Saturday, 28 February 2015



My first  platform  this year is on 22nd January at the Spiritualist Church cnr. Swan and Queen Sts. Newcastle.
This starts at 3pm to 5pm

My next platform will be at the Entrance Spiritualist group, 204 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty. on Sunday 29th January from 2pm to 4.30pm.        

.The next platform will be at the Entrance Spiritualist Group 204 The Entrance Rd. Long Jetty.            from 2pm to 4.30pm.  on Sunday 21st May.

.The next platform will be at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church, cnr. Swan and Queen sts on Sunday  23rd July from 3pm to 4.30pm.

The next platform will be at the Entrance Spiritual Group, 204  The Entrance Rd. Long Jetty on Sunday 24th Sept;ember.  from 2pm to 4.30pm.

The next platform will be at Newcastle Spiritualist Church, cnr Swan and Queen Sts. Newcastle. on Sunday 22nd October from 2pm to 4.30pm

 I am always available for Astrology/Numerology Charts.  For that I need your name, plus full Birth name, place of birth, time of birth (if known)   If not I can 'douse' the time for you with my pendulum.  I also need to know where you live now in order to add a progressed chart with your other information showing you where your planets have moved to now in order to give you the support you need to accomplish your current direction.
You can arrange a time to see me at Mayfield West (takes about one to one and a half hours to talk to you about your Astrology and Numerology)   or I can send it to you with a cassette recording or USB stick. When people come to see me to have their Chart  reading they usually use their Mobile or tablet to tape the session
The cost is $100.00.   I have kept it at this price for many years even though it should be dearer.              This is so that whoever needs this information can afford to see me.


COST  $50.00 PER HR.   Phone (02) 40238406
Address 4/315 Maitland Rd. Mayfield West 2304.   (FOR APPOINTMENTS)

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Recently I read a book by by a world famous American medium called James Van Praagh in which he states "Death doesn't hurt!
He was quoting dozens of people who had passed over and they all said that they did not remember the moment of actually dying.   Some of the things they told him were "I remember standing in the bathroom and the next thing I was here".  Others have said " I remember a car coming towards me and then I was here".    He says that none of them remember any pain connected with their death, only the peace and love they were suddenly enveloped in.
I have been telling my students for years that YOU CAN ONLY FEEL PAIN WHEN THE SOUL INHABITS THE BODY!   If the Soul sees a car heading for you when you are driving and there is no hope of getting out of the way the Soul jumps out of the body.   How many people have reported that after an accident they did not feel any pain for several hours, often they had broken limbs but did not feel them till later in the day WHEN THE SOUL RETURNED INTO THE BODY.  THEN!! you can feel pain.
One of my recent Blogs was about Body and Soul.   It is important for us to remember that we are SOULS inhabiting the vehicle we created to travel through this lifetime.  The body can feel pain but the Soul cannot.

This is what happens when we have an operation.  The doctors push the Soul energy out of the body so that it does not feel pain.   Quite often it takes a while for the Soul to re enter the body and for that time you do not feel pain.

I have been involved with Spiritual Churches for over 30 years and never once have I heard a medium report when talking to a person who has passed over anything about the pain of passing.

So, leaving the body is painless, but entering the body at birth is painful.                                                         When the time comes for us to re enter the world we have to leave our warm liquid world that we have lived in for many months and make a painful journey down a tight passage.   At the end of this journey we are propelled or pulled into a place of light and noise.   Our new bodies are poked and prodded and then, if we have not cried yet to show our stress we are smacked!.  And so our life in our new body begins and we start to learn our new lessons with our new parents and siblings once more.

As we travel through this new life it is important to remember that WE can care for or damage this body.
The physical vehicle (the body) is always affected by the Soul's needs.   The Chakra system that is connected with all areas of the body starts in the head and continues down the spine to connect with the seven major Chakras.   These Chakras then open out towards the front of the body and interact with the organs in that section of the body.
The Soul feeds its needs and emotions into the brain and the brain then sends messages to the appropriate Chakra.   When we work with our Soul's energies and try to be loving, helpful and useful beings the Soul can send calm energies to the appropriate Chakra, keeping that part of the body in good health.
When we send messages of stress, and anger through the brain and down the spine it will send that feeling  to the appropriate Chakra that can cause disturbances to the organs of that section of the body.
If we feel that we cannot express our words or needs the message will be sent to the Throat (Blue) Chakra and we can have problems in that area.  How many of us get sore throats, tight shoulders etc. when we cannot express our needs.
The area that is often affected in women is the Sacral area (just below the belly button).  This is the area most affected when we have all types of relationship problems.

So in order to keep our vehicle (the body) in good condition it is important to work with the Soul's need for love and caring for others. (as well as ourself).

It is good to know that when the time comes for our Soul to return home and break it's connection with its physical vehicle that has carried it through this lifetime the we can return in peace for a rest before continuing on our quest to be the best person (soul) that we can be.