Sunday, 18 November 2012


Recently the word Acceptance has been brought to my attention over and over again.
Having studied and taught Astrology over the past 40 years has helped me to accept the ideas, views and personalities of others.   I know that it does not matter what I think or what my values are the other person has their own thoughts and values that are just as important to them as mine are to me.   Having looked at hundreds of Astrology Charts and taught many students I have found that No one has exactly the same birth chart as anyone else.  We all come into the world with our own mission and our own personality.  So, how do we think we have the right to say that our way is the only way to go.

This is also connected with my interest in Relationships as most problems in relationships are brought about by the fact that each person has to find a way to be their own person whilst connecting with another.   If each person thinks that what they think and what they expect from the other is the only way to go relationships cannot last long.  But if we can find a way to still have our own beliefs and accept the fact that the other person does also we should be able to live in harmony.

This can be true of all relationships, parent and child, lovers, friends etc. Our society is programmed by movies, TV, magazines etc.  The main topic in magazines is 'who is breaking up with who' or 'who cheated on the other'.  On TV as soon as a couple get together or 'fall in love' you can be sure that within the next few weeks they are fighting or 'breaking up'.  This is usually caused by the fact that one of the couple does something that the other does not feel is right.  Quite often it is just talking to someone of the opposite sex or saying something that does not suit the other.  If they truly 'loved' someone they would accept that the person really 'loved' them and was not intending to do anything that would offend them.

Being 'in love' seems to imply that each person worship the other and has no interest in anyone else in the world except them.  They can not be friends with another or even look at another person.  This creates so many heart-aches that now seems to be the accepted way to live.

At the moment there is a town in Australia and one in China where they are trying to create a 'Peace City'.  A representative from each of the different religions in the town have joined together in a group in order to accept the views and ideals of all the other groups.

Obama said on telly that he wanted to get together with the opposition party and work on America's problems together!!  Fancy two opposite political groups getting together.  Our leaders also have recently joined forces to fight child abuse.
If these leaders in the world are starting to pick up the idea of accepting and working with not against, then we are starting to work along with the new Aquarian Age we are now in.

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