Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Years ago a friend of mine started producing a new type of newspaper.   He recorded only GOOD news and HAPPY events.   He had to give up after a  few months.  Nobody bought it!!
I hear over and over again from my friends that they have just about given up watching tele. because of all the violent shows on it.   Even pleasant shows seem to have to include at least one murder in them.  
When we turn to shows about the simple task of cooking the joy of what is prepared is overshadowed by the stress involved in 'battling' with the other contestants in order to win.   The more stress that the contestants face the better the show is watched.
EVERYTHING it seems has to be turned into stress or a 'battle'.  Listening to the beautiful voices on The Voice has to be viewed by seeing the singers struggling to get a place in the contest and having to see their stress as their dreams are shattered by someone judging what they do.    If they finally DO get into the contest they have to 'battle' with their team mates and face up to more stress if they do not win.
WHY do people so enjoy watching other people in stressful situations?   Either in shows where someone is murdered or shows where they have to endured stress and often humiliation in order to succeed.
At lunch recently I was talking to friends who were discussing an old show called The Darling Buds of May. It was quite a favorite in its day.  I can remember waiting for it to come on every week with my mother.   We never missed it.   In that show David Jason owned a country property, had a beautiful 'large' companion (they did not bother to get married until well into the show)   They had several beautiful children, they over ate and had a lovely, happy life.   They still managed to have adventures to keep us interested, but did not have any murders or really distressing situations.   He managed to keep life going well (possibly a little shady)  but always pronounce everything to be 'perfic'!!    He and his partner and children were kind and tolerant of each other and the other members of their community.   It was such a pleasure to watch people working together and not judging or stressing their family or friends.   When the show finished you could happily go off to bed and sleep well.   I wonder how many people realize that the murders and stress that they have been watching before retiring is the reason that they find it hard to get a restful sleep.
Whenever 'the news' comes on the tele. it is %99 violence or interviewing people in stress.   Occasionally we are given a bit of relief by something funny or pleasant.
When I was a child (pre TV) we only had our own problems to deal with.   True, we had the depression and  our loved ones going off to war but they were our own problems to deal with.   Now the whole world is thrust into our living rooms and our poor little bodies and chakras have to deal with the stress of the whole world.   Our bodies/sub conscience do not know that these are not necessarily our problems and the mind and body has to deal with all this information flowing into it in it's own way.   As each person handles stress differently the body can react with headaches, stomach aches or some other reaction.    It is important to recognize that we need to feed our mind as well and our bodies with good food in order to cope with this world that seems to revel in stress and violence.

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