Sunday, 19 August 2012


Recently we had a wonderful Palmist give us a talk at the Newcastle Spiritualist Church. She had a wealth of knowledge and everyone learned something about themselves. I have studied Palmistry on my own for several years so it was good to hear the way she put all these interesting facts together. However I was thrilled to hear her say that the lines on a baby's hands were formed five months before the baby was born! That information confirmed my Astrological belief that our life, personality and direction were all in place before we are born. So many people blame their parents, their circumstances etc for the problems in their life, but do not recognise that we came back to this School on earth to correct things about ourselves by experiencing situations. In order to accept others and other situations we allow ourselves to go through things that are not pleasent for us. There is no way that we can evolve if we hang on to ideas and attitudes that make us feel superior to others. We choose to come back to the life we are to live. We choose the parents that will push us one way or the other in order to grow. If we have to learn tolerance and kindness we can have parents that are tolerant and kind, or parents that are not. depending on the lessons we have to learn. All of our life experiences teach us something. We usually do not learn much from all the NICE things. We learn most from the harsh or difficult things. If we grow and develop and learn tolerance and understanding from the difficult things in life we are evolving. I always feel that they must have a magnificent computer on the other side. When I look at a person's Astrological or Numerological chart I can see al the opportunities we have through life when Planets move from their original position in a chart to the next Sign. This gives us the opportunity to work with a new element in our lives in order to grow. The same thing happens in a Numerological chart. We move into the numbers of different cycles and peaks through life in order to have the opportunity to work with a different vibration. These Planetry moves and Numerological moves often work together in order for us to grow to our highest potential. We are all blessed with at least one Guardian Angel called our Doorkeeper. This guardian know what we are here for and directs us (or pushes us) into the situations that will teach us what we need to learn. During our lifetime we are often joined by other Guides who can help us learn particular lessons. So we do come here to the Earth Plane in order to learn and grow and evolve and if we watch for the signs that these Guiding Angels offer us we can grow to the fullest potential of this life.

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