Sunday, 16 February 2014




CHANGE is something many people are frightened of.   However, we live with it all our lives and when we can accept change and appreciate it's benefits we do not have the affects on our personality that striving to always control our lives and trying to keep things exactly as they always have been.

Could you have stopped your body from growing from a baby, to a child, to a teenager to an adult to mature person?  No.  your body was in the right shape and size to cope with the jobs it had to do for it's growth.  You could not control it.
Can you imagine as a baby or a little child being able to go to work and cope with the pressures associated with that.   You have had years of experience and changes in your life by then to be able to cope.   If you do not cope perhaps you are wishing that you were still that little baby or child so that someone else could take the responsibility that is expected of you at this time of your life.

Apart from personal change we are now living in a time of HUGE CHANGE.   We have left behind the Piscean Age of sacrifice and are entering the Aquarian Age of tolerance and  acceptance .    Many old attitudes and acceptance of things that we knew were wrong  but were used to them are now being swept away by the new energy of personal beliefs and confidence in our own opinions.

Our Numerology also has changed.  Babies are now being born without 1 or 9 in their birth date.
1 has always represented me, I, what I want.  9 has always represented accepted principles.
The number 2 that all babies have now relates to support and mothering.

Also supporting the New Age Principles of caring and supporting others is the fact that we are now developing a NEW set of Chakras.   These Chakras sit in the second layer of our Aura, the Orange layer that is connected with Relationships.  Instead of the Chakras we are used to, that are in the first Red layer around our body, these Chakras relate to working with others, using tolerance and acceptance instead of us thinking that we SHOULD do all the things that our current Chakras expect of us.
They are Red/Orange, Orange/Yellow (gold) Yellow/Green, Green/Blue (turquoise) and Blue/Violet (pink violet)
One of my students pointed out to me recently that ALL of these colours are currently in the clothing shops so that we can start wearing the new colours and feel their affect.

Astrologically Planets move all the time, so from the time you are born the Planets have moved all your life giving you new opportunities to do the things your Astrology Chart shows that you have come to do.   It is always great to see a current, progressed chart and observe how planets have moved into different signs and sections of your Chart, showing you your current possibilities and confirmation of how you have changed and improved your personality.
It takes 30 years for the Sun to move into the next sign, so if you are over 30 you are not being influenced by your Birth sign.   Depending on how many days you are into your Sign will depend on when it moves into the next one.   Most Signs start on 21st or 22nd of each month.   So if you were 10 days into your Sign you would be 20 when you moved into the next one.   If you were 15 days into your Sign your would be 15 when the Sun moved into the next one.
All the other Planets move too.  Not only their Sign but their placement in your Chart.
We all come to 'The School of Earth' to learn our next set of lessons.

The major significator of that change is in the form of the North and South Nodes of the Moon.
These are in EVERYBODY'S Chart, so there is no getting away from them
The South Node indicates the attitudes you have built into your personality over many lifetimes.  These are habits and emotions that you feel comfortable with.    You have come here this lifetime to improve these attitudes and gain growth and wisdom.
The North Node is EXACTLY the opposite of what you have brought with you.  It is there to show you what you have come to learn.  
This is not easy.   Don't think that others have an easier time than you.  We all have them, and we all have things to learn.


Try not to control your life.  Look for the Signposts along the way, showing you the way to go; and be grateful for the Guiding Angels that are always there to move you into new situations where you can CHANGE and GROW.

Once you realize that YOU chose this life to improve your immortal Soul and that EVERY situation, good or bad in your life is in order to CHANGE old attitudes and beliefs so that you might become the best person you can be in this lifetime, life becomes beautiful.