Sunday, 9 September 2012


The first part of their anatomy that babies get pleasure from is their mouth. Every new object is experienced there. They may also gain a sense of comfort and security from doing this. From the moment we are born every time we show distress something is put in our mouth to quiet and comfort us. We are trained very early not to accept distress and not to distress others with our emotional needs. When we show early signs of distress we have either a bottle or a breast put in our mouths, then a dummy....anything to keep us from distressing others with our noise. After that it is food then sweets, somethimes the thumb, and as we grow it is a 'nice' cup of tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs etc. Whenever we need comfort we put something in our mouths to stop us from expressing what we feel. This often covers up our real feelings and stops us saying just what it is that upsets us in order to be more acceptable to others. Joining with others, eating lots of food or drinking lots of alcohol or even standing around with friends having a smoke can give a feeling of acceptance and comfort.                                                                                                                        However if the emotional stress is too strong we need more and more of this comfort in order to control it or keep it from showing up. This then creates an addiction to the chosen comfort that is very hard to break unless the problem that created the need in the first place is found, addressed and overcome. This habit we have of putting things in our mouth to cover up our feelings and needs is often the cause of problems in our relationships.                                                                                                              . Having a cigarette puts a 'smoke screen' over your emotions, drinking too much alcohol allows you to drift away from problems or to become violent, rather than discussing the problem.                                           Look at what you are putting in your mouth and why you need excess of this comfort. Many needs come from the first five years of a child's life when they are 'programmed' to accept the opinions of others who told them they were 'good', or 'bad' or 'stupid' etc. It is important to recognise the good qualities that you have and recognise that accepting the negative qualities you have been 'brainwashed' with through life are not necessarily true. Your real friends will be able to tell you the good thing they see in you.                       Unless the need for the comfort is addressed it will be very hard to overcome. A very good hypnotherapist can often help you to see where the problem started, this can help you to address it.   Astrology is also a very good tool to show you your past life attitudes and the tools you have this lifetime to grow and evolve.

Recognising a need and addressing it is so important. Remember that this is a habit that started when you were a baby and only had feelings to work with, not communication. As adults we need to recognise our feelings and be confident in commumicating our needs to others.

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