  We can only learn our own lessons and realize that all the other people in our lives are learning theirs.   We can only send them love and support and accept the love and support from them.
This type of lifestyle is a great help in keeping stress out of our lives and allowing our bodies to be healthy and happy.

Monday, 21 July 2014


I have just finished my new book, Relationships,    An Astrological Guide to Relationships with Children, Partners and Parents.    Someone mentioned the attachment we have to the various people in our life and it reminded me that the word attachment means just that.....  We often do not realize that when we use a word that is is actually what is happening.
Many years ago I met an Indian Shaman who told me that he saw an oval around people (their aura) and strands of energy streaming from their Solar Plexus ( I thought we must look like a squid to them).   These energy strands go out from each person and 'pick up' feelings from others in the room.   When we feel threatened we often cross our arms across that area to protect ourselves.    Usually, when we walk into a room we can feel comfortable with some people and uncomfortable with others without even meeting them.

When we 'attach' ourselves to others we actually attach one of these energy strands to them.    This attachment can last all of our lives or it can be lightly applied and be removed in a very short time.  When someone has a strong attachment to another and that attachment is torn away from them it actually leaves a hole in the Aura.   The pain is great, and it can actually feel as if you had a hole in you.
One of the best things to do when you have had an attachment torn out of you is to have a Chakra Balance so that the Aura can be mended and the heart begin to heal.   I usually do my Chakra Balances with my Crystal Pendulum, but there are many different ways and many different healers.
The main thing to recognize is that you DO have a hole in your Aura and that can allow your energy to flow away, making it harder to recover from your situation.

One of the first rules in healing is not to take over the person's problems and keep yourself non attached so that you can be of help to them without allowing yourself to become 'attached' to their problems.

When we are attached to someone we can send them messages through these energy streams.   How often do you and a loved one pick up the phone together, finish each other' sentences, buy the same clothes or food.?   It is hard to know which one sends the message first, but it is a beautiful telephone line.
Sometimes we have unrequited love, where the love is sent out consistently along these lines but is not picked up by the person we love.    This is hard and eventually we have to 'detach' our end and find ways to heal our Aura so that we do not become bitter because we could not make an attachment.    Each person has the right to choose to do this or not to do this. We should not try to force these connections on to another as we all have our path to follow in this life and we must do it to the best of our ability.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


At the moment we were born all the Planets were in a particular spot in the heavens.   An Astrological Chart that can show where these Planets are can give you guidance to the things you have chosen to accomplish this lifetime and the type of personality and abilities you will have.
Most people think that the challenges that they face are only connected with their life and their problems.   But, from the time we start our journey in this lifetime our Planets and Numerology follow the same program as every other person on the planet.   Our different personalities enable us to work with the way the Planets are affecting us.

Until a child is two years old their life is connected with their carers.   They do not identify their own personality until the Planet Mars returns to the position it was in when they were born.  Mars is the Planet in Astrology that indicates your drive and ambition for the things that are important to you.  So...when Mars returns for the first time we begin to get 'the terrible two's' syndrome.    Suddenly your sweet little child is shouting NO!  MINE!  etc.    This is the beginning of each person becoming their own self.
Each seven years we go through a development stage that is preparing us for life's experiences.    Until a child is seven years old they are still connected with spiritual energies and invisible friends  The next seven years is the beginning of learning the skills, education and sports that they may want to use later in life.  During that time about the age of ten or ten and a half the Planet Uranus creates a difficult aspect that creates in the child a need for independence and questioning authority.  A co-operative child can become quite difficult as they seek to become an independent person.   The Planet Chiron, known as the wounded healer or Rainbow Bridge relates to an inner wound that we carry from our past lives.  At twelve, or twelve and a half a child will be affected by this feeling of woundedness and could create worries in their mind that they and their parents do not understand.     At fourteen and a half to fifteen years their Sun sign and the Planet Saturn are in opposition to where they were placed at birth.   This creates a need to push for people to appreciate them as a person and to appreciate what they are doing and what abilities they have.   This is the beginning of the next time of fourteen to twenty one years, the years when they are developing their woman-hood or manhood and sexuality.                                                                                            

Twenty one to twenty eight are the years leading to developing their adult personality in order to move into the next stage of life that commences at 28.  ( In Numerology the number connected with this stage of life is governed by the number of the day you were born eg, 21st/= Number 3.   14th =Number 5)   This number governs your personality for the next 28 yrs. until you are 56   The number governing your life from 1 to 28 is the month you were born eg July = 7   March = 3.   The number governing your personality from 56 onwards is the year you were born eg 1965 =21/3 or 1940=14/5  This last cycle from 56 on gives you a chance to give back the knowledge you have gained over your lifetime.   It is a time to express your own personality and to help others through what you have learned.

At 29 the Planet Saturn returns to its original place in your chart.   This is known as Saturn return, and represents a time for us to get over our childish ways and start to take on adult responsibilities.   At the age of 38 to 39 the Planet Pluto makes a difficult aspect that creates a need in us to let go of the need for the physical/material things in our life and begin to appreciate our spiritual nature.   At 42 the Planet Uranus returns to an opposite position to its birth place and encourages us to really think for ourselves and accept our own personality and abilities.    At 50 to 51 years the Planet Chiron pushes us to accept our inner wounds and become the 'Rainbow Bridge' that can help others through the understanding of our problems so that we can help them.
At 58 the Planet Saturn again returns.  If selfish or unkind patterns are still in the personality by now the body (that is held together by Saturn /( skin, teeth, bones, hair) will have problems.
The last major Planetary influence we have is the Planet Uranus arriving back at the place where it began at the age of 84.  Uranus is the Planet ruling all New Age activities and acceptance.   From 84 years on you can  totally be yourself and accept your own unique personality.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


CHANGE world wide and personal is happening to all of us.
Last night I was watching a TV show called The Voice.   A male contestant who said that he was 56 years old was telling them that he now felt the need to change his lifestyle.   Kylie Minoge, who was one of the judges told him that she had a great career overseas and last year she had an 'epifini' about time to change.  so she came back to Australia and was now working on this show.
My sister recently suffered a heart attack (from stress).  She had worked on Craft stalls for many years and was always busty creating new articles.   Last year she started stressing as many of the venues for stall holders were being closed down.  People were not buying hand crafted articles anymore.   She has four friends that have worked on stalls and created their own crafts who all became ill as well and could not continue to work.   So they were all being forced to change their lifestyle.   These ladies and my sister now are looking towards finding new interests (most of them in their 70's).    My sister is now starting to go to a meditation group and a Cardio class for exersise.
Think about your own life, and the lives of your family and friends.   How many of you are going through changes that you never thought could happen?.

Now in 2014 a Grand Cross in Astrology is a joining up of four 'square' aspects.   A square is a 90 degree aspect (joining) between two signs.  Because signs that are 90 degrees apart have the same 'action' but do it in a different manner there is always conflict and a need for resolution.    The Astrological signs that are are classed as Action signs are (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)   Those signs need action in various ways.  Mutable signs are (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces)  These signs need to communicate in their own way.  The Fixed signs are (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) These signs have 'fixed' ideas as to how things should be.
The Grand Cross (joining four of these square aspects to form a square) is touching on the four Action  sign houses in the chart (creating a need for action for all) and the planets travelling through those signs are affecting all humanity.  The Planet Uranus, that is connected to the Aquarian Age we are now entering is in Aries/the sign of action.  The Planet Jupiter, that is connected with travel, knowledge and optimism is in Cancer, the sign of home and families (particularly Mother)  The sign of Mars, (energy, and fighting) is now in the peaceful sign of Libra (peace and partnership).   The sign of Pluto (power, renewal, underground) is now in the sign of Capricorn (business, father, responsibility)
Uranus in Aries relates to pioneering new Aquarian Age attitudes.  Jupiter in Cancer indicates a need to move away from old close ideas in nurturing and have more independent ideas.   Mars in Libra, is a need to stand up and fight for partnership rights.   Pluto in Capricorn is about going underground (Pluto) to bring out underground happenings in business and controlled groups.

Whenever there is a square aspect in a chart there is a need to work on the energies of the signs and to let go of old habits in order to grow spiritually.    It is very rarely that these square aspects join up in a chart and create a square.   What then happens is that the stress that is being worked on in one square aspect is connected to the next and the next, so that each one causes more involved stress.   It can have a whirl wind affect that pushes you to change and move on.   This is an extremely strong aspect and its affects can be seen not only in our own lives but in the dramas that we know are happening all over the world.
We have also recently had two eclipses that have worked with this Grand Cross in order to move humanity forward.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


I attended Enmore Spiritualist Church for many years.  At several of our meetings different mediums told me that by the end of October I would have a change of direction in my life and never do the same things again.   As I had worked and taught at the Interior Decorating Center in Sydney for many years and had just completed new Courses for our students I could not take them seriously.                                                       My boss had always been difficult and had recently been diagnosed with  Bi Polar disease.   He wanted me to spend more time at work, but as I was working there most days and nights I said no.     He became enraged at this and threw out (and down the stairs) a new employee I introduced him to.  When I followed him to try to stop him he slammed the front door and I was locked out.   BIG signpost!!!    I went to the home of our business manager that was close by, got the front door key, took my handbag and left.!!   That was on 11th November, and as I was driving in to work that morning I thought to myself, "Well, nothing has changed"   But of course it had.  And my life was totally different from then on.      Looking back I can see  the work of my Guides pushing me out to do other things.  
I had been told by a Numerologist that I should work for myself, but up till now had always worked for others.   It seemed a strange concept......what could I do?
I wrote down all my skills,  I could teach, I could do Astrology, I could do Graphology (the study of handwriting) I had studied Colour Psychology, and Colour Healing, and Crystal Healing.      
I put them all together and rented a room in Pitt St. Sydney and started my own School of Life Path Studies.
I wanted to learn more about Aura Soma (an English based Colour healing method) and so I took a course at Nature Care, Sydney as they had an English woman who was going to teach that subject.
This lady left after several weeks and we were without a teacher.   I had organised a Colour Healing weekend at Picton and some of the class students attended.    At the end of the weekend they said to me "why don't you apply to teach Colour at Nature Care?  We learned more from you over the weekend than all the classes with the lady from England.    I had not thought to do that as all my learning was not connected with obtaining certificates or diplomas.    However I did go and see the Director of Nature Care and he said that I was welcome to start.   I taught there for nine years and created a 12 week class and then a Diploma Course.   I did have several months away in the UK during that time.   While I was there I was introduced to the Secretary of the Colour Therapy Association of the UK.   She asked me to be their representative in Australia.  I thought Australia was a bit too much but said I would do New South Wales.
That gave me the incentive to start my Academy of Colour and  eventually to have Colour Festivals each year for six years.
I love all the work that I do and constantly thank my Guides and Angels for the help and direction they have shown me over the years.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


Before we come back to this School of Earth we make arrangements with our Guides and Angels about the things we wish to achieve in this life and the improvements we wish to make in our eternal Soul.
When we arrive here we often fall into the trap of thinking that WE are organizing our lives and not appreciating all the help and direction our Guides give us.
It is their job to steer us into the situations we need in order to do the jobs we have come to do and to help us to grow through interaction with others.
Once we really understand that they are with us at all times and try to see just what they are guiding us into life becomes much more peaceful as we are not struggling and pushing to do the things that we think we SHOULD do.
Some of the things they push us into seem strange to those around us.   But I have always found that if you watch for the signposts in life and accept that you are being helped many new and wonderful opportunities are opened up for you.
My guidance started early.  I did not know it was guidance then.  I just thought (like an Aussie) that I would 'give it a go'.
At one of my earliest jobs selling fabrics, one of my workmates asked me to come along and visit the Cub Pack she was running at Arncliffe (a nearby suburb).   I went with her for a few weeks and then she told me that she was getting married and could not run the Pack any more and would I be interested in taking them over. She said that they would have to close if no one did..  I was only 17 and you were not allowed to work with the kids until you were 18.  However I said that I would "give it a go".  This gave me skills in organizing and teaching, it was also where I met my husband to be who was also a Cubmaster.             When I was married I needed another interest.   A friend told me about the local Art Society and soon became the organizer of their exhibitions as no one else wanted the job..  This knowledge of Art and Colours was a great help to me later in life when I started my Academy of Colour  Organizing exhibitions gave me an understanding of contacting newspapers and advertising that I would need when I started my School of Life Path Studies.
While I was married I worked at David Jones in the furniture department.  My boss was a young man who saw I needed to stretch my mind.  He suggested a Handwriting Course in Sydney might interest me.  I asked the manager and was allowed to go each Thursday evening.   The teacher was John Adams, who was also an Astrologer.   After studying Handwriting (which I still use today) for a few years Mr. Adams said that anyone who was interested could stay after class and learn Astrology.   That sounded interesting so I stayed and studied with him for another four years.
My marriage broke up at the time that my young boss was starting an Interior Decorating School in Sydney.  He asked me to come and work for him as I had knowledge of furniture, carpets, curtains, colours .and decorating.    I was supposed to be a rep. for his business but he soon decided that I should go out and teach the ladies in the suburbs about Interior Decorating.    I protested but was given notes for the classes and told to get going.   I did, and ended up (after seven years) being the Principal of the School  and writing new Courses for Australia and Asia.
I had lived by myself in Sydney but when my step father became ill I went to live with my mother in Kogarah to give her the help she needed.
I lived with my mother for ten years and she was in reasonable health.   I had joined a group called Spiritual Venturers run by Edmund Harold who taught us Crystal Healing and Colour Healing.   We had weekly meditations.  One week I found myself sitting on the edge of a cliff.  Two Angels told me to lean over until I fell.  A little way down they spread out their wings and caught me and said "You are going to be all right"   The next week they let me fall a little further, almost to the jagged rocks below.  They once more caught me in their wings and said "you are going to be all right"   The next week they told me that I was starting to grow wings, and I found that I had little rainbow wings.  They took my hand and we flew around.   The next week they told me that I could fly by myself now and I saw that I had grown large white wings.
The following week Sai Baba appeared, took me by the hand and led me to the cliff face.  He said "you are on your own now".   I did not know what that meant but the next week my mother died and I realized that I was truly on my own.   But I had been kindly prepared and knew things would be all right.
That was the beginning of starting my own School of Life Path Studies and many other wonderful Signposts.

Sunday, 16 February 2014




CHANGE is something many people are frightened of.   However, we live with it all our lives and when we can accept change and appreciate it's benefits we do not have the affects on our personality that striving to always control our lives and trying to keep things exactly as they always have been.

Could you have stopped your body from growing from a baby, to a child, to a teenager to an adult to mature person?  No.  your body was in the right shape and size to cope with the jobs it had to do for it's growth.  You could not control it.
Can you imagine as a baby or a little child being able to go to work and cope with the pressures associated with that.   You have had years of experience and changes in your life by then to be able to cope.   If you do not cope perhaps you are wishing that you were still that little baby or child so that someone else could take the responsibility that is expected of you at this time of your life.

Apart from personal change we are now living in a time of HUGE CHANGE.   We have left behind the Piscean Age of sacrifice and are entering the Aquarian Age of tolerance and  acceptance .    Many old attitudes and acceptance of things that we knew were wrong  but were used to them are now being swept away by the new energy of personal beliefs and confidence in our own opinions.

Our Numerology also has changed.  Babies are now being born without 1 or 9 in their birth date.
1 has always represented me, I, what I want.  9 has always represented accepted principles.
The number 2 that all babies have now relates to support and mothering.

Also supporting the New Age Principles of caring and supporting others is the fact that we are now developing a NEW set of Chakras.   These Chakras sit in the second layer of our Aura, the Orange layer that is connected with Relationships.  Instead of the Chakras we are used to, that are in the first Red layer around our body, these Chakras relate to working with others, using tolerance and acceptance instead of us thinking that we SHOULD do all the things that our current Chakras expect of us.
They are Red/Orange, Orange/Yellow (gold) Yellow/Green, Green/Blue (turquoise) and Blue/Violet (pink violet)
One of my students pointed out to me recently that ALL of these colours are currently in the clothing shops so that we can start wearing the new colours and feel their affect.

Astrologically Planets move all the time, so from the time you are born the Planets have moved all your life giving you new opportunities to do the things your Astrology Chart shows that you have come to do.   It is always great to see a current, progressed chart and observe how planets have moved into different signs and sections of your Chart, showing you your current possibilities and confirmation of how you have changed and improved your personality.
It takes 30 years for the Sun to move into the next sign, so if you are over 30 you are not being influenced by your Birth sign.   Depending on how many days you are into your Sign will depend on when it moves into the next one.   Most Signs start on 21st or 22nd of each month.   So if you were 10 days into your Sign you would be 20 when you moved into the next one.   If you were 15 days into your Sign your would be 15 when the Sun moved into the next one.
All the other Planets move too.  Not only their Sign but their placement in your Chart.
We all come to 'The School of Earth' to learn our next set of lessons.

The major significator of that change is in the form of the North and South Nodes of the Moon.
These are in EVERYBODY'S Chart, so there is no getting away from them
The South Node indicates the attitudes you have built into your personality over many lifetimes.  These are habits and emotions that you feel comfortable with.    You have come here this lifetime to improve these attitudes and gain growth and wisdom.
The North Node is EXACTLY the opposite of what you have brought with you.  It is there to show you what you have come to learn.  
This is not easy.   Don't think that others have an easier time than you.  We all have them, and we all have things to learn.


Try not to control your life.  Look for the Signposts along the way, showing you the way to go; and be grateful for the Guiding Angels that are always there to move you into new situations where you can CHANGE and GROW.

Once you realize that YOU chose this life to improve your immortal Soul and that EVERY situation, good or bad in your life is in order to CHANGE old attitudes and beliefs so that you might become the best person you can be in this lifetime, life becomes beautiful.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


In order to allow himself/herself to learn lessons in the great School of Life mankind has 'tuned in' to the rhythm of the planets and the order of numbers to mark off periods in their life which gives them 'time' to become adjusted to the new direction and lessons they have come to work on in their current incarnation.

Our minds and bodies respond to the magical numbers of 3, 7, 9 and 12 in order to accept the changes that are presented to us during our lifetimes.
We are gradually 'toughened' and 'prepared' each 7 years of our lifetime, commencing from the first detachment from our previous lives.  This occurs at the age of 7 when the first 'layer' of earthly 'physical' energy cuts off our 'invisible' friends and our natural understanding of the other world in which we have dwelt.
At 14 we are once more enveloped in earth's physical energies as we are prepared to concentrate most of our energies on our physical growth and development.   In native cultures this is the beginning of manhood.
At 21 we are moved into taking on the responsibility of earning a living and developing our skills.
At 28 we are  considered to be 'hardened' enough to cope with the earth's density and take on responsibilities such as a career and family.

Every 9 years we complete a personal cycle of yin and yang (male and female) when we can have alternating (personal) years of creating, followed by accepting and working with that creativity in the following year until the 9th year of each cycle.     In this year we need to 'tidy up' things left to do to complete the cycle so as to be able to start off afresh on the next personal 1 year.  This 1 year is often confusing as we have to make some decisions as to our direction for the next 9 years.
The odd years 1,3, 5, 7 and 9 are creative years.  The even numbers 2,4,6, and 8 are the years in which we have to work with the energy created in the odd numbered years
To find our own personal year we need to add together the day of birth number, the month of birth and the number of the current year.  e.g.   14/6/2014  = 14(5) + 6 + 2014(7)   5 + 6 + 7 = 18   1 +8 = 9  This will be a 9 personal year to conclude a cycle.                                                                                                      3/11/ 2014 =.  3 + 11(2) + 2014(7)   3 + 2 + 7 = 12(3)         This will be a 3 year (a good number for creating, communicating and traveling)
The number will affect you all the year but I have noticed over my 40 years of doing Astrology/Numerology charts that the next number to the one you are in will start to work in with the current number from your Birthday.  This will bring slight changes.

An overall picture of our responses to life is mirrored in three major 'cycles' which relate to the day, month and year which we chose to incarnate in this lifetime.    Each of these cycles are 28 years apart.   The first witch relates to the Month that you are born encompasses our 7 year learning periods, our adjusting and adapting time.  At the end of this we are considered 'ready' for life's responsibilities.  At this time Saturn ( the Planet of responsibility) is returning to it's original  position in a person's Astrological Chart.  When Saturn 'returns' at approximately 29 years he is also demanding that we let go of foolish or childish attitudes and behaviors and take on life's lessons and developments.     The second cycle which relates to the number of the Day we were born is from 28 to 56 years is about becoming a parent, the worker the 'breadwinner' etc.
The third Cycle is from 56 years on ( it  relates to the number of the Year of your life) and it indicates a time when all of the knowledge and abilities you have gained during the last 56 years can be used in helping others and giving back to society.
This last cycle is effective for the rest of your life.  Seven and nine year cycles still keep working but they do not influence your life as much as the three main cycles.