Sunday, 13 January 2013


I am now more than half way through writing my new book on Relationships.   Each time I read through it to edit it I get more information.
People seem to always connect the word Relatlionship with love or partner or sex.     But by the time we get to fall in love, have a partner and are involved with sex we have been having Relationships with people ever since we were born.   All these Relationships have had an affect on how we are experiencing our current Relationships with partners, friends, children, parents, bosses, teachers, students etc.
When someone says to you "I know how you feel"...they dont!   They may think they know how you feel but they can only understand you and your needs through their own life character, Sun sign and experiences.
Your reactions in your current Relationships start as a baby.   Were you very much loved?  Were your needs neglected?.    Each Astrological sign has its own way of relating to others so an Air sign parent who expresses themselves by talking and analysing situations may not understand the needs of a Water sign baby who needs more cuddles than conversation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I Recently I wrote an article in my Blog about The Mouth.   It seems to be a human reaction to stop any signs of distress in another by putting something in their mouth.     When a baby shows distress something is usually put into their mouth, a breast, a dummy, a bottle and later on a sweet.   This can start off a relationship with putting something into the mouth when later in life things (such as Relationships) become distressing.
This does not have to be a Relationship with a lover or partner, it can be with the boss whom you feel is putting too much pressure on you.   You can then turn to the Relationship with your friend the cigarette who does not ask questions, who immediately soothes you  and gives you something to put in your mouth.
How many times do we know of or see in the movies someone who has just had their heart broken dash off to a bar and put lots of alchol into their mouths.
During your life you have had to deal with your parents, brothers and sisters, school mates, teachers, bosses etc.   You have learned from all of these situations how to handle them in your own way.   Certain attitudes and even certain words can have an affect on you that they do not have on others.   These are the parts of your nature that have to deal with the nature of others who have all had their own people to deal with and their own experiences through life.
When we start a romantic relationship with another we are wanting someone in our life who can fill in the parts of us that we would love to have.   We can see strength in another that we wish for, we can see softness in another that we wish for.   This is wonderful and we often gain the strengths from the other that we need.
Quite often when we gain these strengths the partner does not seem so wonderful and romance often fades away
The end of the Mayan calendar brought the world to the end of an ERA.   We now have to look at our conditioned way of thinking and the expectations your family, country, nationality, religion etc. have put upon you and work on yourself in order to let go of all these conditions and exectations and be true to yourself to appreciate the wonderful person that you are so that you can appreciate the wonderful qualities of your partners, friends and family.

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