Friday, 10 August 2012


These three qualities can help you to live a happier, more peaceful life. Gratitude and patience people understand. But detachment seems to most people to be selfish. Our society trains us to think that we must be 'involved' with all the people and situations we are connected to. We are bombarded by television and radio with all the horrors of the world. Our Chakras and our Auras are constantly taking in a huge amount of stress. The body does not know that it is not our stress and will create defences (sickness) to protect us from it. Violent movies can also give us stress symptoms and headaches etc. Taking this violence into the Aura has the same affect on the body as taking in bad food that can make you sick. All the major changes in the Planets and energy fields surrounding the earth now in this beginning of the Aquarian Age are aimed at helping us to evolve and to let go of the training we have had over the centuries. Naturally we feel sorrow watching dreadful things happening all over the world, but we need to learn to detach ourselves from situations that we can do nothing about. If you want to do something about the terrible things you witness send some money to a poor country or get involved with a humanitarian group such as World Vision, Red Cross etc. As spiritual beings we can send love and healing to those in dire situations but we need to realise that EVERYTHING is working together to move the planet forward into new energies. We need to practice this detachment on our families, lovers and friends. We are all individual beings with a built in personality and hundreds of incidents in our lives that have shaped us into the person we are now. Loving with detatchments means that you love the person as they are and learn to 'detach' your own conditioned way of thinking and behaving. This is where gratitude and patience need to be learned. Gratitude for all those people in our lives who love and help us. Gratitude for the wonderful country we live in and all the help we recieve. Personally I feel that the MOST important thing one can be grateful for is when you realise that you are a Spiritual being learning lessons in a physical body. The fact that we are provided with a doorkeeper to help us find our direction for this life and that many other wonderful spirit guides come along to help us on our journey is really something to be grateful for. Patience seems to be the hardest lesson to learn. Spiritually oriented people especially find this hard as they KNOW that there is so much more to learn and so much more work to develop themselves into the best person they can be. We want to be that NOW. However we continue to learn each day of our lives and so should be grateful for each thing that we do learn.

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