Friday, 29 June 2012

The 12th Planet

Many years ago I read a wonderful book by Erich Von Daniken called the 12th Planet. The book was about the planet we know as Nibiru. This planet has made many trips around the Sun. It’s orbit is about 2000 years. It was here about 2000 years ago and when it left it created such a pull of the earth’s water that the earth was flooded. Astrologers have been watching its path as it is now almost back again. It could be connected with the great disasters of floods, earthquakes etc that are hammering the planet at this time. 
Von Daniken suggests that this planet was created for the specific purpose of being a catalyst for the evolvement of humanity. This planet’s revolutions through the solar system brings energies of awakening to the people of earth and of the other planets that are in close enough proximity to the orbit of Nubiru.Von Daniken writes that beings from Nibiru came close to earth in a huge space ship. From there they descended to the area of the four rivers in Egypt. Their initial interest was the gold of this earth that was a precious commodity on their planet.    He writes that when the space people wanted a break from digging in the planet for gold they would go back to their large ship that was named ‘heaven’. After working for a long time gathering gold the beings from Nibiru decided to ‘create’ workers. They impregnated the evolving women at that time with their sperm and created a race of workers to collect their gold. They then spread out to different areas of the world and created workers whose skin would be suitable for the different climates they worked in. After a long while the workers began to revolt and the beings from Nibiru decided to leave this planet and wash away all of their ‘mistakes’. One of the space men was not happy with this and he told one of his workers (as in the Bible) to build an ark to save him and his family.Apparently the arc was more like a submarine as it had to survive being tossed around in flood waters.  Near where they gathered gold was an area where they found pitch, which was used to cover and insulate the 'boat'. As in the bible the boat landed on high ground and some of the space people came back and helped those who survived to grow and evolve.This was a time when there was a great leap forward in the evolvement of mankind.
The reason I am reminded of this story is because of the great interest of the planet Venus that has just had a path across the Sun.   In Astrology each sign has a ruling planet except Taurus and Libra who share Venus as their ruling planet.My students can tell you that for years I have said that there will eventually be a planet coming forward that will be the ruler of one of them. Now that mankind is moving towards the end of the Mayan calendar this year in 2012 the sign Libra relates to what we are supposed to learn.   To accept others views and beliefs, to look at both sides of the question and to bring love and harmony into life.
In Colour therapy there are a new set of Chakras that are being seen and used.  These Chakras are connected with the second layer of the Aura, the Orange layer.   This is also to do with the relationship area of the body, ruled by Libra.
In Numerology we are now in the 2000’s. Two is the number of nurturing, intuition and support.   Many children now coming into the planet do not have one or nine in their numerology. One is for the self and nine is idealistic. There are so many signs now that we are moving into a NEW time.
I do believe that when Nibiru is able to be seen again it will bring a new energy to the planet. And you never know (we might get whisked up to HEAVEN)

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