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Before we come back to this School of Earth we make arrangements with our Guides and Angels about the things we wish to achieve in this life and the improvements we wish to make in our eternal Soul.
When we arrive here we often fall into the trap of thinking that WE are organizing our lives and not appreciating all the help and direction our Guides give us.
It is their job to steer us into the situations we need in order to do the jobs we have come to do and to help us to grow through interaction with others.
Once we really understand that they are with us at all times and try to see just what they are guiding us into life becomes much more peaceful as we are not struggling and pushing to do the things that we think we SHOULD do.
Some of the things they push us into seem strange to those around us.   But I have always found that if you watch for the signposts in life and accept that you are being helped many new and wonderful opportunities are opened up for you.
My guidance started early.  I did not know it was guidance then.  I just thought (like an Aussie) that I would 'give it a go'.
At one of my earliest jobs selling fabrics, one of my workmates asked me to come along and visit the Cub Pack she was running at Arncliffe (a nearby suburb).   I went with her for a few weeks and then she told me that she was getting married and could not run the Pack any more and would I be interested in taking them over. She said that they would have to close if no one did..  I was only 17 and you were not allowed to work with the kids until you were 18.  However I said that I would "give it a go".  This gave me skills in organizing and teaching, it was also where I met my husband to be who was also a Cubmaster.             When I was married I needed another interest.   A friend told me about the local Art Society and soon became the organizer of their exhibitions as no one else wanted the job..  This knowledge of Art and Colours was a great help to me later in life when I started my Academy of Colour  Organizing exhibitions gave me an understanding of contacting newspapers and advertising that I would need when I started my School of Life Path Studies.
While I was married I worked at David Jones in the furniture department.  My boss was a young man who saw I needed to stretch my mind.  He suggested a Handwriting Course in Sydney might interest me.  I asked the manager and was allowed to go each Thursday evening.   The teacher was John Adams, who was also an Astrologer.   After studying Handwriting (which I still use today) for a few years Mr. Adams said that anyone who was interested could stay after class and learn Astrology.   That sounded interesting so I stayed and studied with him for another four years.
My marriage broke up at the time that my young boss was starting an Interior Decorating School in Sydney.  He asked me to come and work for him as I had knowledge of furniture, carpets, curtains, colours .and decorating.    I was supposed to be a rep. for his business but he soon decided that I should go out and teach the ladies in the suburbs about Interior Decorating.    I protested but was given notes for the classes and told to get going.   I did, and ended up (after seven years) being the Principal of the School  and writing new Courses for Australia and Asia.
I had lived by myself in Sydney but when my step father became ill I went to live with my mother in Kogarah to give her the help she needed.
I lived with my mother for ten years and she was in reasonable health.   I had joined a group called Spiritual Venturers run by Edmund Harold who taught us Crystal Healing and Colour Healing.   We had weekly meditations.  One week I found myself sitting on the edge of a cliff.  Two Angels told me to lean over until I fell.  A little way down they spread out their wings and caught me and said "You are going to be all right"   The next week they let me fall a little further, almost to the jagged rocks below.  They once more caught me in their wings and said "you are going to be all right"   The next week they told me that I was starting to grow wings, and I found that I had little rainbow wings.  They took my hand and we flew around.   The next week they told me that I could fly by myself now and I saw that I had grown large white wings.
The following week Sai Baba appeared, took me by the hand and led me to the cliff face.  He said "you are on your own now".   I did not know what that meant but the next week my mother died and I realized that I was truly on my own.   But I had been kindly prepared and knew things would be all right.
That was the beginning of starting my own School of Life Path Studies and many other wonderful Signposts.

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