Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Worry is something that we all seem to do.
What is Worry?  It is something that goes around and around in your head with no answers.  it is usually something that you feel you do not know how to handle or something that you cannot do anything about.
My son Mark commented to me one day "Mum, I have noticed that if you worry nothing seems to happen but if you are CONCERNED about something it is usually sorted out"   This led me to thinking "What is the difference?"  
Worry has no end.    CONCERN however means that we are working on a solution for the problem we are faced with.  This is like sending out your needs to the 'Universal Energies' and then they can get on with helping you.   It is amazing how problems seem to work themselves out when we work on solutions not just stress.   The most important thing we can do is to realize that as Spiritual Beings we are being taken care of by our Guides and Angels.   Trusting them and having PATIENCE !! is the hardest part as we all want to get our problems solved immediately.
For some reason people have  been taught that the person who worries and frets about thing is showing their caring nature.   What it does do is take away your joy in life, give you worry lines on your face and often heart  problems of your own, so that you are not in the best shape to help others.
My mother, who never went to Church in her life, was the most beautiful, serene person who handled hard times such as the depression, Dad not being able to get a job, Dad going to war and as a result died of a heart attack before he was 50.  She married  a man who developed Emphysema and had to nurse him through that.  Broke her knee and was not able to get it right again, broke the other leg soon after.  Through all this (as well as taking in my sister and her four children when she had to leave her husband, and myself when I left my husband)  she was always kind, serene and ladylike.   She had a little plaque on the mantel that said
I have that little plaque on my desk now.  It has been broken while moving house but it is now stuck back together (as we must all do) and is sitting in front of me while I work.

WORRY  also affects your CHAKRAS !!
It can affect your Crown Chakra so that you cannot receive messages from your Guides and Angels.
It can affect your Third Eye Chakra so that it cannot pick up the visions that flow into it.
It can affect your Throat Chakra if you are always talking and stressing on the worry instead of talking about how to fix it.
It can affect your Heart Chakra by blocking energies from flowing through the Heart.
It can affect your Solar Plexus Chakra so that you cannot 'pick up' information from others and feel that you are not able to express your own will power.
It can affect your Sacral Chakra by making you feel that you are not doing the right thing by your loved ones.
It can affect your Root Chakra by lowering your physical energy and making it harder to be in control.

So, next time you begin to worry, stop for a while, tune in to your Angelic Help.   Try to 'switch off' and realize that whatever you are worrying about is there for a reason.  Often there is nothing you can do about it BUT YOUR GUIDES AND ANGELS CAN!!    The results may not be just what you want but often you will find on looking back at worrying times there was a reason for the situation and many other situations came about because of it.

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