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Most people know what Astrological Sign they are.    I have had people say to me "don't believe in all that stuff'...but I guess all Aries think that way.
Your Sun sign is such a small percentage of the influence Astrology had on us, yet many people think that is all there is.   The term is Sun sign, not Star sign as it indicates what constellation the Sun was travelling through at your date of birth.  
It depends on how far the Sun has traveled thought the Constellation to know just how the Astrological sign will express itself.   Each sign has three components of ten degrees, as the Sun travels 30 degrees through each sign.    The first 10 degrees (the first 10 days of the sign) create a double expression.   Say, Cancer.  The first 10 degrees would be a Cancer/Cancer person.   One who is a very 'mumsy' person.   The next 10 degrees relate to the next Water sign which is Scorpio.  So if the Sun in your chart was between 10 degrees and 20 degrees you would have an influence of Scorpion in the Cancer nature.  This would make for a more powerful caring nature and more secretive than the Cancer/Cancer person.   The next 10 degrees between 20 degrees and 30 degrees is influenced by the next Water sign, Pisces.   As Pisces is an intuitive/psychic sign this makes the Cancer/Pisces person more interested in who they can help or heal and not quite as family oriented as the Cancer/Cancer person.
This works with every sign.   So this is one of the reasons that people say, I am the same sign as my sister or friend, but we are so different.
That is just the beginning.  There are 1l Planets influencing us in different ways and they are placed in different 'houses' (sections) of your Astrology chart.  They have 'aspects' to each other, some easy and some hard.

Mercury, (the way we communicate and what we communicate about) is quite often in the same sign as the Sun, because it is never further away than 30 degrees from the Sun.    So if your Mercury is in the same sign as your Sun you will talk and think the way people expect your sign to do.   But Mercury could also be in either side of the Sun.    If a person is a Leo, their Mercury could be in Leo, allowing them to talk in the strong manner of Leo.   If however their Mercury was in either side of Leo, Cancer or Virgo then the Lion would talk more about the family or caring if in Cancer, and if in Virgo, they could be very work oriented or interested in healing and more 'fussy' than the Leo/Leo.
Mercury can also be Retrograde at birth.   Mercury is the Planet that stops and goes backward more often than all the other Planets, (that is known as Retrograde)   If Mercury is Retrograde at birth, it is an indication that the person will have trouble communicating their thoughts until the Planet starts moving again (that is known as Direct),   If you believe in Reincarnation, it is suggested that the person had their communication cut off in a past life either by hanging, or having their head chopped off etc.   This can bring with them into this world that if they say what they think something terrible will happen to them
  Over the years I have had clients say that they actually thought that someone would chop their head off if they said what they really think.   When Mercury goes Direct in a person's life they often find that they can now express themselves without fear.
This is something that most people don't know (and I have met Astrologers that don't know) that from the minute you are born the Planets move through the Constellations and create different aspects in your life.  So if you have a Birth chart your will find as you grow older (or move to a different area in the world) that the Planets are in a different section of your chart and they have changed signs.   This is to allow you to grow with the new energies that are always being sent down to us.

Venus in a woman's chart indicates the way she wants to be seen as a woman.  Mars in a man's chart indicates how he wishes to be seen as a man.  (this can cause problems in relationships when your partner finds out that is not who you really are)
Jupiter indicates where you want to grow.   Saturn is the area in which you take most responsibility.

Another most important part of a chart is the North and South Nodes of the Moon.   They are the indicators of what you have come to change this lifetime.   The North node indicates what you want to learn and the South Node indicates your old patterns and needs.   It is a lifetime job to learn what we have come to learn and it is helpful to know just which energies we need to work on to grow.

This is just a few things about the many different aspects of Astrology.  I have been working with it for over 40 years and it still gives me great pleasure and satisfaction..   I have seen it help people over the years to understand themselves and their loved ones and understand their direction in life.

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