Sunday, 28 September 2014


We have just had a fun day at the Spiritual Church in Newcastle discovering all the things that the body sends out as messages to those who can see them.

The forehead can indicate taking in all the facts or dashing into situations.   The eyes can express emotions, the nose can indicate intelligence, need to be nurtured or poking your nose into other people's business.   The mouth shows softness or hardness or vulnerability, the chin can show aggression or timidity.

The shape of the hand can show a person's abilities and attitudes.   A person could be a water sign ( an emotional sign) and have a hand that shows a Fire personality.   This would create a person who could be soft and caring but able to be in charge of situations as well.    If a person was an air sign (the sign of talking and adapting) and they had an Earth shaped hand they would adapt their talking to practical matters instead of the need to talk about everything.
The lines on the hands can show the interest the person puts into their lives, their emotional needs and emotional set backs.   They can also show how a person uses their mind and if their desired destination in life has arrived or is on its way.

Handwriting is the end result of the way we think.   In many countries applicants for important jobs have to enter their particulars  in writing so that the employer can tell if they are suitable for the particular job.
Handwriting can show it you like people, or are introverted.   Whether you want to do your own thing or need support in your life.    It can indicate whether you like to investigate small details or dash into things without planning.    If you were applying for a job where you would have to be on your own all day and work on small details the handwriting expert would look at how far apart your words were placed and how small your writing was.    If however they were looking for a publicity agent they would look for a person with large forward slanting writing with I dots flying off to the right.
Handwriting can indicate headaches or sore feet or bowel problems etc.    So it is a tool that can look into many areas of a person's abilities.

I have found that there are NEW Chakras working in the body now.    They combine the colours of the established seven chakras that we know about.   This creates 13 chakras in all.    These new chakras can be seen when holding a pendulum over the body up higher than usual.   They are not active in everybody as they are to do with accepting the new Aquarian Age attitudes of tolerance and accepting other people's needs.
I have found that these chakras can be found in a band around the head.    Each one of these chakras sends out a message of the needs of the body.   The activity of the pendulum near these chakras can indicate an interest or dis interest in the qualities of each chakra.

We also worked on other areas to see what the body can tell us.
It was a good day that involved happy and interested women.
The more we  learn about what the body shows the more understanding and tolerant we can be.               This is the message of the new layer of the Aura ( the Orange layer) that is connected to the Sacral Chakra, the chakra of relationships.    It is now time to look beyond all the shoulds that have ruled our lives and look at the needs of the others.

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