Friday, 6 July 2012


We arrive in the world with a blueprint for our journey through this life in the form of our Natal Birth Astrology Chart. Then from the moment we are born Planets move and the days and years of our life create different numbers that can affect our lives. Many of my Astrological clients are surprised to learn this as they thought that what they brought into the world in the form of their date of birth would represent them throughout their lives. The constellation that the Sun was traveling through at the time of our birth gives us our Sun Sign. The Sun takes 30 years to travel through each constellation. How far it has traveled through that sign before it enters the next sign will indicate when your Birth sign begins to be influenced by the next sign. So if you were a Taurean and the degree of your Birth sign was ten degrees into Taurus you would be 20 years old when it started travelling through Gemini for the next 30 years. This will affect your personality so you could find yourself being more ‘chatty’ and outgoing than you were before. This would mean that 30 years later your Sun sign would enter Cancer and at 50 years old you would think you had become more ‘motherly’ as the Cancerian nurturing qualities began to affect you. All the other influences in your life will change as the Planets representing other aspects of you move on. The Moon is the fastest of all our influences and only stays in one sign for two to three years. No wonder our emotions and emotional attitudes change so fast. Mercury (the way we think and talk) is the most changeable as it retreats every now and then for a few months. When this happens it is called Retrograde. It is a time for looking inward and thinking things over.  Every time Mercury goes Retrograde it affects all forms of communication, letters do not arrive, phone calls get mixed up, people miss appointments, teaching (getting the message across) is difficult. Mercury is no further than 30 degrees from your Natal Sun sign. So whatever your sign Mercury will be in the same one or one either side of it. When your Mercury begins moving through the next constellation to the one it was in when you are born you will often change some of your ways of thinking. We put all this down to things that happen in our lives, and indeed they are connected with our experiences. When we are born we always have at least one guiding Angel assigned to us for life, our Doorkeeper. It is his/her job to steer us though life and push us to experience what we are here for. The planetary changes give us the opportunity to change, little by little. During our lives we have other Guides to help us to learn special things. They can show us the things we have come back for, to help us to evolve.  Throughout our lives the Planets and the Numbers move in order to give us the opportunity to learn.  It is up to us to take advantage of their help by watching for the signs and situations they present to us.

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