Sunday, 29 March 2015

70 the NEW 50.

People seem to be living longer now and looking younger.   We have had so many advances in medical treatments and there are so many vitamins and minerals available, as well as a knowledge of healthy foods.
Older people are encouraged to look after their bodies and work with things like Yoga or Tai Chi.  Every day on the tele. we can see the newest creams and treatments that take away our facial lines etc.
The saying is that seventy is the new fifty.   People are now comfortable with activities that were not considered appropriate for older people years ago.   People are being encouraged to join places such as the Third Age where they can expand their mind and learn new things  as well as giving their own knowledge to others.
Where is this all going?   We are starting to use the second level of the Aura that surrounds us.   The first layer relates to the colour Red, and that connects to all the seven Chakras we know about.   All of these Chakras have 'rules' that we are taught to live up to.  The Red/Root Chakra is connected with our need to  'fit in' with society.   We feel that we 'must' fit in with our family, friends and social expectations.  We even feel that we must have an 'acceptable' body shape to be accepted.   When we feel we cannot live up to these expectations we often have problems in our lower body and often put on a lot of weight.
The second Orange/Sacral  Chakra is connected with our need  to be accepted in relationships.   When this does not happen we often develop problems in the area containing the sexual organs.
The third Yellow/Solar Plexus Chakra is connected to our need to express our own will power.   When we are stopped from expressing our own will power we can get rashes or digestive problems.
The fourth Green/Heart Chakra is connected to how we give and receive love.  When we do not get the love we want we can have heart or lung problems.
The fifth Blue/Throat Chakra is connected with our self expression (talking, singing, writing etc.)  If we are stopped (or are not allowed} to express ourselves we develop tight throat, mouth, shoulders etc.
The sixth Indigo/Third Eye Chakra is connected with accepting our own intuition.  If we do not do this (or are not allowed to) we can suffer from eye problems or headaches.
The seventh Violet/Crown Chakra is our connection with the messages that our Guides and Angels send us.  If we do not accept these messages or ignore them we can have Migrane headaches or even worse, mental problems.

Now that we are starting to connect with the Second /Orange layer of the Aura  (Orange being the colour of  Relationships) there are Chakras being seen between our usual ones.  Between Red and Orange there is a Red/Orange one (bringing more strength into relationships.)
Between the Orange and Yellow Chakra there is a Gold one (placed in front of the belly button) that we are using to connect back to our source.
Between the Yellow and Green Chakra there is a Lime Green one ( a new flame burning in the chest indicating getting ready for new growth)
Between the Green and Blue Chakras there is a Turquoise one (in front of the Thymus)  It is about speaking from the heart. This was the first of the New Chakras that was noticed.   It is most important as it is to do with the NEW energy of speaking and expressing yourself from the heart.   Rather than having to follow the rules of the Red energy.
Between the Blue and Violet  Chakras there is a Magenta  one.  It is placed beside the ear in order that we start to 'listen' and 'accept' the views and opinions of others.  It is also connected with our increasing ability to look into the future.

With this new energy and technology available to us we should probably live WELL to an older age.

As the population grows because there will be so many of us, hopefully science can find ways to make all the huge unused places of the earth productive.    When the earth gets totally filled up I hope by then scientists will have found a way to take us to another planet!

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