Friday, 27 July 2012


I keep hearing about LOVE from my Spiritual friends,and from my dis-enchanted friends (who had been madly in love).
Just what is this thing called LOVE? Why does it give some of my friends and family contentment and happiness and some of my friends and family such stress and disappointment?
Relating it to the Chakras, there is the Red/physical/all about me Chakra. The Orange, relationship, what can I do for you? How can I make YOU happy? Chakra. Opposite to the Red is the Green the peace and healing Chakra and opposite the Orange is the Blue, the devotion, communication and self expression Chakra.
When we FALL in love, we are seeing in the other person abilities and talents that we have within us but think that the other person has them.
We are really falling in love with parts of ouself that we have not been able to access. When a soft, insecure female sees strength and confidence in a male she will 'fall in love' with these abilities. He in turn may see softness and empathy in her that he needs. If she learns and develops her abilities because of her close relationship with him she could find that, because of the confidence she has developed she no longer needs it from him. This naturally causes conflict and she feels that she does not 'love' him any more.  In this type of relationship she is using the Red/physical Chakra and the Orange/need to merge Chakra.
My Spiritual friends who use the word 'love' hand out hugs and healing to as many people as they can. Their 'love' is going OUT to people instead of 'love' that is satisfying our insecurities. This is using the Green/Heart Chakra. They are also using their Blue/self-expression Chakra. Being happy as they are and knowing that they are being cared for by Angelic beings.
The English language has only one word for LOVE. Most other languages have several words indicating the different ways we can use this wonderful ability. 
It seems that LOVE that focusses on personal needs has more chance of causing distress and that LOVE that focusses on going out to others in a loving/caring and healing manner without the need for reward can help one to feel LOVE.

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