Monday, 21 July 2014


I have just finished my new book, Relationships,    An Astrological Guide to Relationships with Children, Partners and Parents.    Someone mentioned the attachment we have to the various people in our life and it reminded me that the word attachment means just that.....  We often do not realize that when we use a word that is is actually what is happening.
Many years ago I met an Indian Shaman who told me that he saw an oval around people (their aura) and strands of energy streaming from their Solar Plexus ( I thought we must look like a squid to them).   These energy strands go out from each person and 'pick up' feelings from others in the room.   When we feel threatened we often cross our arms across that area to protect ourselves.    Usually, when we walk into a room we can feel comfortable with some people and uncomfortable with others without even meeting them.

When we 'attach' ourselves to others we actually attach one of these energy strands to them.    This attachment can last all of our lives or it can be lightly applied and be removed in a very short time.  When someone has a strong attachment to another and that attachment is torn away from them it actually leaves a hole in the Aura.   The pain is great, and it can actually feel as if you had a hole in you.
One of the best things to do when you have had an attachment torn out of you is to have a Chakra Balance so that the Aura can be mended and the heart begin to heal.   I usually do my Chakra Balances with my Crystal Pendulum, but there are many different ways and many different healers.
The main thing to recognize is that you DO have a hole in your Aura and that can allow your energy to flow away, making it harder to recover from your situation.

One of the first rules in healing is not to take over the person's problems and keep yourself non attached so that you can be of help to them without allowing yourself to become 'attached' to their problems.

When we are attached to someone we can send them messages through these energy streams.   How often do you and a loved one pick up the phone together, finish each other' sentences, buy the same clothes or food.?   It is hard to know which one sends the message first, but it is a beautiful telephone line.
Sometimes we have unrequited love, where the love is sent out consistently along these lines but is not picked up by the person we love.    This is hard and eventually we have to 'detach' our end and find ways to heal our Aura so that we do not become bitter because we could not make an attachment.    Each person has the right to choose to do this or not to do this. We should not try to force these connections on to another as we all have our path to follow in this life and we must do it to the best of our ability.

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