Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Worry is something that we all seem to do.
What is Worry?  It is something that goes around and around in your head with no answers.  it is usually something that you feel you do not know how to handle or something that you cannot do anything about.
My son Mark commented to me one day "Mum, I have noticed that if you worry nothing seems to happen but if you are CONCERNED about something it is usually sorted out"   This led me to thinking "What is the difference?"  
Worry has no end.    CONCERN however means that we are working on a solution for the problem we are faced with.  This is like sending out your needs to the 'Universal Energies' and then they can get on with helping you.   It is amazing how problems seem to work themselves out when we work on solutions not just stress.   The most important thing we can do is to realize that as Spiritual Beings we are being taken care of by our Guides and Angels.   Trusting them and having PATIENCE !! is the hardest part as we all want to get our problems solved immediately.
For some reason people have  been taught that the person who worries and frets about thing is showing their caring nature.   What it does do is take away your joy in life, give you worry lines on your face and often heart  problems of your own, so that you are not in the best shape to help others.
My mother, who never went to Church in her life, was the most beautiful, serene person who handled hard times such as the depression, Dad not being able to get a job, Dad going to war and as a result died of a heart attack before he was 50.  She married  a man who developed Emphysema and had to nurse him through that.  Broke her knee and was not able to get it right again, broke the other leg soon after.  Through all this (as well as taking in my sister and her four children when she had to leave her husband, and myself when I left my husband)  she was always kind, serene and ladylike.   She had a little plaque on the mantel that said
I have that little plaque on my desk now.  It has been broken while moving house but it is now stuck back together (as we must all do) and is sitting in front of me while I work.

WORRY  also affects your CHAKRAS !!
It can affect your Crown Chakra so that you cannot receive messages from your Guides and Angels.
It can affect your Third Eye Chakra so that it cannot pick up the visions that flow into it.
It can affect your Throat Chakra if you are always talking and stressing on the worry instead of talking about how to fix it.
It can affect your Heart Chakra by blocking energies from flowing through the Heart.
It can affect your Solar Plexus Chakra so that you cannot 'pick up' information from others and feel that you are not able to express your own will power.
It can affect your Sacral Chakra by making you feel that you are not doing the right thing by your loved ones.
It can affect your Root Chakra by lowering your physical energy and making it harder to be in control.

So, next time you begin to worry, stop for a while, tune in to your Angelic Help.   Try to 'switch off' and realize that whatever you are worrying about is there for a reason.  Often there is nothing you can do about it BUT YOUR GUIDES AND ANGELS CAN!!    The results may not be just what you want but often you will find on looking back at worrying times there was a reason for the situation and many other situations came about because of it.

Monday, 23 November 2015


The greatest  Gift we can receive it the knowledge that we are Spiritual Souls attending the School of Life in order to learn the lessons we have chosen for this lifetime.
We have created a vehicle (called a body) that we travel in.   When life's journey is complete the vehicle wears out and allows us to return 'home'.
Sometimes the vehicle is broken or attacked by illness and this lifetime's journey is completed.
However, once we understand that we have many journeys to this planet (and sometime others) in order to learn the thing we want to know, or learn how to do the things we want to do, then being able to leave is much easier for us than to those who think that death is the end of the journey.
Many times I hear people say that they won't come back again, but when we get to the other side and realize how far we still have to go to perfect our Soul we think differently about it.

Many people also do not understand the role that our Guardian Angel (or Angels) play in our lives.               We are all assigned a Guardian Angel to help us though life.   This Angel has our life plan and knows what to do to arrange for us to meed certain people and to be in certain situations so that we can carry our the work and learning we decided on before we left our Heavenly Home.
During our lifetime we walk on many paths and often have different jobs to do.   When we need special guidance or special knowledge to help us to fulfill our tasks special Angels or Guides are assigned to us to help us to achieve our goal.
Once we really understand and believe that these Angels and Guides are working with us we know we can achieve many tasks that we would have thought impossible before.                                                               Often we learn because of difficulties we have to work with.   Think back to troublesome situations in your life and look at all the things you have learned and often people you have met  because of that situation.

Years ago people were learning about their Sub Conscious.   We learned that our Sub Conscious does not think for itself, it only does what the conscious mind tell it.   So we began to realize that what you say is taken literally by the Sub Conscious mind and it tries hard to please you by making it happen.                                 I have learned not to say 'give me a break' because friends of mine who often used that phrase often ended up with broken legs.   Affirmations became popular because of this understanding and many people thought that all they had to do was say affirmations over and over and what they wanted to happen, would happen.  Depending on the sincerity of the affirmation sometimes what they wanted did happen.

In recent years people have been talking abut the Universal Energy (which is like the Universal Sub Conscious)    People have been finding that if there was something that they were needing they only had to   ' 'put it out there' and leave it to the Universe (instead of fretting and fuming) many times their need was fulfilled (not usually in the way they expected)
I can vouch for this as I have had my needs filled over and over again just by letting the Universe know what I needed and it has been delivered to me.   Usually in a way that I had never thought of.

We are not talking about winning the Lottery or gaining huge amounts of money.   The things that are most important to our happy life are often simple things.   And they are usually delivered in an unusual manner.

Before we came back we worked out our 'Plan' for this lifetime and our 'soul' partners agreed to work along with us in order for us to learn the particular things we wanted to learn to help our Soul grow to its full potential.   Once we understand this,(even though things are often difficult for us,) we can know we are working on our life's plan.   So we can do our best and relax our stress because we know that once our job is finished we can return 'Home" for a rest before setting out again.

Friday, 16 October 2015


Each one of us is an individual soul, but we all go through our lives connected to the Universal Clock.        

From the moment we are born all the Planets and Numbers in our lives move forward.   It does not matter if we were born here or in Iceland our Astrological and Numerology clocks move in their own pattern.
The Planet Mars returns to its original position when we are 2, and continues to do 2 yr cycles around us.
At 2 a child first feels the pull of their need to become an individual and the words me and mine are used. The Planet Jupiter returns every 12 years.  This is the Planet connected with our greatest satisfaction. So every 12 years it reminds us of what we want.
Saturn ( connected with responsibility) returns at 29.  This is known as Saturn return and it pushes us to let go of wrong people and wrong attitudes. It is time to grow up!
It takes 30 years for the Sun to travel through each constellation.    If you were 10 days into your Sun Sign  the Sun would enter the next sign when you were 20 and be there for the next 30 yeas.  When the Sun moves into another sign you will be working with a different energy and not understand why.
30 to 33 years are called the Sun years. This is a time when you are working out your attitudes and capabilities.
38 to 39 the Planet Pluto creates a square (learning) aspect.  Usually 3 time a year.   This is to prompt you to start to realise that your own spiritual beliefs are more important than material matters.
At 42 the Planet Uranus makes 3 aspects (suddenly) in order for us to accept our own ideas and values and to learn to speak our own truths.  (Psychologists term for the years 38 to 42 is Mid Life Crisis)
They say 'life begins and 40' and the years 40 to 45 are classed as the 'power' years in life.
At 50 the Planet Chiron returns.   It commenced its journey from Saturn, through Uranus and Neptune and back to Saturn in order to use the knowledge we have gained in a responsible manner.  It is time to look at the wounds we have carried and let them go.
\At 56 we start on the last Numerology section of our life, governed by the year we were born.  Time to give back what we have learned.
At 58 we have double Saturn return. This is your second chance to let go of all negativity.  If you do not let go of anger, bitterness, criticism etc. now Saturn, which rules everything that holds you together - skin , hair, bones, teeth etc. will not be able to stop your skin, hair, bones, teeth etc from breaking down.
At 84 Uranus has completed its journey.   Time to be your own true self.

Mars returns every 2 years.  (me/mine)
Up to 7 years (Moon period) when emotions rule.  This is a time  -specially between 1 and 5- that children can only FEEL and are not capable of putting into words how they are affected by the treatment they get from their parents and family.  If they are made to feel unworthy at this time they will carry that feeling all of their lives as a feeling...without knowing why they feel that way, and they will accept the idea that they are not worthy of better treatment.
7 to 14  growing bodies and skills.
During this time at ten and a half the Planet Uranus makes an aspect which creates the need for independence and questioning of authority.
At 12 years (Jupiter) there is an expansion of the body or interests
At twelve and a half the Planet Chiron (the Planet that represents our inner wounds) creates an aspect that can result in worrying about things that they do not understand or their personality or appearance.
14 to 21 physical and sexual interests (without the mental understanding of the results of their actions).
At fourteen and a half Saturn creates and aspect connected with responsibility.  A child is torn between their need to do their own thing and how they understand responsibility.
At 21 the Fore Brain kicks in.   This is the part of the Brain that works out what will happen as a result of our actions.  (This is why 21 has been seen to be the time of growing up)
28 is the middle section of life (ruled by the date of birth number)  Time to have job, a home etc.
29 is Saturn return.  Saturn returns to its original position in the chart and prompts us to let go of wrong people and wrong attitudes in our lives.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I talk to so many people who stress and worry about current situations and things that will or could happen several years into the future.   The only thing we have  is the present, we may not even be here tomorrow.

How lucky we are to know that we are souls learning this life times lessons in a physical vehicle called a body.  We hear over and over again at our Church that loved ones are well and happy on the other side and that the worries and pain they had here on earth have gone.

We CHOOSE to come back to the Earth School each time in order to allow our Soul to grow to its full potential.  The Soul continues on while the physical vehicle that carries us through each life wears out and is left behind.

We are also lucky to have at least one Guardian Angel with us through life (called a doorkeeper).  It is the job of this Angel/or Guide to guide us into situations that will present us with the lessons we need to learn and the opportunities we have to grow.   Many times, when we have a new direction to follow another Guide (who knows all about your new direction) will join your doorkeeper for as long as you need his/her help in your new direction.  They will also lead you to books or television or help you to meet someone who will say something that you need to know.

When we REALLY start to accept that we chose this life and we have Angelic helpers (who can only guide you into situations, they cannot do it for you) and that you have your MAP in life in the form of your own Astrology and Numerology Chart, you can then  work on your gratitude (and patience -the hardest one)  because you know that all the situations in your life are all there for your development and the development of your soul.  Usually the things that are the hardest are the things we learn the most from.

So, instead of worrying about the future it is important to realize that life is exactly as it should be at this moment and instead of fretting or worrying or thinking you are failing try to look at these situations as LEARNING !! because that is what we came back to earth for.

We  all have our own problems to deal with (no one misses out even though they may look like life is a breeze for them) but if we can work with GRATITUDE AND PATIENCE life DOES become easier and even enjoyable!

Thursday, 20 August 2015


I have been an Astrologer for over 40 years so I was inclined to believe that when I was talking about Astrology people understood what an Astrology Chart was and what it was for.  Recently I have found that most people think that all Astrology consists of certain Signs (they usually know their own) and a bit of an idea of the general characteristics of those signs.   Some of course were more interested and looked into it a bit further.
However many people see Astrology as a fun game where they look up in the paper or magazine what might be happening to their sign this week.   This type of Astrology gives the impression that there are only 12 types of people in the world.   Over the 40 years I have been working with Astrology I have done hundreds of Charts and NONE of them are the same as any other.   We are all INDIVIDUAL, we all come into the world with our own MAP of what we are here for, how we can do it, and what abilities we have to compete our set tasks for this lifetime.  I have even done the Charts for twins (who are two different Souls) and a few minutes has made the difference in their behavior and abilities.
This is such an important matter to understand.  Once we do, we stop trying to imitate others and get on with our own direction.

Recently I have been doing Charts for a group of women who have found out how much it helps them to understand their life and personalities that they have been telling others and I have been swamped requests for personal Charts.   These ladies were quite surprised at how much it helped them in life.   As I also do a Progressed Chart  with the Birth Chart that shows where the Planets have moved to and what Planets are available to help you with your present tasks.  I hear so many people saying "I don't know what I am here for, I don't know what to do".
Well, God sorted that all out.  He has provided everyone on the Planet with their own MAP, and their own Guide or set of Guides to help you follow that Map and complete the tasks you have come to do this time.
Most people, when hearing that say "Yes, but I don't have any special talents".  YES you DO.   Your talent may even be a good listener, you may be a good cook or housekeeper.  When I worked at David Jones, many years ago as we all walked into the store, first thing in the morning, the cleaner was there, hands on hips, asking us all to look at his lovely shining floor.   He was SO proud of the way he kept the place shiny and clean.  That was a talent he had and he did not look for more.

Don't try to be like others.  Look at the abilities you have and make the best of them.  Be happy with the person that you are and try to help members of your Soul group to make the best of their talents too.

Another word on Astrology....It is the OLDEST of all the sciences.  Hundreds of years ago you were not allowed to become a Doctor until you were first an Astrologer.  (Did you know that the Three Wise Men who followed a star to Jesus were Astrologers?)
Astrology can be used in every area of life.   I use mine to help people to understand themselves and to see their talents and journey.
My Astrology teacher used to pick out the winners of the Melbourne Cup each year with Astrology. (He did not bet on them, he just did this to show us that it can be done.)
One of my Astrology friends uses it for the Stock Market.
There is a field of Astrology called Medical Astrology (the oldest way it was used)
World events can be understood with Astrology.
And of course people expect predictions from Astrology.  It can predict,the type of event but there are SO many ways it can work out.
The first Queen Elizabeth had a private Astrologer called Doctor Dee who gave her advice to run the country
And there is the general information in magazines etc. each week or month.   This naturally is not personal.and it is obtained by the fact that certain Planets are travelling through certain Constellations.
This will have an overall affect on each of the Signs but does not give you the guidance you need to work with your own direction this lifetime..

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Reincarnation is the belief that we return to this School of Earth many times in order to perfect our Soul.   Each lifetime we take on a different set of lessons with different members of our Soul group in order to learn or understand something that we did not know.
I have witnessed mediums over the last 30 years giving proof of the survival of our loved ones.  Most of these loved ones are members of our own Soul Group who change roles with us each lifetime in order to help us learn tolerance, kindness and acceptance.  
In a wonderful book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton he explains that we are all members of a Soul Group of about 20 who are all trying to grow to perfection.   It is rather like a company of actors who take on different roles in different plays each time they visit a new town.   The groups consist of close relatives and close friends.  If your soul needs to learn a particular lesson one of your soul group will volunteer to be the 'goodie' or 'baddie' in your life so that you can overcome your problems and improve your Soul.
When we first arrive on 'the other side' we go through a process of reviewing the past life and deciding on what we still need to learn in order to make our Soul as perfect as we can.

In order to do this we need to take on another body, another set of parents, and another set of characteristics that will help us to do the job we returned to do.
This is where Astrology comes in.   You will need a body that has some similarity to your parents.   You will need a character that can cope with the things you have come to learn.   You also need to be able to enter the world at the exact minute that will set off your Astrological Clock.
If you have not been a kind or good parent in past lives and you need to learn this ability you will often find that members of your Soul Group will volunteer to be bad parents to you so that you can see never to do it again.  If you have allowed yourself to be 'pushed around' in past lives there will be symbols in your Astrological Chart showing this tendency.   There will be other symbols in your Astrological Chart that will give you the 'clue' as to how to overcome your problems this time.
Your Astrological Chart will also show you what you have come to learn and as the Planets move over the years your Progressed Astrology Chart can show you if you are on track with what you came to do and will show you the Planets that are lining up to help you with your task.

In an Astrological Chart the task you have come to do is shown by the position of the North and South Nodes of the Moon.   The wound that you carry is shown by a new Planet Chiron.   He returns when you are 50 so hopefully you have recognised that wound and overcome it.
Your character will be shown by your Sun sign, your emotions by your Moon sign, how you talk and what you talk about by your Mercury, How you show yourself as a woman is by Venus, where your energy and drive are placed is Mars, Jupiter is where you get your greatest satisfaction. Uranus is where you want to be 'different'.  Neptune shows your intuition and spiritual nature and Pluto shows your power.
All these signs and the placement of these signs on your Astrological Chart will show the things you have come to do and the abilities you have to do them.

So you will find that Spiritualism, Reincarnation and Astrology all work together (as well as Numerology) in order to show you the way to go.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


On Mother's Day this year I had a lovely surprise when a parcel arrived from my daughter who now lives in New Zealand.   It was a white china Angel, with wings outstretched.    When I rang my daughter to thank her she said that when she saw  this Angel it reminded her of a time when she was a small child when she was feeling distressed and I took her for a walk and told her all about Guardian Angels.   That we all have one and they are always there to look after us.   She told me that it gave her great comfort all the rest of her life.
The surprising thing there was that I did not know that I knew anything about Angels at that time in my life.  I had never  attended a Church, my parents were not at all religious.   I was not in the least religious and was very much against all the rules and regulations in most Churches.   It was not until I was in my late 40's and my friend took me to a Spiritualist Church and I saw the words of what the Spiritualist Church stood for.   Especially the line 'Personal Responsibility' that I became interested in religious matters.

I now realize that our Guides and Angels are always with us even if we don't know it.   My Guides must have stepped in and used me to give my daughter the support and comfort she needed at the time.
I have heard so many mediums over the years give out messages of support and love to those at the Church so it has been proved to me over and over again that when we leave here we go to a lovely place and decide if we will come back again and try to be better  each lifetime.  Your lovely grandmothers and relatives in spirit can see you and they care for you as they did in life.  They can see what you are doing and a little into the future.
But we ALSO have our Guardian Angels and Spirit Helpers who are the ones who KNOW what our path is and it is those Spirit Helpers who direct us into the situations in life where we are able to grow and learn.  Each person has at least ONE Guardian Angel throughout their life and other Spirit Guides come along when we need specific help and direction.

I lived with my mother for several years and at that time I attended a group called Spiritual Venturers.  We had a meditation each  week that I found to be most helpful in my life.
One week a couple of Angels took me to the edge of a cliff and pushed me off.    As I was falling they spread out their wings and brought me back and said "You are going to be allright".  I had no idea what that meant but the next week they did it to me again and this time I almost fell on the jugged rocks below.  Once again they put out their wings and pulled me back and said  "You are going to be allright"     The next week when they appeared I was terrified and asked if they were going to push me again.  But they said "No, this week you are learning to fly"  I found that I had grown little rainbow coloured wings and they took me by the hand and we  flew over mountains and rivers.   The following week when they appeared I asked if we were going flying and they answered, No.  you have your own wings now."    I found that I had grown large white wings.   The following week Sai Baba appeared, took me to the edge of the cliff and said "You are on your own now"
That week my mother died, and I was very much on my own.  The house had to be sold and divided up amongst the family.   So, I had no home but I had been assured that I would be OK.   And I was.  Very soon after that my son Mark came to live with me and we found a beautiful home in Bexley where we established my School of Life Path Studies.

I have had dozens of similar situations in my life.   All of them beautifully timed and suitable at the time.  My book Signposts tells of many of these experiences.

In all of these experiences I can see the work of my Guides who are always there to help me to go in the direction I chose before I re entered this world.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

70 the NEW 50.

People seem to be living longer now and looking younger.   We have had so many advances in medical treatments and there are so many vitamins and minerals available, as well as a knowledge of healthy foods.
Older people are encouraged to look after their bodies and work with things like Yoga or Tai Chi.  Every day on the tele. we can see the newest creams and treatments that take away our facial lines etc.
The saying is that seventy is the new fifty.   People are now comfortable with activities that were not considered appropriate for older people years ago.   People are being encouraged to join places such as the Third Age where they can expand their mind and learn new things  as well as giving their own knowledge to others.
Where is this all going?   We are starting to use the second level of the Aura that surrounds us.   The first layer relates to the colour Red, and that connects to all the seven Chakras we know about.   All of these Chakras have 'rules' that we are taught to live up to.  The Red/Root Chakra is connected with our need to  'fit in' with society.   We feel that we 'must' fit in with our family, friends and social expectations.  We even feel that we must have an 'acceptable' body shape to be accepted.   When we feel we cannot live up to these expectations we often have problems in our lower body and often put on a lot of weight.
The second Orange/Sacral  Chakra is connected with our need  to be accepted in relationships.   When this does not happen we often develop problems in the area containing the sexual organs.
The third Yellow/Solar Plexus Chakra is connected to our need to express our own will power.   When we are stopped from expressing our own will power we can get rashes or digestive problems.
The fourth Green/Heart Chakra is connected to how we give and receive love.  When we do not get the love we want we can have heart or lung problems.
The fifth Blue/Throat Chakra is connected with our self expression (talking, singing, writing etc.)  If we are stopped (or are not allowed} to express ourselves we develop tight throat, mouth, shoulders etc.
The sixth Indigo/Third Eye Chakra is connected with accepting our own intuition.  If we do not do this (or are not allowed to) we can suffer from eye problems or headaches.
The seventh Violet/Crown Chakra is our connection with the messages that our Guides and Angels send us.  If we do not accept these messages or ignore them we can have Migrane headaches or even worse, mental problems.

Now that we are starting to connect with the Second /Orange layer of the Aura  (Orange being the colour of  Relationships) there are Chakras being seen between our usual ones.  Between Red and Orange there is a Red/Orange one (bringing more strength into relationships.)
Between the Orange and Yellow Chakra there is a Gold one (placed in front of the belly button) that we are using to connect back to our source.
Between the Yellow and Green Chakra there is a Lime Green one ( a new flame burning in the chest indicating getting ready for new growth)
Between the Green and Blue Chakras there is a Turquoise one (in front of the Thymus)  It is about speaking from the heart. This was the first of the New Chakras that was noticed.   It is most important as it is to do with the NEW energy of speaking and expressing yourself from the heart.   Rather than having to follow the rules of the Red energy.
Between the Blue and Violet  Chakras there is a Magenta  one.  It is placed beside the ear in order that we start to 'listen' and 'accept' the views and opinions of others.  It is also connected with our increasing ability to look into the future.

With this new energy and technology available to us we should probably live WELL to an older age.

As the population grows because there will be so many of us, hopefully science can find ways to make all the huge unused places of the earth productive.    When the earth gets totally filled up I hope by then scientists will have found a way to take us to another planet!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What is LOVE?

LOVE...the most mis-used word in the English language!
Why is it that something that should be so beautiful and comforting is often the source of so much pain and distress?  In movies or books the heroine is often crying over 'love' or the hero is smoking and drinking and breaking down because of his problems with 'love'.   The happy, joyous beginning of any movie or book is usually about one quarter of the time.  The rest is spent in stress until the last few minutes when they are happy once again!     Unfortunately movies and books have created the idea that if someone 'loves' you they must only see and adore you.    How many movies do you see where the heroine or hero is broken hearted because 'their' loved one has spent some time with, or even 'looked' at another person?
 So many people use this word like a sword or hammer.  "If you love me you will do this" or " but I love you so you should do things my way"
If you really love someone you accept them for who they are and do not try to change them.  This will allow them to love you as you are and you can work through the changes that life brings together. .
When I was studying Colour Therapy my teacher, who was a Russian Colour Psychologist told us that in France they have several different words for the different ways you can use the word love.   In the English language we have only one so the word is used for many different situations.   The way we might use it is for  'love of God' or 'sexual love' or 'love of a parent for their children'.  'Love of nature' can cause a person to become a vegetarian.  Love of work or power can cause a person to lose the softness and caring of love and become hard or ruthless (the word ruth means love).
Our Colour Therapy teacher also said that each different way of expressing love has its own colour!   Sexual love is seen as Bright Red, and when it wants to overpower the other person it is seen as Dark Red.   Love of God is seen as Violet or Gold.    Love of sports, yellow.   Love of chocolate, Purple, love of sleeping in Strong Pink, love of child or family Light Pink.    If you allow yourself to be 'used' or 'pushed around' by one who says they love you the colour would be 'kick me Pink'  This is the palest of Pinks and is seen on very vulnerable people who accept punishment or very young babies who need protection as they are so vulnerable.
Every Astrological Sign has their own way of loving.   Aries need to take charge and protect those they love. Taurus, being a very physical/sensual sign (ruled by Venus) needs comfort and closeness and loyalty from those they love.   Gemini is a light/communicating sign.  They need someone who they can talk to and have fun.   Cancer (the sign of nurturing) loves by mothering their partner.  Leo, (royalty) needs to show love in a very dramatic way and expects admiration from those they love.   Virgo (the sign of work and service) will want to make sure his/her partner or family are looked after, kept safe (and clean).  Libra (this is the MOST romantic sign.  Libra's need a partner to balance their life (sign of the scales) they are also ruled by Venus and have a great need to have a 'nice' life and have everyone they love have a 'nice' life too.  Scorpio is considered the most sexual of the signs.  This is because of their need for intimacy and closeness with those they love.  Capricorn loves to do the best they can in any situation.  For those they love they will try to provide for them a beautiful home or a beautiful bunch of flowers if that is all they can afford.    Aquarians love 'the world'.  The person they love might not understand how much they do love them as they usually spend most of their time with friends or humanitarian issues (they do show their love for friends and humanitarian issues)   Pisces. (the softest sign/ the talking sign of the water signs)  Pisces (the sign of the two fishes tied together and both trying to swim in different directions)  Pisces has a great imagination and great emotional needs.   Pisces people spend so much time trying to sort out their lover/partner's problems that they often do not look at their own needs.

I find that belonging to the Spiritualist Church provides me with all the love I can take.  It does not matter what Astrological sign a member is, you can be sure to get a hug and a feeling of being loved.
Realising that we are all spiritual souls here to learn our current lessons is a very comfortable way to live.  We do not have to 'push' others (family or friends) as we know that they too are on their journeys and have their own needs and loves.
Because of this we can Love God, love the Universal Intelligence ,Love Family, Love friends and possibly Love a lover!!        

Saturday, 28 February 2015



My first  platform  this year is on 22nd January at the Spiritualist Church cnr. Swan and Queen Sts. Newcastle.
This starts at 3pm to 5pm

My next platform will be at the Entrance Spiritualist group, 204 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty. on Sunday 29th January from 2pm to 4.30pm.        

.The next platform will be at the Entrance Spiritualist Group 204 The Entrance Rd. Long Jetty.            from 2pm to 4.30pm.  on Sunday 21st May.

.The next platform will be at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church, cnr. Swan and Queen sts on Sunday  23rd July from 3pm to 4.30pm.

The next platform will be at the Entrance Spiritual Group, 204  The Entrance Rd. Long Jetty on Sunday 24th Sept;ember.  from 2pm to 4.30pm.

The next platform will be at Newcastle Spiritualist Church, cnr Swan and Queen Sts. Newcastle. on Sunday 22nd October from 2pm to 4.30pm

 I am always available for Astrology/Numerology Charts.  For that I need your name, plus full Birth name, place of birth, time of birth (if known)   If not I can 'douse' the time for you with my pendulum.  I also need to know where you live now in order to add a progressed chart with your other information showing you where your planets have moved to now in order to give you the support you need to accomplish your current direction.
You can arrange a time to see me at Mayfield West (takes about one to one and a half hours to talk to you about your Astrology and Numerology)   or I can send it to you with a cassette recording or USB stick. When people come to see me to have their Chart  reading they usually use their Mobile or tablet to tape the session
The cost is $100.00.   I have kept it at this price for many years even though it should be dearer.              This is so that whoever needs this information can afford to see me.


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Thursday, 19 February 2015


Recently I read a book by by a world famous American medium called James Van Praagh in which he states "Death doesn't hurt!
He was quoting dozens of people who had passed over and they all said that they did not remember the moment of actually dying.   Some of the things they told him were "I remember standing in the bathroom and the next thing I was here".  Others have said " I remember a car coming towards me and then I was here".    He says that none of them remember any pain connected with their death, only the peace and love they were suddenly enveloped in.
I have been telling my students for years that YOU CAN ONLY FEEL PAIN WHEN THE SOUL INHABITS THE BODY!   If the Soul sees a car heading for you when you are driving and there is no hope of getting out of the way the Soul jumps out of the body.   How many people have reported that after an accident they did not feel any pain for several hours, often they had broken limbs but did not feel them till later in the day WHEN THE SOUL RETURNED INTO THE BODY.  THEN!! you can feel pain.
One of my recent Blogs was about Body and Soul.   It is important for us to remember that we are SOULS inhabiting the vehicle we created to travel through this lifetime.  The body can feel pain but the Soul cannot.

This is what happens when we have an operation.  The doctors push the Soul energy out of the body so that it does not feel pain.   Quite often it takes a while for the Soul to re enter the body and for that time you do not feel pain.

I have been involved with Spiritual Churches for over 30 years and never once have I heard a medium report when talking to a person who has passed over anything about the pain of passing.

So, leaving the body is painless, but entering the body at birth is painful.                                                         When the time comes for us to re enter the world we have to leave our warm liquid world that we have lived in for many months and make a painful journey down a tight passage.   At the end of this journey we are propelled or pulled into a place of light and noise.   Our new bodies are poked and prodded and then, if we have not cried yet to show our stress we are smacked!.  And so our life in our new body begins and we start to learn our new lessons with our new parents and siblings once more.

As we travel through this new life it is important to remember that WE can care for or damage this body.
The physical vehicle (the body) is always affected by the Soul's needs.   The Chakra system that is connected with all areas of the body starts in the head and continues down the spine to connect with the seven major Chakras.   These Chakras then open out towards the front of the body and interact with the organs in that section of the body.
The Soul feeds its needs and emotions into the brain and the brain then sends messages to the appropriate Chakra.   When we work with our Soul's energies and try to be loving, helpful and useful beings the Soul can send calm energies to the appropriate Chakra, keeping that part of the body in good health.
When we send messages of stress, and anger through the brain and down the spine it will send that feeling  to the appropriate Chakra that can cause disturbances to the organs of that section of the body.
If we feel that we cannot express our words or needs the message will be sent to the Throat (Blue) Chakra and we can have problems in that area.  How many of us get sore throats, tight shoulders etc. when we cannot express our needs.
The area that is often affected in women is the Sacral area (just below the belly button).  This is the area most affected when we have all types of relationship problems.

So in order to keep our vehicle (the body) in good condition it is important to work with the Soul's need for love and caring for others. (as well as ourself).

It is good to know that when the time comes for our Soul to return home and break it's connection with its physical vehicle that has carried it through this lifetime the we can return in peace for a rest before continuing on our quest to be the best person (soul) that we can be.