Saturday, 30 March 2013


I am not a Catholic, or a Church of England or a Baptist.  I was told I was a Prespiterian, but I could not write that down as I could never figure out how to spell it.   My religious training was one visit to a Sunday School meeting.   I saw my friends going to Sunday School and thought I might like to try it.  I asked my mum and she said "go ahead, if you like it you can go, if not don't go".   So I tried it and was not impressed and that was the end of my religious training.  
Growing up I did not like all the rules and dogma I saw at Churches, but when a friend of mine finally got me to a Spiritualist Church and I saw their principles, specially Personal Responsibility I felt I had come home.   This was helped by the fact that Marcia, who had been on the platform that night healed my stiff neck and in the next six weeks healed a rash on my legs that had been there for 20 years.   The doctors said it was incurable.   I thought " there really must be something in this Spiritual stuff" and I still think that twenty years later.
Easter now seems to be all about holidays and chocolate eggs.   But really Jesus is the reason for the season.   I have been writing lots of articles about the New Era we are living in now since the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012.   What has been reported about Jesus was that he was trying to get over the same message as we are getting again now  Love and acceptance.   Because he was the person who was at the beginning of the Piscean Age (the age of Sacrifice)  Jesus brought this message to us through sacrifice.   Now, we are entering into the Aquarian Age (the age of acceptance) this message is being brought to us by many beautiful people and many situations.  
It is time now to follow Jesus's message of Love and acceptance in a new way.  Not by sacrificing our own personality for ideas that have been handed down from the Piscean Age but to use the knowledge and progress that mankind has made over the years to look at life in a different way, appreciating the wonderful body that we have been given and the wonderful country we live in.  We need to stop criticising and judging and start to really look at others.   Just because other people and other countries have different ideas to us does not mean that they are wrong.    Acceptance brings tolerance and those two things could stop many disagreements and heartaches and wars.
I would like to add to this something about my Mum.   She was a kind lady, who thought that kindness was the very best characteristic anyone could have.   She never raised her voice and always supported me and my sister and brothers to do the things that we loved to do.  She was rather concerned about my interest in Spiritualism but accepted that this was who I was.   I think that she was carrying out the teachings of Jesus although she never went to Church but was loved by all who knew her.

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