Saturday, 12 April 2014


I attended Enmore Spiritualist Church for many years.  At several of our meetings different mediums told me that by the end of October I would have a change of direction in my life and never do the same things again.   As I had worked and taught at the Interior Decorating Center in Sydney for many years and had just completed new Courses for our students I could not take them seriously.                                                       My boss had always been difficult and had recently been diagnosed with  Bi Polar disease.   He wanted me to spend more time at work, but as I was working there most days and nights I said no.     He became enraged at this and threw out (and down the stairs) a new employee I introduced him to.  When I followed him to try to stop him he slammed the front door and I was locked out.   BIG signpost!!!    I went to the home of our business manager that was close by, got the front door key, took my handbag and left.!!   That was on 11th November, and as I was driving in to work that morning I thought to myself, "Well, nothing has changed"   But of course it had.  And my life was totally different from then on.      Looking back I can see  the work of my Guides pushing me out to do other things.  
I had been told by a Numerologist that I should work for myself, but up till now had always worked for others.   It seemed a strange concept......what could I do?
I wrote down all my skills,  I could teach, I could do Astrology, I could do Graphology (the study of handwriting) I had studied Colour Psychology, and Colour Healing, and Crystal Healing.      
I put them all together and rented a room in Pitt St. Sydney and started my own School of Life Path Studies.
I wanted to learn more about Aura Soma (an English based Colour healing method) and so I took a course at Nature Care, Sydney as they had an English woman who was going to teach that subject.
This lady left after several weeks and we were without a teacher.   I had organised a Colour Healing weekend at Picton and some of the class students attended.    At the end of the weekend they said to me "why don't you apply to teach Colour at Nature Care?  We learned more from you over the weekend than all the classes with the lady from England.    I had not thought to do that as all my learning was not connected with obtaining certificates or diplomas.    However I did go and see the Director of Nature Care and he said that I was welcome to start.   I taught there for nine years and created a 12 week class and then a Diploma Course.   I did have several months away in the UK during that time.   While I was there I was introduced to the Secretary of the Colour Therapy Association of the UK.   She asked me to be their representative in Australia.  I thought Australia was a bit too much but said I would do New South Wales.
That gave me the incentive to start my Academy of Colour and  eventually to have Colour Festivals each year for six years.
I love all the work that I do and constantly thank my Guides and Angels for the help and direction they have shown me over the years.

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