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How wonderful it would be if we could all see the colours surrounding each one of us.  Some of my lucky friends can.  It would be helpful to see what colour our family and friends are sending out as it would help to understand them more.
One of the ways we can see the colours that people are sending out to us as expressions of their emotions and attitudes is to look at what colour they constantly wear or what colour they love.   This is a connection to the chakra that they are most involved with.   Wearing the colour helps to 'refill' the chakra that is being used just like refilling a bottle.
If a person constantly wears Red, they are expressing the needs of the Root Chakra.  It is a physical, leadership colour.  They are saying that they need to be in charge and the Red colour is filling up the Root Chakra as the colour is being used.
Wearing Orange constantly is rare.  This is a colour of relationships and people are often uncomfortable in expressing this need.   But if you do know someone who wears this colour all the time you will find that they love to be with people.  The stronger the orange the stronger the need for social interaction.
Not too many people wear Yellow all the time.  People usually wear it occasionally, when they feel happy and wanting to communicate  with others.  Yellow expresses the need to communicate and there is a need to have friends or family who will want to be involved in this communication.
Green.  As Green is a combination of Blue and Yellow it depends on the type of Green a person loves and wears.   (This also shows the type of skin colour they have.  Yellow based skin can wear, and like a Yellow/Green (lime green) and Blue based skin would love and wear Blue/Green (turquoise)                           Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra and as Yellow is a communicator, Yellow Green is indicating a more  communicating or intellectual approach to love.    Blue is the colour of  self expression and the need to help others so Blue/Greens are more connected with expressing the emotions of the heart and understanding the emotional needs of others.
Blue is the colour of Self expression and the need to help others.  So, when a person continually wears Blue you can be sure that they will want to support and help others.   This is the colour of the Throat Chakra so if a person spends all of their time supporting others their Throat Chakra does not get its own fulfillment by expressing their own needs.  This leads to the Throat Chakra area (Throat, neck, and shoulders) becoming tight and tense.
Indigo (third eye chakra) is not often worn.  The few people that do wear it are usually withdrawn and looking within.  They are usually psychic.   Purple is more often worn as a colour close to this.  Purple is often thought of as a psychic colour, but it is more a colour of power and control.  A wonderful colour to wear when you need to be in charge and feel confident in yourself.
Violet, Crown Chakra.  is the 'watered down' version of Purple.  It is more intuitive and psychic as it is full of white light.  People who wear Violet often are usually intuitive, artistic and kind.   As this Chakra gives out a lot it needs a lot of Violet to fill it .  So amythest crystals also help to fill it up.

Because it is often hard to display our emotions in the form of colour or it is not suitable for our lifestyle, such as a busy office, people will wear Black.   This will 'cover up' the colours of the body and allow the person to present themselves in the way that is expected of them in their situation.  Wearing Black can often stop other peoples Chakras draining yours.   Wearing White will allow others Chakras to drain your own unless you protect your Aura.   I use a  Pyramid of White light and that is very efficient.  Other people have their own way of protection their Auras.
When you wear White all of your Chakras are exposed and you are showing yourself as an open person. This is good if you keep your Aura protected and will allow you to express the person you wish to be.

Our Auras change constantly, depending on our current emotional attitudes so an Aura that is mostly Blue can have flashes of Red in it if the person is suddenly angry.  So they may wish to wear a Red scarf with their Blue outfit.
Green in Auras that have a 'murky' appearance can indicate that the person is jealous or is feeling that they work had and do not get appreciated for their hard work.   They can then tend to wear a Green that has a 'brownish' tinge in it.
The type of Red in the Aura can indicate  the condition of the blood.    Wearing bright/strong Red a lot means that the person is usually in good health.   There will also be bright Red in the Aura.
Dark Red (Marone or Plumb) worn constantly can indicate a problem with the blood, probably thicker than it should be.  That colour will be in the Aura and it is a good idea to get the blood checked if dark or 'murky' Red is constantly worn.

We are working with all our Chakras all the time so flashes of other colours are usually seen in the Aura.      From time to time people will change their favorite colour when their needs change

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