Sunday, 27 July 2014


Anytime the word stress is mentioned on TV the comment is always "Well, everybody gets stressed"
No they don't.   My grandmother had double the amount of stress because my grandfather refused to get stressed about anything!.
I see stress as a situation that you feel you cannot do anything about, or cannot handle.   Things that you CAN do something about are not nearly as stressful.
My son used to always say to me "Mum when you worry nothing happens, but when you are concerned about it things seem to sort themselves out"   Concerned is a word that carries the feeling of working out what to do in the situation.   Worry of course does not do anything but give you a headache and, depending on which Chakra you are sending out your worries through, you will probably develop an ailment of some sort in that area.
When you worry about things connected with using your will power or having someone putting their will power on you, then you will be sending out negative energies through your Solar Plexus area.   This will affect your stomach, digestive system, liver, and all the organs in that area.   Any time you get a rash from 'stress' your will power will be involved.
When you worry about your relationships you will be sending out negative energies through your Sacral Chakra and will develop problems in your sexual organs, tummy troubles, period pains, and can even end up with a hysterectomy if you stress enough.
I am no stranger to stress, 24 years in a difficult marriage, four children, no money, no family nearby, no car, no phone etc.   Over the years I have had stress over the children's problems and of course financial worries.
One of the things that helped me when I was working for a very demanding boss ( who would expect me to be able to do things I had never heard of) was to keep a book and pen by my bedside.   Usually I would wake up about four in the morning with the solution in my head.   I would write it down and go happily back to sleep.   I did not know then that I have this great group of guides giving me guidance, but I was very grateful for the information.
Another trick I learned was to visualize myself outside my body and look at myself as a stranger.  I would say "what can I do to help this nice lady?"  The answer would come as I had detached myself from the problem.
Because I worked all week at David Jones in the furniture department I taught myself to live in 'sections'    While I was at home I was mother to my husband and four children.   When I left for work each day I closed the door and became the sales person.   When I left for the day and went home I closed the door on the sales lady and became mother again.   My husband was in the Masonic Lodge in a high position so we had to go to many balls of an evening.   Again, I closed the door on the home and mingled with my husbands friends for the night.
I had learned to live in the moment.   There was nothing I could do about problems at work or sorting out the children's problems when I was not there.   When I returned to those places I worked at fixing any problems that had arisen.     We are taught that worrying about things that we cannot solve indicates that we are a  caring person.   All it does is interfere with the current situation that you are involved with.
BUT...the most important thing I have found to counteract stress is my Spiritual life.   I am involved with lovely people who are kind and supportive.   I know I am surrounded by guides and Angels who are taking care of me.    I know that even if something happens that seems bad there is a reason for it and I will learn something from it.   As well as the fact that there are always good events connected to it either for myself or for my family and friends.
We need to always realize that WE choose this life, these parents and these lessons.   I strongly believe that each life is to help us grow by giving us several lessons to learn.   Once we see life as learning lessons it is so much easier.
I have written a book called Signposts (to Destiny) that is a record of signs I have seen throughout my life that have led me to move in a new direction.   If we recognise that we have guides that move us into different situations and show us new ideas we need to be brave enough to 'have a go'.   I have found that by watching for these signs I have been led into new areas of life that I would not have thought of myself.
If we allow ourselves to be guided into our own life path and do not try to force life to be or do what we think we want or should do then there is no stress only satisfaction of following our life path.
My love of Astrology and Numerology is another wonderful support as I see the Planets moving and giving me so many opportunities to grow as the person I came here to be.   Astrology is all about realizing that WE are all individuals and have our own path to follow.   We cannot be like others or walk their path.  We can only learn our own lessons and realize that all the other people in our lives are learning theirs.   We can only send them love and support and accept the love and support from them.
This type of lifestyle is a great help in keeping stress out of our lives and allowing our bodies to be healthy and happy.

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  1. I liked the concept of compartmentalising/sectioning aspects of life to stay in the moment, and the aspect of concern as opposed to worry.