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Before we come back to this Earth School we work out what Sun sign we are going to be, what time we will get here so that we have the right Ascendant to face the world and help us to do all the things we have decided to do this lifetime.  We choose the parents and the country that will give us the opportunity to do the things we have come to learn.   Many people wonder at the parents but  we need to realise that WE chose them in order to learn and develop.  We choose the right day, at the right time of the year and from the moment we arrive the Planets start to move, giving us the opportunity to experience and learn our lessons.
The ONLY thing that has not been set in concrete is our NAME.  This is something that parents and relatives talk about before a child is born.    This is the only thing that WE can do to add to a child's experience of life.
Each letter in a name has a number, and these numbers can be added up and reduced to a single digit.
The first and middle name (and sometimes in different cultures there are more) we can give but the Sir name is something that is already there, and it has tradition attached to it.
In many fairy stories the good fairy comes in at the end of the birth celebrations and gives a name that is suitable for the new child, and one that will help them in life.
It is rather like that when you are trying to decide on a baby's name.   You can have wanted a special name but when you saw your baby suddenly another, more suitable name popped into your head.    I know I had Martin chosen for my last boy but (as he was 11lb,2oz and blonde) it did not fit my concept of a suave slim brunette.    He is still a big man (not fat) and Kevin suits him well.
Many times when I have been at fetes doing readings or having someone talking to me about their Astrology and Numerology, they have changed the name they were given.   Some were still comfortable with that but I noticed when people were approaching 40 (4 being the number of creating your foundations) they told me that they had, or were going back to their original name as they found that they liked it.
There are other advantages in using your full name instead of shortening it.   One of my friends Anthony got me to do an Astrology/Numerology chart for him.   The numbers of your date of birth create a graph so you can see what numbers you need to work on.    When I added his name as Tony the chart was not complete, but when I added Anthony we had the missing numbers to complete his chart.  a/1, and h/8.   These two numbers completed his graph (all the spaces were filled in)   As a sports person the shortened version of Tony was suitable,   He has found a new attitude from people he meets now that he is Anthony (a number 7)  That is the number of the 'guru' person.    His Tony name was ll//2.   This gave him a combination of 11- the person who wants to give others information  and 2 a very caring father
Elizabeth Taylor forbade anyone to call her anything but her full name Elizabeth (which is a wonderful name with so many different letters and so many numbers)  I don't know if she knew the Numerology meaning of Lizz, or Lizzy or Beth.   But she recognized  the power of her full name and felt more comfortable with it. It is a number 7 (the Guru number). It is the name of Queens, and women in authority.

Whenever you tell people your name, either your birth name or the one you are using now they will gain an impression of the type of person you are. (have a look at what you are showing them by using a different name).   I have had to point this out to many people who are going into business, that the name they are showing is not the right vibration for the type of business they are presenting.   If your family or friends call you by pet names or shortened names it is a good idea to have a look at how they see you.  They may be expecting you to behave in a manner that does not suit you.  

It is easy to work out your name.    Just write out 1 to 9 on a sheet of paper.   Under that write out the alphabet.   A goes under 1, B goes under 2, C goes under 3, D goes under 4, E goes under 5,                     F goes under 6 G goes under 7 and H goes under 8.  i goes under 9.     Then you start the next line.
J goes under 1, K goes under 2, L goes under 3 M goes under 4 N goes under 3,  0 goes under 6, P goes under 7, Q goes under 8 and R goes under 9.    In the third line.   S goes under 1, T goes under 2, U goes under 3, V goes under 4 W goes under 5, X goes under 6  Y goes under 7 Z goes under 8.

So now we have a,j and s under 1, b,k and t under 2, c, l and u under 3, d,m and v under 4, e, n and w, under 5  ,f,o, and x under 6, g, p and y under 7, h, q and z under 8 and i and r under 9.
If you make yourself up a little chart like this you can work out your name, your partners name, your children's names etc.
When you write down all the numbers connected to your name you can add them to a single digit EG-25 =2+5 = 7.  You can sometimes have a name that adds to 11, 22 or 33.  These are master numbers and are harder to work with in this physical world.   They are written 11/2, 22/4 and 33/6.    Many women find it hard to use the 11 as it is about telling people about new ideas, they prefer to use the 2, that is the mother number.   22 is practical help for humanity.  Many people prefer to only work on practical help for themselves instead of giving their help to humanity.  33 is the highest of the healing numbers we use at this time.  Many people prefer to only work on their own healing.   How you use your numbers is up to you.

Numerology has a very close connection to Astrology.  Many of the words used to describe numbers are also used in describing Astrological signs.    They do not run through in order as I have seen suggested in a book from a person who should know better.
No.1 Strong, wanting to be a leader, dashing into things. A sporty sign for men and women (like Aries)
No 2. The carer/nurturer, often is used by other people as they find it hard to say no.(like Pisces)
No.3 Communicator, traveller, happy soul, don't like to be pinned down.  Need to learn (like Sagittarius)
No.4 Hard worker, dependable, thorough, kind, like stability and planing for the future (like Taurus)
No 5 Fun, change, communicator, likes to be able to go in all directions physically and mentally (like Gemini)
No 6 Counsellor, interior decorator, likes a happy home and family.  Wants to keep things nice.(like Libra)
No 7 Teacher, thinker, creative, alone. sexy. (like Scorpio)

I hope you enjoy working out your name.   There are lots of books on Numerology. You will probably find some different ideas to mine.   I studied with David A Phillips so I use his methods.
My e mail address is   if you get stuck!.