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The Planet Venus indicates your feminine nature, your sexual nature, and how you wish to be appreciated as a woman.
In recent years Asteroids (small Planets) connected to Venus have been able to show in an Astrology Chart the way you work with your Venus energy.
Between Saturn and Jupiter there is a ring of small Asteroids that are thought to be the remains of a large planet.   The Asteroids that have been investigated and named are Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene and Vesta.
These represent the varied ways that the Venus energy (in women and men) is used.

The sign and placement in an Astrological Chart indicate gifts, abilities and problems of that feminine energy.

CERES ( also known as Demeter by the Greeks) is the Mother nature type of female.  Her most important role in life is connected to her family.   She can be the supportive mother, or the possessive mother depending on other aspects in her chart.   I find that when I see Ceres in an Astrological Chart that person has a need to be and 'Earth Mother'.   She often can mother anyone who is in need, whether they are in her own family or not.
The legend of Ceres is that she was walking with her daughter Persephone one day when Pluto (the God of the underworld) saw Persephone and decided he wanted her.   He snatched Persephone and took her underground.   Ceres was heartbroken and walked the earth in morning.    This caused all nature to wither up and there was no food for anyone.   The Gods spoke to Pluto and insisted that he let Persephone go.  Pluto did, but before she left he persuaded her to eat a pomegranete (the seeds indicate marriage)    So the Gods made a deal with Ceres that Persephone could come home for six months and she went down to Pluto for the other six months.  This was the beginnings of Summer and Winter.
NOTE   When Ceres is placed in the home section of the Chart, a child can decide to leave or be taken away or leave with another for a period of time.    I have personally experience this.

JUNO is the expression of the faithful wife.   Her marriage and relationships are the most important thing in her life.  If she has good aspects in her chart she often has a long happy marriage.   If the aspects are not so good she often attracts the type of man who runs after other women.   Juno energy will often put up with this type of treatment because she needs relationships.
Juno in Roman times was the patroness of mothers and children.  She is connected with faithfulness.
In Greek times she was called Hera.  (she can often be seen on television shows as the horrible witch)
This was brought about because Zeus was her brother, but as sex was his hobby, he noticed Hera one day and decided to have her.  ( He turned himself into a dove and created a rain storm)  When the wet dove fluttered into Hera's arms he tuned back into himself and ravished her.   As they were both Gods they had to get married.   Zeus was afraid that if he had children they would murder him as he and his brother had murdered his father Saturn.  So he put Hera in a chastity belt and then went on his merry way seducing all that he fancied. She reacted by killing all his lovers and their children, so became the terrible wife.
Because of this they could not have children normally so they had to create them.
Hera created the silversmith for the Gods ( a sensitive male) and Zeus created Pallas out of his forehead, complete with shield and spear!  (a strong self sufficient female)   I see this as the beginning of the Aquarian Age male and female.

PALLAS ATHENE is the expression of the independent, intellectual, strong female.  She needs to run her own life and can be a boyish type of female.
Pallas was created through the head and brain of Zeus so she is usually more interested in study or masculine interests.   She usually loves to be a leader and is protective of those she sees as needing her strength.  She does not see marriage as her only goal in life but strives towards developing her own interests.   This often makes her a pioneer in women's needs.
Depending on the placement in the chart she can be seen as very successful or very selfish.

VESTA is the expression of the woman who is whole in herself.  She can be with others and love others but does not give herself to others as do the Juno type women.
Vesta is connected with the healing temples in Rome.  She entered at six years and was there till she was 30.
during that time she made a vow to be celibate.   This often affects her attitude in life and can be the reason some women decide to be nuns.
The Vesta female is one who tries to help others and provide for them the comforts in life.  This can lead to many different types of lifestyles.   The Vestal Virgins kept the oil lamps burning in the temples, they provided food and beds and even sacred sex if required.   This can lead to working as a nurse or health food sales person, massage or any other healing practice.   Even could be a reason to be a prostitute.
Virgin, in those days only meant young girl, not the way we use the term today.
When the Greeks ran the temples food, bedding and sex were seen as normal comforting actions.   When the Romans took over they found that children of the Vestal Virgins were worshiped and decided to stop the practice.   They made a rule that any Vestal Virgin having sex with travelers would be whipped and put to death (walled up alive).   This can often be seen in Astrological charts as a strong drive to be with a certain partner even if they are unsuitable.   (the result of not being able to be with them in the past)
I often find that people with this placement are very scared of being locked in anywhere.

These Asteroid placements are very helpful to understand emotional issues.  They are mainly looked at in women's charts but the Asteroid energy affects men as well.

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