Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Many years ago I went to Tasmania to visit my son and his family.   Mark's wife told my grand children that Nanna was coming to visit them.   As they only knew her mother they asked  "is grandma Smith coming to visit us?"   No, she said,this is a different Nanna.  From then on my grand children have called me 'different Nanna',   I still get Birthday and Christmas cards with that name.
My children and grand children have accepted me as a 'person' who just happens to be a mother and grand mother and I am very happy that they can do this.

Over the years in all the classes I have run, the talks I have done and the books I have written I have tried to show people how important it is to recognize that each person they meet has their OWN life to work through, their own Astrological and Numerological pattern and their own life experiences that have affected them.
Each lifetime is a series of lessons that we chose to learn when we re-entered this School of Life that we are now working through.   These lessons that we chose to learn are to help us to be the very best person we can be.   There is no way that our own lessons are the same as others.   There is no way that we can really understand why a person does not think like us or behave like us.  There is no way another person can walk in our shoes or feel things the same way we do.
Whenever one of my students was worried about 'doing the right thing' I would always ask them     "who told you what the 'right' thing was?"   The 'right thing is different in all levels of society and in all countries.   It is important to feel that 'the right thing' is something you can feel 'right' with.

Our major Spiritual lesson is Unconditional love.  It is very hard to do if there is judgment involved.    Therefore the most important thing we can do is to accept each person we know for who they are, even if we disagree with them.   They have reasons for being who they are and how they think, just as we do.   We do not have to 'like' how they think or how they behave but it is impossible to put your values into another.    About the best thing you can do is to stay kind and supportive and that may help them to learn one of the lessons they came here to learn.

When I had my School of Life Path Studies where I taught Astrology, Numerology, and Graphology.  I was concerned about the fact that in many Schools the student can only express the views of the teacher if they want to get a Certificate.    I wanted students to absorb  the basics but to express their views and understanding in their own style.   So rather than have tests to get their Certificate I had them do an Astrology/Numerology chart for a person and explain it to me in their own way.   As each person sees things through their own Astrological personality and interests I was able to award them their Certificate for their own understanding and help for the client.

I have found that my knowledge of Astrology and Numerology has helped me greatly to accept  the way other people think and act.   It has helped my with my children and grand children and in turn I can help them with understanding of their particular problem.

It all comes back to the Golden Rule.