Wednesday, 24 October 2012


One day recently I realised that all of the information I was receiving and feeling passionate about was about Relationships..  I see Astrology as a major factor in the way we relate to others so I was astounded to receive on my computer an article from a well known American Astrologer writing about Astrology and Relationships.  His words and ideas were very much like the words and ideas I had just written about on my Blog.

When something needs to be brought to the attention of people it seems that the idea is sent out by the Universe and picked up by various people who suddenly get the urge to talk about it.  Many inventions have been created at the same time around the world.  often causing arguments as to who thought of it first.   This does not matter as it must have been the right time for that invention to be made available to the public.

Day after day I have been receiving articles about this important year 2012.  I have read so many articles about how important it is to change our old values and accept others for their values.
Relationships with all the people you have lived with during your life need to be seen in a different way if humanity is to grow and be able to handle the new energies entering the Planet now.
We need to understand that every person is unique.  We all came back here to School Earth in order to learn and grow to our full potential.   Every person has brought with them a map of their personality and direction for this life in the form of their Astrology Birth Chart.   So it is important for all of us to recognise the needs of others just as we recognise our own need.
Each life has a plan.  Each person is part of a soul group and has come here to play their role with this group.  Your partner this life could have been your mother or child in another existence.  You both have things to learn from the other so acceptance of their personality and behaviour is required.  A soul group is about 12 people who swap roles each lifetime to learn whatever is needed for their growth.  This group cannot finish their comings and goings to the Earth until all of the group has evolved.  This is why we often feel so stressed when someone close to us, partner, mother, father, child or friend does not seem to be trying to evolve.  This of course is our way of thinking.  The person we are upset with is probably growing in their own way and must go through certain situations before they decide to change.
Because Planets move all the time through the constellations they influence all of us in different ways.         We may suddenly have a need to do something entirely different to anything we have done before.           This will shock those around us unless they understand that this is a perfectly normal situation and that they too have probably changed some of their ideas and expect others to accept them.
The lack of understanding about others close to us can also be applied to others in other religions, countries or colour of their skin.
One day has been coming for a long time.  This year 2012 has been predicted for thousands of years in many countries as a year when there are to be great changes.
Changes start with each person.  If every person in the world (particularly those who run countries) changed their attitudes from war to peace the world could finally be the beautiful place it was intended to be. 

Friday, 19 October 2012



Just think of the times in your life when you were crushed, devastated, felt bad,or useless.    What was the cause?  Relationships.  Of all the happenings that can occur in your life relationships are the things that can affect us the most.   The happiest times in our lives can also be attribted to our relationships.
A relationship does not have to be a romantic one.   Think of the relationship you had with your mother, your father, your brothers and sisters.  What about when you had to leave the family and go off into the world of schooling, and then have to go on to the next level of schooling to work out your future?
This was the start of your attitude in any relationship you have had in your life.
Were you made to feel important?, clever? good looking? or were you made to feel stupid, dull,silly or weak? 
We often relate to our friends and lovers as we did to our family or our growing up 'School experiences   The major influence in our personalities is contained in our Astrology Birth Chart.  Your basic personality, way of loving and speaking is shown there.  Attitudes and beliefs from past lives also show up in this chart.  Your partner, friend, child or parent has their own personality from birth                                                   Do you know why a baby needs love and cuddles?  Because love makes you feel safe.
This is why orphan babies who were loved and cuddled survived and the ones who were left alone in their cots became sick and often died.

What we are looking for in any relationship is to be loved and feel safe. This is why people who are 'in love' or think they are 'in love' declare that they will always be there and that they will always be the same and love you in the same way.
This of course is very unlikely and almost impossible.   From the moment we are born we are under the influence of various Planets that are moving and as they move our needs and wants move also.  The object of our affection also is influenced by changes in life as their Planets move.   Our progressed Astrological chart when we are grown up is very different to the chart we have when we are born.
There is an old saying 'the only thing constant is change'.   How many times do you hear people say 'if I knew then what I know now things would have been different"
We can only deal with life with the stage of development we are at and what influences have been presented to us.   Much of the 'romantic' information young people gain from TV, movies and songs sounds good but is often unrealistic when we try to live like that in this world.  We are trained to think that in order to be happy we must be the only one in our partner's life.   They must think about us and never look at another as we are so important to them.   We are given the idea in so many songs that no other influence will come into our partner's lifes, that they will love and worship us to the exclusion of others.   And that we have a right to be annoyed if they show any interest in another person or another interest      

Each time a Planet moves into another constellation it can bring a new energy or interest into our lives.  Each constellation (Star sign)is very different to the previous one.   This is all part of our development and what makes us so special.          
There are the few lucky ones who found the special person who was made for them or who came back to be with them in this lifetime who can manage to go along with all the changes in their partners.  However even these wonderful situations contain lessons to be learned by both parties (and their families) or they would not have had to come back here to learn or teach.

Relationships need to be experienced in a different way now that we are entering the Aquarian Age.   There is a need to understand the needs of others and to realise that each person has many different abilities and needs and that they are learning and growing just as you are.                                                      The Bible said it all...
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.