Thursday, 17 October 2013


God, or Spirit or The Universe,  whatever name you call the Creator and Transformer for your life uses many ways to move us along on the path to our evolution.
Recently, one of the women who had attended my Colour (yes that is how we spell Colour in Australia) Therapy course pointed out to me that The New Chakra Colours that I had been telling people about for the last 10 years were the Fashion colours this year.   Now whenever I see new garments or jewelry I am thrilled to observe, Red/Orange, Gold, Lime Green, Turquoise, Red/Purple,and Pink/Purple.
For many years I have been showing students how to 'douse' the body with a crystal pendulum over the seven Chakras.    Other clairvoyants have pointed out to me new colours that were in between the Chakra colours that we have been working with for many years.   These Chakras can be 'doused' at a higher level than the usual seven.   I have been able to 'douse' some of these Chakras on people who are working with the New energies and are relating to others with acceptance and tolerance.
Between the Red and Orange Chakra  a Red/Orange Chakra is now appearing.  Between the Orange and the Yellow Chakra there is a Gold Chakra, between the Yellow and Green Chakra there is a Lime Green Chakra, between the Green and the Blue there is a Turquoise Chakra (the first one to show, relating to speaking through the Throat with the emotion of the Heart)  The next is between the Blue Throat and the Indigo (blue/purple) of the Third Eye.  It is a beautiful Purple, and the last is between the Third Eye and the Crown  and is a Pink/Purple.   All these Chakras belong to the second layer around the Aura - the Orange/Relationship layer.     Each one of the New Chakra colours is involved with tolerance and acceptance.   This is different to the first layer of the Aura, that contains the seven Chakras that we are used to.  The first layer is connected to the Root Chakra (Red)   All the original Chakras are about what is expected of us in this lifetime.   The New Chakras are about acceptance of ourselves and others.

The Planet Pluto (the Planet of Transformation) has not only been involved with sending us vibrations to transform in the way that is connected to the sign of the Constellation it is travelling through.  It  has also influenced us in our choice of colours and attitudes.  
When Pluto started travelling through Cancer (the sign of home, families, country and patriotism) the country entered a depression (brown) and then War (Brown)   We had to endure, and work hard.   All the things that had been there in the time Pluto was travelling through Gemini were gone.   Pluto had traveled through Gemini from the Edwardian Era, ( when people wore fancy and colourful clothes that covered most of the body) to the 'Flapper' stage when people were learning how to 'speak up' (Gemini is the sign of communication)  By the end of that era, just before Pluto went into Cancer people wore clothes that were tight and short.  Their hair was now short and flat and they were more interested in good times than home and country.   Women learned that they could speak up and make decisions ( this would be necessary when their menfolk went off to earn money or go to war in the next Pluto time)
When the war ended and people started to want their 'good life' back again Pluto started travelling though Leo ( the sign of Kings and Queens and the good life and luxury)   This was a time when people started throwing out the Brown furniture of the Pluto/Cancer time and began buying the new and exciting mechanical things that were now coming into their life so that they could have more leisure time.  The two colours that were being used in all the refrigerators, toasters, jugs, washing machines were now Green and Gold.
Green is the colour that is connected with 'the good life and money'  Gold (usually it was light Gold) is connected with 'old' money, or feeling that you have a 'right' to possessions and can throw away anything that does not fit into your standards.    Clothing once again became bright and colourful, with lots of very large patterns.

The Planet Neptune has been travelling through the Constellation of Pisces since 2011.  Neptune and Pisces both relate to Spiritualism, Colour, Art, Music and Healing.   This has brought forward more interest in Healing and the newer colours.    They also represent illusion.   That seems to be very evident in America at this time.

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