Saturday, 1 September 2012


The Psychology of Colour is involved with our human response to different colours. Some we like, some we dislike. At different times in our lives we are attracted to different colours which relate to our emotional and physical needs at the time. Interest in Colour Psychology began in 1947 when Dr. Max Lucher devised a psychological test which used the four 'psychological primaries'. Clients were asked to choose the colours in order of preference. From these choices Dr. Luscher was able to find the client's psychological response and needs. Many other tests have been devised since then and it is amazing how accurately Colour can point to our emotional and physical needs. Think for a moment of THE colour which attracts you at this time. Not necessarily a colour you wear, but one which attracts your attention each time you see it. Like Yellow daffodills or a red car, or a blue sky or the green of the forest. The colour you love at the moment could be a shade (with black added) or a tint (with white added). Or a variation of the original 'hue' (pure colour}with the addition of another colour eg Red with a small amount of Yellow is Scarlet, or with a small amount of Brown is Russet. Variations in colours relate to variations in your emotional needs. So it is difficult to 'say' what colours you like. It important to see it or draw it. As each of us picks up colour vibrations from the cones in our eyes, each of us will see colours slightly differently. Take note of the satisfaction or upliftment you feel when you gaze upon this colour. We often 'love' one colour for months or years and suddenly replace it with another. Once you study the Psychology of Colour you can tap into your own and others needs. This in turn can allow you to understand your own needs and that of your family, friends and partners. Each colour has many different qualities. RED energy/passion/ can 'switch' you on. BLUE calm/peaceful, can 'switch' you off. YELLOW intellectual/joy. GREEN nature/healing PURPLE power/authority PINK love/soothing TURQUOISE communication from the heart. ORANGE relationships/social. What COLOUR do YOU need at the moment?

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