SHIRLEY DARBY  Dip/Astrology, Dip/Colour Therapy, MCTA.UK, MCTA.Aust.

Shirley is the Founder/Principal of the School of Life Path Studies where she has taught Astrology, Numerology and Graphology  in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast over the past twenty years.
Shirley is also the Founder/Principal of The Academy of Colour where she has taught all aspects of Colour in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. 
She also taught Colour Therapy at Nature Care College in Sydney for nine years.  She studied Colour and Crystal healing with Edmund Harold (the author of many books on crystals) for four years
Shirley also was the Principal of a School of Interior Decorating in Sydney for eight years.
She is a published author of two books and has also self-published four books.
Shirley is in demand as a speaker and medium at Spiritualist Churches where she has been involved for over thirty years.
She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to her family of four children, 11 grand children and 7 great-grandchildren as well as the many students she has mothered over the years.

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