Tuesday, 5 April 2016


About 20 years ago I read a fascinating book, the 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin.    He was a scholar who studied Sumarian and Babylonian mythology,    The Babylonian's recorded the arrival a huge Planet ten times the size of the Earth about 600yrs BC.
They recorded that this Planet send down a huge space ship in order to launch some of the crew to come to Earth in order to mine gold.    This was a precious metal on their planet and was used for healing.   These space people were called the Annanaki and they worked for many years collecting Gold to take back to their Planet.
However, after many years of hard work they decided to create workers and used the 'cave' women to give birth to a new type of cave man by inseminating them with their own sperm.    These workers were very satisfactory for many years but as they grew more in intelligence they began to revolt against their masters.   The Annanaki then decided to 'wipe them out' and return to their Planet called Nibiru.  
As the huge space ship moved away from the Earth it pulled the oceans, causing gigantic waves which flooded the earth and wiped out all that they had created.
Except one.   One of the Annanaki was fond of one of his workers named Noah who had been loyal to him and did not want to see him and his family destroyed.   He warned Noah and told him how to build a boat that would save his family when the floods came.    This was not an open boat, more of a submarine as it was coated with tar from  the mines that had been made.   As in the Bible, when the floods subsided Noah found a place to land and start all over again.

This Planet takes at least 3.600 years to do an orbit of the Sun, so it has not been seen and has been thought of as a myth.   HOWEVER...at the California Institute of Technology they have found a Planet 5,000 times heavier than Pluto, out beyond Pluto's orbit!!!  This sounds like the fabled Planet Nibiru and as it has now been observed it's energy is starting to reach earth.

When the space ship from Nibiru sent the Annanaki down to earth to create workers they also showed them many skills.   This was a time in history when mankind went from ape man to the type of cave man who could make fire and grow food.

Nibiru has a connection with the new Aquarian Age we are entering as its people are more interested in  progress and intellectual pursuits than the emotional/sacrificial we have inherited during the past Piscean Age.

When I read this book I told my students of Astrology that when this Planet came into our orbit it would be the new Ruler of the sign Libra.
In ancient times each Sign had a Planetary Ruler.    Some of the Planets ruled two signs.                 Sun, Leo,    Moon, Cancer     Mercury, Gemini and Virgo, Saturn Capricorn and Aquarius, Venus, Taurus and Libra, Mars Scorpio and Aries,  Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces.
When the new Trans/Personal planets were discovered they took over the rulership of some of the signs.  Uranus took over Aquarius, Neptune took over Pisces,  Pluto took over Scorpio.
So now the only two signs with one Ruler is Taurus and Libra, now ruled by Venus.
Taurus is the more 'earthy' 'sensual' one of the two, whilst Libra is more concerned with balance and talking things out, looking at the other's point of view.
Libra, also is the ONLY sign that is not human or animal,  Its symbol is a set of scales that is concerned with balance.
Ever since I read the book I have believed that when Nibiru was discovered we would have a new Ruler for Libra, and then all of the signs would have their own Ruler.