Tuesday, 18 October 2016


The base  of our Chakra system is the Root Chakra.   It is the Root of our energy field and is situated at the base of the spine.

In the Chakra system one development follows the other, so as the Root Chakra is the first one it is imperative that it is healthy and works well.
The next Chakra, below the Navel is the Sacral, It's colour is Orange and it relates to working with all the relationships in our life.   If the Root Chakra is not working well it is hard for us to feel happy in our relationships with others.
The next Chakra is the Solar Plexus, Yellow colour.   This Chakra is connected with using out own ideas and having confidence in our own abilities.   If the Sacral Chakra is not working well in our relationships it is hard to feel that we can express out own ideas.
The next is the Heart Chakra, Green Colour.  If  we do not feel happy about ourselves it is hard to give unconditional love to others.
The next is the Throat Chakra.  Blue Colour,  This Chakra is about expressing our own ideas and creativity.  If we do not feel loved it is hard to talk about or express our needs.
The next is the Third eye Chakra,  Indigo (Blue/Purple) colour.  This Chakra is about accessing our inner needs and spirituality.. The last is the Crown Chakra Violet colour,where we can contact our higher self or guides.

The Root Chakra relates to everything in our world that makes us feel that we are accepted.   It is connected to our family, religion, race, country, attitudes etc.   It is even connected to what we look like and if it is acceptable to our associates.   If we feel that we don't measure up to what is expected of us by family or society our Root Chakra finds it hard to give us enough energy.   So we feel tired, don't feel like taking care of ourself, and therefor often put on weight, and have a low self esteem.

When the Root Chakra is not working well it can affect our body causing blood flow problems in the legs, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, etc.
The Chakra system commences in the Brain,  All of our happy or sad thoughts travel from the Brain down the spine and connect with the base of the seven Chakras  situated in the spine.   Each one of those open towards the front of the body.   Each Chakra has its own colour and when happy and positive thoughts connect with each Chakra, that Chakra glows a beautiful clear colour and keeps the area around it in good health.   When we send unhappy of stressful thoughts down the spine to the appropriate Chakra it sends out murky colours that help to bring on problems and illnesses in the area connected to that Chakra.

So it is important to know the colour connected to the area in your body that is served by each Chakra.
The Root Chakra should glow a beautiful strong RED.     If it is not working well the Red will be dull or thick.
Ways to help your Root Chakra to become more efficient con be ,
Having RED objects in your home to look at
Wearing RED scarfs or clothing.
Eating RED food, beetroot, cherries, tomatoes, etc.

Meditation and exercise are both important to helping your Root Chakra work well.
Meditation is needed to look within and learn to accept yourself.
Exersise is needed to get the strong wheel of the Root Chakra moving so it can set off all the others.