Thursday, 20 August 2015


I have been an Astrologer for over 40 years so I was inclined to believe that when I was talking about Astrology people understood what an Astrology Chart was and what it was for.  Recently I have found that most people think that all Astrology consists of certain Signs (they usually know their own) and a bit of an idea of the general characteristics of those signs.   Some of course were more interested and looked into it a bit further.
However many people see Astrology as a fun game where they look up in the paper or magazine what might be happening to their sign this week.   This type of Astrology gives the impression that there are only 12 types of people in the world.   Over the 40 years I have been working with Astrology I have done hundreds of Charts and NONE of them are the same as any other.   We are all INDIVIDUAL, we all come into the world with our own MAP of what we are here for, how we can do it, and what abilities we have to compete our set tasks for this lifetime.  I have even done the Charts for twins (who are two different Souls) and a few minutes has made the difference in their behavior and abilities.
This is such an important matter to understand.  Once we do, we stop trying to imitate others and get on with our own direction.

Recently I have been doing Charts for a group of women who have found out how much it helps them to understand their life and personalities that they have been telling others and I have been swamped requests for personal Charts.   These ladies were quite surprised at how much it helped them in life.   As I also do a Progressed Chart  with the Birth Chart that shows where the Planets have moved to and what Planets are available to help you with your present tasks.  I hear so many people saying "I don't know what I am here for, I don't know what to do".
Well, God sorted that all out.  He has provided everyone on the Planet with their own MAP, and their own Guide or set of Guides to help you follow that Map and complete the tasks you have come to do this time.
Most people, when hearing that say "Yes, but I don't have any special talents".  YES you DO.   Your talent may even be a good listener, you may be a good cook or housekeeper.  When I worked at David Jones, many years ago as we all walked into the store, first thing in the morning, the cleaner was there, hands on hips, asking us all to look at his lovely shining floor.   He was SO proud of the way he kept the place shiny and clean.  That was a talent he had and he did not look for more.

Don't try to be like others.  Look at the abilities you have and make the best of them.  Be happy with the person that you are and try to help members of your Soul group to make the best of their talents too.

Another word on Astrology....It is the OLDEST of all the sciences.  Hundreds of years ago you were not allowed to become a Doctor until you were first an Astrologer.  (Did you know that the Three Wise Men who followed a star to Jesus were Astrologers?)
Astrology can be used in every area of life.   I use mine to help people to understand themselves and to see their talents and journey.
My Astrology teacher used to pick out the winners of the Melbourne Cup each year with Astrology. (He did not bet on them, he just did this to show us that it can be done.)
One of my Astrology friends uses it for the Stock Market.
There is a field of Astrology called Medical Astrology (the oldest way it was used)
World events can be understood with Astrology.
And of course people expect predictions from Astrology.  It can predict,the type of event but there are SO many ways it can work out.
The first Queen Elizabeth had a private Astrologer called Doctor Dee who gave her advice to run the country
And there is the general information in magazines etc. each week or month.   This naturally is not personal.and it is obtained by the fact that certain Planets are travelling through certain Constellations.
This will have an overall affect on each of the Signs but does not give you the guidance you need to work with your own direction this lifetime..