Friday, 5 December 2014


How hard it is to 'let go' of the built up attitudes we have formed in our lifetimes.   Until we are five years old we are surrounded by situations, nationality, attitudes, important issues to family members.   This is called the Moon time in a child's life.   It is a time when children have not yet learned to express themselves in words and only learn about who they are expected to be and family values through their emotions.   This is the time that sets off attitudes for life, as they are kept in deep feelings that create our patterns of behavior. We often do not understand our deep seated opinions as they were not formed in a time when we could  discuss them.

We all come into the world with our MAP. our Astrology chart, that shows us why we are here and what we have come to learn this time.    Early training will help or hinder our path, depending on what we have to learn.   We may have had parents who gave us the training to fit in with our Astrology direction and this will make life easier for us.   We may have had parents whose attitudes did not fit in with the direction we were headed for this lifetime.  That can make it harder.    But there will always be a reason for it.

During our lifetime we have special times when the Planets and Numbers give you the opportunity to let go of old attitudes and comfort zones to become the person you incarnated to be.    When we reach the age of 29, or sometime 30 the Planet Saturn will have had it's first journey through space and returned to the spot it was in your Birth Chart.   This is known as Saturn Return.   Saturn is a Planet that teaches us responsibility and it's return signals to our soul that it is time to let go of things we do not need anymore and become a responsible adult.   It is usually a difficult time as we often do not want to let go of old habits and attitudes and take on more responsibility.
When we are 38 or 39 Pluto (the Planet of transformation)....yes, it is a Planet, don't let them tell you otherwise.  It is a most powerful Planet and has a tremendous affect on the world when it is in power.
So...when we are 38 or 39 the Planet Pluto makes a square aspect to it's position on your Birth chart.
As Pluto is there to transform you it is often quite uncomfortable and you often have problems with others who have not had this situation in their lives.  This will happen three times, (usually in one year).   Pluto wants you to start to accept the Spiritual side of your nature and to 'let go' of the material things in life driving you.   He does not ask you to give up your material things but to start to appreciate that they do not give you the inner comfort you need.
A little after this we get another 'push' to let go and accept when the Planet Uranus makes an opposition aspect to where it was in your Birth chart.   This happens when you are 42 (as the Planet Uranus takes 84 years to circuit the earth.)   Uranus comes in quickly and often makes you start to think in a new way.  This will happen three times (usually in one year) until you decide that you must express your own thoughts even though you know that it will upset some people.
Uranus is the Planet governing Aquarius, and as we are entering the Age of Aquarius Uranus will try to push us to let go of our old Piscean ways of sacrifice and judgement.  It is now a time of acceptance and tolerance to other ideas and other people.   The more we try to bring LIGHT into the world and live in love and acceptance, the more the DARK side will try to keep us sacrificial and judgemental.   This is happening all over the world now as nations fight nations and religions fight other religions.
It is important to all Spiritual people to let go of old judgements and accept the fact that we are all different and we all have things that are important to us.   To each person their ideas are important and need to be accepted as their own even if we do not share their opinions.
When we reach 50 or 51 the Planet Chiron (pronounced Kiron) finishes it's journey through Uranus (learning about acceptance) and Neptune (learning about our Spiritual nature) and returns to Saturn (taking responsibility for our actions).   Chiron represents a wound we carry from past lives and one we have come to heal this lifetime through different situations we have been involved with.                                                  

 Chiron can feel very painful if we persist in our old negative habits.   But if we take in the lessons that Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus have taught us life will become more peaceful and we will be able to use this knowledge to be of comfort and benefit to others.

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