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At the moment we were born all the Planets were in a particular spot in the heavens.   An Astrological Chart that can show where these Planets are can give you guidance to the things you have chosen to accomplish this lifetime and the type of personality and abilities you will have.
Most people think that the challenges that they face are only connected with their life and their problems.   But, from the time we start our journey in this lifetime our Planets and Numerology follow the same program as every other person on the planet.   Our different personalities enable us to work with the way the Planets are affecting us.

Until a child is two years old their life is connected with their carers.   They do not identify their own personality until the Planet Mars returns to the position it was in when they were born.  Mars is the Planet in Astrology that indicates your drive and ambition for the things that are important to you.  So...when Mars returns for the first time we begin to get 'the terrible two's' syndrome.    Suddenly your sweet little child is shouting NO!  MINE!  etc.    This is the beginning of each person becoming their own self.
Each seven years we go through a development stage that is preparing us for life's experiences.    Until a child is seven years old they are still connected with spiritual energies and invisible friends  The next seven years is the beginning of learning the skills, education and sports that they may want to use later in life.  During that time about the age of ten or ten and a half the Planet Uranus creates a difficult aspect that creates in the child a need for independence and questioning authority.  A co-operative child can become quite difficult as they seek to become an independent person.   The Planet Chiron, known as the wounded healer or Rainbow Bridge relates to an inner wound that we carry from our past lives.  At twelve, or twelve and a half a child will be affected by this feeling of woundedness and could create worries in their mind that they and their parents do not understand.     At fourteen and a half to fifteen years their Sun sign and the Planet Saturn are in opposition to where they were placed at birth.   This creates a need to push for people to appreciate them as a person and to appreciate what they are doing and what abilities they have.   This is the beginning of the next time of fourteen to twenty one years, the years when they are developing their woman-hood or manhood and sexuality.                                                                                            

Twenty one to twenty eight are the years leading to developing their adult personality in order to move into the next stage of life that commences at 28.  ( In Numerology the number connected with this stage of life is governed by the number of the day you were born eg, 21st/= Number 3.   14th =Number 5)   This number governs your personality for the next 28 yrs. until you are 56   The number governing your life from 1 to 28 is the month you were born eg July = 7   March = 3.   The number governing your personality from 56 onwards is the year you were born eg 1965 =21/3 or 1940=14/5  This last cycle from 56 on gives you a chance to give back the knowledge you have gained over your lifetime.   It is a time to express your own personality and to help others through what you have learned.

At 29 the Planet Saturn returns to its original place in your chart.   This is known as Saturn return, and represents a time for us to get over our childish ways and start to take on adult responsibilities.   At the age of 38 to 39 the Planet Pluto makes a difficult aspect that creates a need in us to let go of the need for the physical/material things in our life and begin to appreciate our spiritual nature.   At 42 the Planet Uranus returns to an opposite position to its birth place and encourages us to really think for ourselves and accept our own personality and abilities.    At 50 to 51 years the Planet Chiron pushes us to accept our inner wounds and become the 'Rainbow Bridge' that can help others through the understanding of our problems so that we can help them.
At 58 the Planet Saturn again returns.  If selfish or unkind patterns are still in the personality by now the body (that is held together by Saturn /( skin, teeth, bones, hair) will have problems.
The last major Planetary influence we have is the Planet Uranus arriving back at the place where it began at the age of 84.  Uranus is the Planet ruling all New Age activities and acceptance.   From 84 years on you can  totally be yourself and accept your own unique personality.

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