Friday, 20 July 2012


The Etheric Body is wrapped around us and is often seen as a white glow. It's job is to hold us together and connect us to our physical body. It is also connected to our Spirit or Soul. When drugs are used to force the Etheric Body away from us for an operation we cannot feel pain. We can only feel pain when it is wrapped around us. Many people report that after and accident they have walked on broken legs and have not felt any pain until later in the day. This is because of the wonderful skill the Etheric Body has to 'move away' when the body is in danger or might be killed. I was reminded of this skill when I was watching a DVD on the year 1012 and the many disasters leading up to it.  While watching a tsuami rushing up on to the land and over people one of my friends remarked  "well, they were probably all out of their bodies when the wave hit"!! WOW!! I knew about this ability that the body had but had forgotten. This was a wonderful thing to realise that God had given us this ability to separate from our physical self if we KNEW we were in danger of our lives. This means that in many of the terrible disasters we have been witnessing the people involved probably did not feel any pain. The same thing happens in a fire. When the smoke tells the body of danger the Etheric Body can leave so that the person does not feel pain. When young people think it is great to get 'falling down drunk' they do not realise that to do this their Etheric Body, which usually protects them, moves away. This leaves them in a position that attracts alcoholics on the lower level of the Astral. These souls who have died from their obsession with alcohol and who still crave it can 'latch on' to an unprotected body and encourage it to drink even more. When you see an alcholic walking down the street talking to himself, he is talking to these entities that have attatched themselves to him. The same thing happens when people abuse their bodies with drugs and pass out. Souls on the lower Astral who still crave drugs will be able to attatch themselves to that person, making it harder than ever to get over the habit.
Usually the Etheric Body dissolves three days after death. This is why in some cultures the body is not buried for at least three days. In some cultures the body is not even touched for three days.
If the soul has some urgent desire to stay here, as in people who have been murdered or people who do not want to leave their posessions the Etheric Body, which is exactly the same shape as the physical body will stay here. We call this a ghost. Sometimes when a person dies quickly they do not know that they are dead and the Etheric Body is in 'limbo', thinking that it still live here on earth.   It is a kindly gesture to show these lost souls to 'the light' as  this is where they should go.
Because the Etheric  Body is an outline of the physical body, if we have a limb cut off we feel that it is still there for as long as it takes that part of the Etheric Body to disintergrate.
At this time when we are witnessing disasters all over the world it can be a comfort to know that when God needs to take large groups of people he has provided us with an ability to be taken to the other side without pain.

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