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Each one of us is an individual soul, but we all go through our lives connected to the Universal Clock.        

From the moment we are born all the Planets and Numbers in our lives move forward.   It does not matter if we were born here or in Iceland our Astrological and Numerology clocks move in their own pattern.
The Planet Mars returns to its original position when we are 2, and continues to do 2 yr cycles around us.
At 2 a child first feels the pull of their need to become an individual and the words me and mine are used. The Planet Jupiter returns every 12 years.  This is the Planet connected with our greatest satisfaction. So every 12 years it reminds us of what we want.
Saturn ( connected with responsibility) returns at 29.  This is known as Saturn return and it pushes us to let go of wrong people and wrong attitudes. It is time to grow up!
It takes 30 years for the Sun to travel through each constellation.    If you were 10 days into your Sun Sign  the Sun would enter the next sign when you were 20 and be there for the next 30 yeas.  When the Sun moves into another sign you will be working with a different energy and not understand why.
30 to 33 years are called the Sun years. This is a time when you are working out your attitudes and capabilities.
38 to 39 the Planet Pluto creates a square (learning) aspect.  Usually 3 time a year.   This is to prompt you to start to realise that your own spiritual beliefs are more important than material matters.
At 42 the Planet Uranus makes 3 aspects (suddenly) in order for us to accept our own ideas and values and to learn to speak our own truths.  (Psychologists term for the years 38 to 42 is Mid Life Crisis)
They say 'life begins and 40' and the years 40 to 45 are classed as the 'power' years in life.
At 50 the Planet Chiron returns.   It commenced its journey from Saturn, through Uranus and Neptune and back to Saturn in order to use the knowledge we have gained in a responsible manner.  It is time to look at the wounds we have carried and let them go.
\At 56 we start on the last Numerology section of our life, governed by the year we were born.  Time to give back what we have learned.
At 58 we have double Saturn return. This is your second chance to let go of all negativity.  If you do not let go of anger, bitterness, criticism etc. now Saturn, which rules everything that holds you together - skin , hair, bones, teeth etc. will not be able to stop your skin, hair, bones, teeth etc from breaking down.
At 84 Uranus has completed its journey.   Time to be your own true self.

Mars returns every 2 years.  (me/mine)
Up to 7 years (Moon period) when emotions rule.  This is a time  -specially between 1 and 5- that children can only FEEL and are not capable of putting into words how they are affected by the treatment they get from their parents and family.  If they are made to feel unworthy at this time they will carry that feeling all of their lives as a feeling...without knowing why they feel that way, and they will accept the idea that they are not worthy of better treatment.
7 to 14  growing bodies and skills.
During this time at ten and a half the Planet Uranus makes an aspect which creates the need for independence and questioning of authority.
At 12 years (Jupiter) there is an expansion of the body or interests
At twelve and a half the Planet Chiron (the Planet that represents our inner wounds) creates an aspect that can result in worrying about things that they do not understand or their personality or appearance.
14 to 21 physical and sexual interests (without the mental understanding of the results of their actions).
At fourteen and a half Saturn creates and aspect connected with responsibility.  A child is torn between their need to do their own thing and how they understand responsibility.
At 21 the Fore Brain kicks in.   This is the part of the Brain that works out what will happen as a result of our actions.  (This is why 21 has been seen to be the time of growing up)
28 is the middle section of life (ruled by the date of birth number)  Time to have job, a home etc.
29 is Saturn return.  Saturn returns to its original position in the chart and prompts us to let go of wrong people and wrong attitudes in our lives.

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