Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Our Souls have their home in Heaven, along with the other 20 or so others that are part of our Soul Group.   This group of Souls are those we work with lifetime after lifetime in order to develop ourselves to the highest standard we can achieve.  We can be a mother this time, and learn the lessons of a mother, a soldier another time, a rich person, a poor person, male or female,depending on whatever lessons our Soul needs to develop

In order to learn these lessons we create, with the help of our Guiding Spirits a suitable vehicle for our Soul to live in here in the Earth School.  The Soul will stay in this body for the length of time it has decided it needs to learn things, such as caring for others, taking responsibility, having fun, being a parent, etc.

When a body is being created for the Soul to use as its vehicle here on Earth the Soul visits the body several times during its growth. It does not usually inhabit the body until the last month of growth or when the body is travelling down the birth canal.   Some Souls choose to inhabit the body after the birth.    Then the Soul has the job of learning to live in this vehicle and be comfortable in it.   Occasionally a Soul will feel that they are not happy with this arrangement as they do not feel that they can align with the body.  So they will leave.

Not all of our Soul group incarnates with us each time.  Some stay behind and keep an eye on us and try to help if they can.  Choosing what we need to learn and who will work with us this lifetime has to be worked our before we leave.  If we were not a caring parent in past lives one of our Soul group will take on the role of being a difficult mother or father in order that we may learn how this feels.

There is also an 'outer' group of other souls that we have spent time with in different lives who will make short appearances in our lives in order to help us or push us in a new direction.     Shakespeare (who was a very advanced Soul) said, "All the World is a stage, the men and women merely players.  They all have their exits and their entrances.  One man in his time plays many parts.   It is rather like that.  This World is the stage where we come to play our parts with other members of our Soul group who have their own particular lesson to learn   We decide before we come here what role we will play.
Often we hear of little children trying to 'mother' their mother as it seems so natural to them.  But this lifetime they are here to learn to accept guidance rather than giving it.   Some people have the most amazing talents and abilities that it is impossible to understand where these skills came from.    They would be part of the Soul's knowledge gained from many other lifetimes.
We create a body (our vehicle) to transport us through life, and it will wear out eventually (while the soul does not) so it is important to look after it well.

As our Soul uses our physical body to learn lessons in the dense atmosphere of Earth it can 'pop' out any time it needs to.  IF YOUR SOULS SENSES THAT YOUR PHYSICAL BODY IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED IT CAN POP OUT BEFORE THAT HAPPENS.  YOU CAN ONLY FEEL PAIN WHEN YOUR SOUL INHABITS YOUR PHYSICAL BODY.
When you have a car accident and you 'nearly' get killed you can walk around with a broken arm, leg or anything else (and feel no pain) until your Soul decides to re enter your body.  (THEN you will feel pain)
I HAVE FOUND THIS TO BE A SOURCE OF COMFORT TO THOSE WHO LOST SOMEONE IN A CAR ACCIDENT OR FIRE (The Soul moves out when it knows that the body will be destroyed or injured)    If the Soul decides that it wants to stay when  the body is being attacked then the body will feel pain.  The Soul may not have finished all that it had to learn and will try to stay in the body, even though it is in pain.
When the Soul feels that it has finished its lessons here on Earth it can remove itself and return to its Heavenly Home.   As the vehicle it has created starts to break down in old age it can decide to leave it.
Because we only send a part of our Spiritual energy here to Earth when we start a new 'experience' of growth, as do all of the other Souls who work with us in Heaven or on Earth there is always a 'part' of each member of the Soul group we belong to waiting for us when we return.

I find this a comfort as some of my closest Soul group companions are still here on the Earth plane, but when I return, part of them will be there waiting for me.

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