Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Reincarnation is the belief that we return to this School of Earth many times in order to perfect our Soul.   Each lifetime we take on a different set of lessons with different members of our Soul group in order to learn or understand something that we did not know.
I have witnessed mediums over the last 30 years giving proof of the survival of our loved ones.  Most of these loved ones are members of our own Soul Group who change roles with us each lifetime in order to help us learn tolerance, kindness and acceptance.  
In a wonderful book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton he explains that we are all members of a Soul Group of about 20 who are all trying to grow to perfection.   It is rather like a company of actors who take on different roles in different plays each time they visit a new town.   The groups consist of close relatives and close friends.  If your soul needs to learn a particular lesson one of your soul group will volunteer to be the 'goodie' or 'baddie' in your life so that you can overcome your problems and improve your Soul.
When we first arrive on 'the other side' we go through a process of reviewing the past life and deciding on what we still need to learn in order to make our Soul as perfect as we can.

In order to do this we need to take on another body, another set of parents, and another set of characteristics that will help us to do the job we returned to do.
This is where Astrology comes in.   You will need a body that has some similarity to your parents.   You will need a character that can cope with the things you have come to learn.   You also need to be able to enter the world at the exact minute that will set off your Astrological Clock.
If you have not been a kind or good parent in past lives and you need to learn this ability you will often find that members of your Soul Group will volunteer to be bad parents to you so that you can see never to do it again.  If you have allowed yourself to be 'pushed around' in past lives there will be symbols in your Astrological Chart showing this tendency.   There will be other symbols in your Astrological Chart that will give you the 'clue' as to how to overcome your problems this time.
Your Astrological Chart will also show you what you have come to learn and as the Planets move over the years your Progressed Astrology Chart can show you if you are on track with what you came to do and will show you the Planets that are lining up to help you with your task.

In an Astrological Chart the task you have come to do is shown by the position of the North and South Nodes of the Moon.   The wound that you carry is shown by a new Planet Chiron.   He returns when you are 50 so hopefully you have recognised that wound and overcome it.
Your character will be shown by your Sun sign, your emotions by your Moon sign, how you talk and what you talk about by your Mercury, How you show yourself as a woman is by Venus, where your energy and drive are placed is Mars, Jupiter is where you get your greatest satisfaction. Uranus is where you want to be 'different'.  Neptune shows your intuition and spiritual nature and Pluto shows your power.
All these signs and the placement of these signs on your Astrological Chart will show the things you have come to do and the abilities you have to do them.

So you will find that Spiritualism, Reincarnation and Astrology all work together (as well as Numerology) in order to show you the way to go.