Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Welcome to the New Rainbow Bridge blog

Just before the end of 2011 I was lucky enough to obtain a lovely little one bedroom unit in Mayfield West (near Newcastle). I had been living with my daughter Kim since late 2009 because I found that I had a problem with my heart that stopped me living in my two storey home. In September 2010 I broke the top of my left leg. A couple of months ago I was rushed to hospital and had my Gall bladder removed. Things usually come in threes, so I hope these unexpected things in my life have run their course and now I can go ahead happily and healthily.

I am almost 83 and am not doing all the courses I did for many years. However, I like to keep my hand in and am holding an Astrology Workshop at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church on Saturday 16th June (phone me on 40238406 if you are interested.). I am also doing the platform at the Entrance Spiritualist Group on Sunday 24th June (phone 43900461) at 2pm, and at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church on Sunday 22nd July at 3pm.

I am still available to do my Life Path Astrology Charts in Colour. They come in a folder containing the Birth Chart and a current chart of where the Planets are now. I Also a Planetary progression chart showing how the Planets have moved and will move during your lifetime and two pages of Numerology. In your Numerology peaks and cycles chart that shows the major changes in 7 and 9 year cycles I marry it up with the major planetary changes in your life. This is extremely helpful to see the energies you have been using and the ones that have yet to manifest.

I can see you at my home for a consultation included with the chart or I can put it on a disk and send it to you. This takes about one and a half to two hours. In order to do your chart I  need your Birth date, Place of Birth and time of birth. I also need your Name now and full Birth name for Numerology. You can contact me on shirleydarby@dodo.com.au or (02)40238406.
One of the things I can do is to find out the time of birth for most of my clients who do not know their birth time. I have been using my crystal pendulum work out the correct time for over 20 years as it is essential for the Ascendant and houses in the chart and for a proper reading. 

I have many other interests and many other skills. I do a complete Chakra Balance with my crystal pendulum. My clients tell me that they feel totally balanced after that. Of course you will have to come to me for that (I can’t do this on email) 

I studied Handwriting at the Phillip St. School in Sydney many years ago and have taught classes on this subject as well as writing a book called Handwriting for Healers that incorporates the meaning of handwriting with the Chakra system. I am happy to give you an explanation of your Handwriting if you are interested.

I am always happy to do talks at different groups on the subjects that I have taught over the years: Astrology, Numerology, Graphology, Colour Psychology, Colour Therapy and so on.

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