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In order to allow himself/herself to learn lessons in the great School of Life mankind has 'tuned in' to the rhythm of the planets and the order of numbers to mark off periods in their life which gives them 'time' to become adjusted to the new direction and lessons they have come to work on in their current incarnation.

Our minds and bodies respond to the magical numbers of 3, 7, 9 and 12 in order to accept the changes that are presented to us during our lifetimes.
We are gradually 'toughened' and 'prepared' each 7 years of our lifetime, commencing from the first detachment from our previous lives.  This occurs at the age of 7 when the first 'layer' of earthly 'physical' energy cuts off our 'invisible' friends and our natural understanding of the other world in which we have dwelt.
At 14 we are once more enveloped in earth's physical energies as we are prepared to concentrate most of our energies on our physical growth and development.   In native cultures this is the beginning of manhood.
At 21 we are moved into taking on the responsibility of earning a living and developing our skills.
At 28 we are  considered to be 'hardened' enough to cope with the earth's density and take on responsibilities such as a career and family.

Every 9 years we complete a personal cycle of yin and yang (male and female) when we can have alternating (personal) years of creating, followed by accepting and working with that creativity in the following year until the 9th year of each cycle.     In this year we need to 'tidy up' things left to do to complete the cycle so as to be able to start off afresh on the next personal 1 year.  This 1 year is often confusing as we have to make some decisions as to our direction for the next 9 years.
The odd years 1,3, 5, 7 and 9 are creative years.  The even numbers 2,4,6, and 8 are the years in which we have to work with the energy created in the odd numbered years
To find our own personal year we need to add together the day of birth number, the month of birth and the number of the current year.  e.g.   14/6/2014  = 14(5) + 6 + 2014(7)   5 + 6 + 7 = 18   1 +8 = 9  This will be a 9 personal year to conclude a cycle.                                                                                                      3/11/ 2014 =.  3 + 11(2) + 2014(7)   3 + 2 + 7 = 12(3)         This will be a 3 year (a good number for creating, communicating and traveling)
The number will affect you all the year but I have noticed over my 40 years of doing Astrology/Numerology charts that the next number to the one you are in will start to work in with the current number from your Birthday.  This will bring slight changes.

An overall picture of our responses to life is mirrored in three major 'cycles' which relate to the day, month and year which we chose to incarnate in this lifetime.    Each of these cycles are 28 years apart.   The first witch relates to the Month that you are born encompasses our 7 year learning periods, our adjusting and adapting time.  At the end of this we are considered 'ready' for life's responsibilities.  At this time Saturn ( the Planet of responsibility) is returning to it's original  position in a person's Astrological Chart.  When Saturn 'returns' at approximately 29 years he is also demanding that we let go of foolish or childish attitudes and behaviors and take on life's lessons and developments.     The second cycle which relates to the number of the Day we were born is from 28 to 56 years is about becoming a parent, the worker the 'breadwinner' etc.
The third Cycle is from 56 years on ( it  relates to the number of the Year of your life) and it indicates a time when all of the knowledge and abilities you have gained during the last 56 years can be used in helping others and giving back to society.
This last cycle is effective for the rest of your life.  Seven and nine year cycles still keep working but they do not influence your life as much as the three main cycles.    

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