Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I talk to so many people who stress and worry about current situations and things that will or could happen several years into the future.   The only thing we have  is the present, we may not even be here tomorrow.

How lucky we are to know that we are souls learning this life times lessons in a physical vehicle called a body.  We hear over and over again at our Church that loved ones are well and happy on the other side and that the worries and pain they had here on earth have gone.

We CHOOSE to come back to the Earth School each time in order to allow our Soul to grow to its full potential.  The Soul continues on while the physical vehicle that carries us through each life wears out and is left behind.

We are also lucky to have at least one Guardian Angel with us through life (called a doorkeeper).  It is the job of this Angel/or Guide to guide us into situations that will present us with the lessons we need to learn and the opportunities we have to grow.   Many times, when we have a new direction to follow another Guide (who knows all about your new direction) will join your doorkeeper for as long as you need his/her help in your new direction.  They will also lead you to books or television or help you to meet someone who will say something that you need to know.

When we REALLY start to accept that we chose this life and we have Angelic helpers (who can only guide you into situations, they cannot do it for you) and that you have your MAP in life in the form of your own Astrology and Numerology Chart, you can then  work on your gratitude (and patience -the hardest one)  because you know that all the situations in your life are all there for your development and the development of your soul.  Usually the things that are the hardest are the things we learn the most from.

So, instead of worrying about the future it is important to realize that life is exactly as it should be at this moment and instead of fretting or worrying or thinking you are failing try to look at these situations as LEARNING !! because that is what we came back to earth for.

We  all have our own problems to deal with (no one misses out even though they may look like life is a breeze for them) but if we can work with GRATITUDE AND PATIENCE life DOES become easier and even enjoyable!

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